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Tommy Armour 845s Silver Scot Iron set G...
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Tommy Armour 845s Silver Scot Iron set Golf Club

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Tommy Armour Silver Scot 845s Irons # 3 4 7 8 9 - Aldila Graphite Shafts L-Flex
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Tommy Armour Silver Scot 845s Irons # 3 4 7 8 9 - Aldila Graphite Shafts L-Flex
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Product description
The Tommy Armour 845 Silver Scot Irons are quite popular for their easy playability. These are simple traditional sized perimeter weighted club that are comfortable for high-handicappers, yet accurate for tour level players. In case of a perimeter weighted club, instead of being positioned at the center, the golf club head is positioned around the perimeter of the golf club. In case the golf club head is positioned at the center, even a one mm miss can make your shot go astray. The Tommy Armor 845 Silver Scot Iron maximizes forgiveness. It is a well balanced club which is not too thick on the top line, or too fat on the sole. You get easy alignment with optimum distance and with Tommy Armor 845 Silver Scot Iron.

Product Identifiers
BrandTommy Armour
Model845s Silver Scot
Club TypeIron set

Shaft MaterialSteel
Head MaterialSteel


eBay Product ID: EPID45064320

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Created: 07/10/08

845 Silver Scot, great for the high or low handicapper.

First, I would like to point out that this review is intended to give an opinion on clubs, NOT an Ebay experience. Feedback in Ebay is for evaluating sellers. Hopefully, anyone who adds to this review will keep it to the intended subject. With that out of the way, please read my evaluation below.

I purchased my 845 Silver Scot irons back in the early ninties. At the time I was lucky to break 100. By using this fine hitting iron, along with some professional instruction, I am now have a +2 hanicap. I love the feel of the clubs from 3 iron to the pitching wedge. They really help to get the ball in the air and on line. There is no need to spend $600 to $800 on clubs thinking it will make you the next Tiger Woods. Honest! I would suggest using these first and then if you are able to improve, and want to switch to those more costly clubs, than by all means do so.

There is one important fact many people need to know. Some of the later technology is just fine. The cavity back clubs are much more forgiving on mis hit shots, but no club in the world will make you a great golfer if you have a poor swing. My suggestion is that you purchase some of the mid range priced (not cheap) irons such as the 845's, take some lessons, and invest in a hitting net with the money you saved.

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Created: 09/04/08

Tommy Armour 845s Silver Scot Irons

I got back into the game this summer and on a more serious level than ever before. In the past, I was only an occasional player and my sticks were inexpensive generic or knock off brands. This time I researched irons and read many reviews before settling on the Tommy Armour 845s Silver Scots. I didn't want to spend too much in case I lost the bug, so I feel I have a proven well designed set of irons and that alone has given me confidence in the way I play. Because of that, I'm no where near losing interest, frankly just the opposite. I started using these irons about a month ago and my game is improving nicely. That's because I like the way these irons look and feel. They're comfortable to handle and are well balanced. Believe me, these clubs talk back to you and a direct hit on the sweetspot produces the coolest sound. I have my good games and not so good games, but I can't blame my clubs, so I practice, play and just have fun doing it. I would recommend these irons to anyone just starting out, getting back into the game, or just looking to upgrade to premium equipment on a budget.

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Created: 04/06/08

tommy armour 845 silver scott irons

I have an original set of these irons that my son now plays. I bought these in hopes of getting the same results I did for 20 plus years. These are not the same clubs. They may be knock offs. One thing for sure, they are altered. The shafts are longer than standard, and the lie angle is tweaked slightly open. Too bad. Otherwise they are in great shape. Clean with sharp grooves. Problem is that they are made for someone over 6' 3" tall. Do not hit them as crisply, or nearly as far. Catch too many on the toe with the open face. My originals were labeled patent pending. I bought them the day they hit the stores in the mid 80's. These say patented.

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Created: 10/08/06

Tommy Armour 845s Silver Scot Irons

I am wondering if the clubs are for real or are they some kind of knockoff.I bought a set from ebay and they all say Towwy Arwour,instead of Tommy Armour,the m's have been replaced by w's.They seem to be good clubs,but I am wondering if they are the real thing.I have seen several of these clubs going around ebay.If you do a search on ebay you also will see what I am talking about,I wonder how many people have been sold something that is not what they thought they were getting.I may be wrong,but the pictures don't lie.If you look at the other Tommy Armour style clubs,you can clearly see the difference.If anybody knows what is going on,please let me know. Happy Hunting to all!! PLEASE READ ON!! I was recently asked a question about the clubs from a recent ebay buyer on November 6, 2007, His question: Hi, i recently bought a set of tommy armour 845s irons on ebay. Mine also say "TOWWY ARWOUR" on the sole. Have you found out whether they are kock-offs or not? how did you deal with the seller? My answer: Hi, In response to your concern,I did a little research on the clubs I bought and they are as real as they get..I have a neighbor who has a set of 855s clubs and they say the same thing also,and he's had his for several years and he bought them brand new from a reputable pro shop. As far as I understand thre were certain years they changed the style of the label on the clubs but I guess they did'nt think of someone like me looking that close at them as I did..but if you look at them really good you can actually see them as tommy instead of towwy.So I would'nt be concerned one bit.There are some fake clubs out there,but as far as the Tommy Armours,they are authentic. So enjoy your game and know for a fact that you are golfing with the real thing.I have enjoyed mine and they have done a great job for me. Have fun! I hope this will ease anyone's concern! Happy Golfing!

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Created: 07/07/11

Armour 845s excellent blades, but most of us need cavity-backed irons

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The 845s (s for steel) irons rivaled the Ping Eye2 when first introduced. They are actually blades with a little cavity, and the pros used them to win 25 tournaments. So you know they were good. Tommy Armour sold a ton of these sets, and tried to grow their company with the 845 titanium, 845BC (copper), 845 oversized, 855, EVO, and Ti100 irons. They failed, and the company has been sold, re-constituted, combined, and gutted numerous times in the last two decades. The designer of the 845s went on to design the DCI irons for Titleist. The clubs are no nonsense, classic, easy-on-the eye blades with solid performance and a little forgiveness with the cavity. You can draw or fade the ball, but mainly they hit it pretty straight at the lower "blade" trajectory rather than the "high launch" cavity offerings prevalent today. They have the older, weaker lofts. For example, the 3-iron is 21-degees which is a degree or two more than today's "name brand" irons. By the time you get to the 9-iron it is 44-degrees loft, which is a full 4-5 degrees more than standard today. So they are going to average about a club shorter than 2011 mass marketed irons. And they are going to play more "blade-like" than "backweighted" cavity irons. I like the set-up and feel of the 48-deg pitching wedge and the sand wedge. They make it seem like you are tossing the ball underhanded to the hole with the proper trajectory and release. The 56-deg sand wedge does not have a lot of bounce for sand shots, but remember these were "pro" clubs, and touring pros generally have more exacting wedges for their more refined swings than us amateurs need. Out of the older generation of irons, I would rate these more playable today than just about any other except the Ping Eye2 and Ping Eye2+. If you are very good and do not need the extra few yards, and want small, classic blades with a hint of forgiveness, then these are excellent and rather inexpensive. I recommend them if you want to hit "blades," but 95% of us probably need "game improvement" designs.

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