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Tremors (HD-DVD, 2007)
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Tremors ...
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Tremors (HD-DVD, 2007)

Ron Underwood, Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward | Rating: PG-13 (MPAA)
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Tremors (HD DVD, 2007) NEW! Requires a Specific Player! Please READ! NOT A DVD!
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Tremors (HD DVD, 2007) NEW! Requires a Specific Player! Please READ! NOT A DVD!
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Tremors (HD DVD)
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Tremors (HD DVD)
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Movie synopsis
The race to higher ground is on when two handymen and a local seismology student discover that their little town of Perfection, Nevada, is infested with stinky subterranean man-eating worms. Starring Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, and Michael Gross, TREMORS is a well-done comedy-horror film that salutes a host of horror films from bygone years. Fans of the movie will enjoy the sequels starring Gross: TREMORS 2: AFTERSHOCKS, TREMORS 3: BACK TO PERFECTION, and TREMORS 4: THE LEGEND BEGINS.

Product Details
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Rating: PG-13 (MPAA)
  • Film Country: USA
  • UPC: 025192791826

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eBay Product ID: EPID62438399

Editorial reviews

"...Filmgoers ravenous for classic scares should wiggle over to TREMORS. Not since ALIEN has there been a creature feature that so well honors the genre, plus throws in some squirm-producing twists..."
USA Today - Susan Wloszczyna (01/19/1990)

"...A small, sardonic gem....Ward and Bacon make a marvelous Mutt-and-Jeff team..." -- Rating: B+
Entertainment Weekly - Ty Burr (04/12/1996)

"...A jocular good-time monster movie with surprises up its sleeve..."
Los Angeles Times - Michael Wilmington (01/19/1990)

"...Engaging....The film benefits from laconic, salt-of-the-earth performances from Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon..."
Sight and Sound - Geoffrey Macnab (03/01/2001)

"...A great cast and a cheek full of tongue help to make this one of the most enjoyable monster movies since they were old enough to be ironic..."
Total Film - John Walker (04/01/2001)

"TREMORS is a horror film with a heart; a monster movie with magic....It's a B-movie that has transcended its humble goal to entertain us -- instead, it's entranced us."
Total Film - Jayne Nelson (06/01/2006)

4 stars out of 5 -- "A cult B-movie creature feature....TREMORS is a hell of a lot of fun, a suspense-filled treat..."
Ultimate DVD - David Richardson (04/01/2008)

4 stars out of 5 -- "Bacon and Ward make a great double-act, with strong support from Finn Carter..."
Empire - Empire Staff (03/01/2011)

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Created: 07/21/07

A fun, entertaining movie

Finally fed up with their going-nowhere job as handymen, brothers Earl (Fred Ward ) and Val (Kevin Bacon) decide to leave their very small, isolated town of Perfection, Nevada.

On their way out, they see a guy up a transmission tower and find out that he died from dehydration. Finding that odd, but not odd enough to stay, they try to leave again, only to find the one and only road out of town is blocked by a rock slide.

When weird things start happening, and other townsfolk start disappearing, the brothers find themselves teamed up with a cute seismology student, battling stinky, subterranean, man-eating worms.

Fred and Kevin feed off each other with a great chemistry and Michael Gross and Reba McIntyre are great as a gun-toting, ammo-hoarding, food-stocking, survivalist couple.

The movie has some very funny scenes and is more comedy than horror, but a must see if you just want to have a good time.


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Created: 07/10/06

Tremors: Legacy of Scary Fun (1990)

"Exactly how many cows are required for a stampede, Earl?" This and myriad other life-and-death questions are explored in this likeable, darkly funny horror classic.
Handymen/cowboys Val and Earl (Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward, respectively) are suffering from dwindling prospects in the tiny, isolated desert town of Perfection, Arizona.

After taking a surprise sewage-bath, the bickering duo pull up stakes, hell-bent on seeking their fortunes in the urban mecca of Bixby. They haven't gotten far, however, when they encounter a series of grisly obstacles. Ranchers begin to turn up dead, sheep, even station wagons go missing, sucked into the ground by forces unseen. The road out of town is blocked by a rockslide. Not until the cowboys try to go for help on horseback do they encounter one of the bus-sized worm-creatures that are turning their valley into "one long smorgasbord." After they inadvertantly kill the monster, Val shovels away a good thirty feet of sand before he finally exclaims, "Hey - check this out! I found the ass end!"

Notable over-the-top performances are turned in by Michael Gross and Reba McIntyre, as Bert and Heather Gummer, the survivalist couple whose time has come to shine. Finn Carter is featured as the undergrad with big eyes and a seismograph. Jurassic Park fans will recognize a very young Arianna Richards as Mindy, pogo-sticking her way down the middle of town, blissfully unaware of the voracious predators tunneling beneath her feet. Brick-by-brick, the creatures are tearing the town out from under the little band of survivors who must find a way out of Perfection!
Tremors is Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward at their best, and one of my all-time favorite movies.
-Douglas Naselroad

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Created: 09/27/06

My Favorite Guilty Pleasure!

I love this movie so much that even though I own the dvd I still watch it on regular tv when it comes on. On it is on ALL the time!

A basic spoof on feature creatures from the 50's but with sharper wit and humor. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward are a couple of handymen on a very small town. Fed up with their crappy job they decide to leave town but on the way out they find a dead guy up a transmission tower. Then the one road out of town is blocked by a rock slide. After that all hell breaks loose as underground creatures attack the town.

Great story and script, acting is fantastic - Bacon and Ward have such great chemistry! Funny but not scary, this is a comedy for us horror fans - buy it!

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Created: 06/13/12

Tremors (DVD, 1998)

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

This was a pretty enjoyable movie, but it still was really dumb, sort of in the 1960's genre of movies like The Blob, or Attack of the Giant Ants. In this movie, the two stars are a couple of real pieces of work. There could almost be a contest to decide which one is least likely to succeed! Val and Earl have been best friends and buddies for years. If there is a dirty job, or a job that nobody else wanted, it was theirs. Garbage, sewage, trash clean up , you name it, they do it. Well, one day they finally get fed up and decide to leave the luxuries of Perfection, Nevada and move to the opportunities of Bixby, Nv. Barely out of town and things start turning bizarre. First they find a man who climbed up an electrical tower and just died there. Next they find a whole flock of sheep killed and eaten, and their owner eaten too, except for his head. Then a road gang gets slaughtered. Now there is no way out! While getting everybody together, they find out that some great big monster that lives underground is responsible. Now somebody needs to go for help and . . .who else? Val and Earl take off on horseback to find help. They don't get far before one of these things goes after them. By luck, they manage to kill it. A female geology student working there has now figured out that there is three more of these things still out there. A survival couple with their "end of the world" bunker are able to kill another one. With no other way out they all decide to try yo make it to the mountains where they will be safe. They take off with a bulldozer pulling an old truck trailer, but don't quite make it before these things out smart them all. With good thinking and homemade bombs they manage to defeat these creatures. It was fun but pretty dumb.

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Created: 06/03/07

Temors (1989) Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Michael Gross...

One could hardly call this a horror film. Tremors is modelled after horror films of the 40s and 50s with a twist to it. "They get you from underground!" is the quote from Kevin Bacon. The special effects team from Universal does a terrific job at putting together four of these underground animals that move like worms, but attack like moles. For only an hour and a half, the film does well at keeping the audience entertained. For this film Michael Gross takes a step out of his world in Family Ties with Michael J Fox to play a character that's armed to the teeth with guns and ammo and does his best to be prepared in any situation.

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