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TomTom XXL 550M - US (including Puerto R...
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TomTom XXL 550M - US (including Puerto Rico), Canada & Mexico Automotive Mountable GPS Receiver

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Product description

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Figuring out the directions for unfamiliar destinations is made easy with the TomTom XXL 550M GPS receiver, which comes with an anti-glare touchscreen. Save resources with this TomTom GPS receiver which calculates the fastest way possible, based on time, using the IQ Routes technology. Navigate to the 7 million points of interest already included in this TomTom navigation system, or to any place among the four preloaded countries. Surf the easy-to-use menu of this TomTom GPS receiver, which incorporates the EasyMenu feature. The ‘Help Me!’ and the ‘Where Am I’ feature of the TomTom XXL 550M GPS receiver help you to get easy access to emergency service providers, as well as let them know your location. This TomTom navigation system comes with a lithium-ion battery that offers up to three hours of battery life.

Product Identifiers
ModelXXL 550M - US (including Puerto Rico), Canada & Mexico

Key Features
UsageAutomotive Mountable
System TypePortable
Screen Size5"
User InterfaceTouch Screen

Technical Features
Included MapsCanada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, USA (incl. Hawaii & Alaska)

Battery Life3 Hours

eBay Product ID: EPID86127922

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Created: 01/21/11

Tom Tom XXL 550M GPS reciever

Although I continue to read and hear that supposedly a "stand alone" GPS unit like this one will soon become extinct, I certainly hope not!
The always on digital world that's always shown in TV shows and commercials simply doesn't exist everywhere! In our area there are long stretches of area that don't even have cell coverage, so how would a person get their directions on their phone if there isn't any cell coverage? And why would you pay so much a month for something that doesn't work without being, even wireless, connected?? I won't! I do like that everybody jumping on that bandwagon has forced the cost of what was a high end fairly expensive model like this one a year ago to a very reasonable price point now!
Overall the Tom Tom brand has improved substantially since the last one I'd gotten 5 years ago!I'd gone to brand "G" because the Tom Tom back then just didn't work well. I really like the large more easily read size of this XXL model. The GPS signal lock is very fast and the unit is ready to go. The touch screen interface works very well and the recently redesigned icons etc, all make for a very user friendly device. I also like the "lifetime map updates" and to me that should be the only way to go in any new GPS purchase! Computer hook up for updates and customizing has worked perfectly every time. I can highly recommend Tom Tom to friends with all the user friendly improvements the company has implemented. Although as with any of these portable devices I recommend buying another type of car mount, be it a weighted dash mount or a extended windshield mount over just the stock mount that comes with the unit. Especially if you use it in several vehicles.

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Created: 12/28/10

Big Screen, Better Support - YEA!

This is my 4th TomTom GPS unit. I bought the XXL 550M for two reasons: 1. Bigger screen and 2. "Lifetime" map updates included in excellent price from Beach Camera.


The larger screen is easier to use in a traffic situation where you can only give the unit a glance. Most of the time, though, the voice navigation is clear enough to negotiate turns and intersections, except to figure out what lane you should be in. This is where TomTom shines. I really like TomTom's lane displays and the accuracy of their depiction of the signs upcoming for junctions - very helpful if you are unfamiliar with the area. Battery life is good, and I have not had a case where anything I want to plan or do stresses the memory of the unit (which does not have a card slot).


I only have one complaint. Often, I have a notion of the route I want to take that differs with TomTom's calculated "shortest" or "fastest". It would be very nice to have a mandated waypoint routing feature, similar to Garmin's higher end models.

All in all, a very nice GPS unit, with easy-to-use programming, outstanding navigation aids, especially the lane and sign display, and no serious negatives. I'd buy this one again.

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Created: 12/12/10

TomTom XXL 550M

User friendly, computer backup, offers numerous choices (vehicle icons, guidance voices, information to display). Easy to operate. It does not offer elapsed trip mileage (that I have found yet). Not particularly pleased with windshield mount (Garmin's is better). Saves recently entered information for re-entering more quickly. Easily allows entering a city or street without complete street address. It will route down a dirt road that had been closed for years, even when you have asked not to include dirt roads (once so far in a rural area). Pleased with the lifetime map updates. Much happier with TomTom than with Garmin.

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Created: 08/05/11

Good value, lifetime maps is a real plus.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I received this just yesterday and took my first trip today. I was very pleased with the "IQ Routes" feature. My trip was routed almost identically to the way I would have chosen to go based on the traffic patterns I know.

I bought this GPS to replace a much older (other brand) unit. I chose this because of the lifetime map subscription. My previous unit would have cost me almost as much to upgrade.

I like the much larger screen, and the window mount on this unit. I dislike that the touch screen requires a firm touch (more than my touchscreen phone or my iPod) to register that it has been touched.

Overall, I am very happy with this GPS.

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Created: 11/02/11

Great product,easy to use,problems with the mounting bracket

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I bought this product to replace an older Garmin.We were not completely unhappy with our old one, but the maps needed updating and the mounting bracket had broken.The cost to update the maps and buy a new bracket was comparable to buying a new one and this one had lifetime traffic and map updates.We first tried it out on a trip out of state to an area we had never been.We were able to figure out how to use it pretty easily after a few peeks at the instruction booklet.The larger screen is easier to see,the maps are clear and the voice directions are not so frequent as to be annoying.After arriving at our destination we didn't have any problems with finding any of the places we were looking for even though the area was mostly rural.A nice feature is that it warns you if the route contains an unpaved road and asks if you would like to continue so you aren't surprised to find yourself on a cow path!The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 overall is the flat mounting bracket.It really does not work very well.We had alot of difficulty getting it to adhere to the windshield, and when it finally did stick, it fell off so I ended up holding onto it for a portion of our trip until we could get it to stick again.The suction in the device just doesn't seem strong enough to hold it in place.I don't recall reading that in any of the reviews I looked at though, so ours may be defective.I plan on contacting TomTom to see if they will do anything about it.

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