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Titleist 909D2 Driver Golf Club
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Titleist 909D2 Driver Golf Club

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Titleist 909D2 9.5° Driver Head Nice! 0297
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Murrieta, CA, USA
Titleist 909D2 9.5° Driver Head Nice! 0297
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Product description
• The 909D2 features a full pear profile, deep face, 460cc club head constructed from titanium and composite• High performance driver that delivers a high launch trajectory with a low to mid spin rate• Tour proven profile composite crown creates a low and deep Center of Gravity (CG) and a SureFit Swingweight for higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) and launch for long straight drives• Composite crown and tuned sole features optimize pockets and internal rib for less vibration and for better feel and sound• Weight reduction, increased feel, and ability for more shaft options are a result of an integrated titanium blind bore design

Product Identifiers
Club TypeDriver

Shaft MaterialGraphite
Head MaterialTitanium


eBay Product ID: EPID72497924

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Created: 10/30/09

Titleist Finally Makes a Driver for the Average Joe

This is probably one of the best drivers I have ever hit... I have always been a little intimidated by Titleist products but after this last season my opinion has changed... Titleist has finally started to target all levels of play with their AP irons and did the same with the 909 Series.

Titleist 909 D2 is exactly as advertised... It looks to be square or slightly open at address... It seems to have a somewhat traditional pear shape design but seems bigger and a little rounder than past models... I once again got fitted and went with a 9.5* 909 D2 44.5" UST Proforce V2 Stiff flex shaft... With this combination I have not lost distance even though it is almost 1" shorter than last years TM Tour Burner or my Nike SQ... I ended up getting the best of both worlds: more control with out a loss of distance.

As for performance this driver has exceeded all expectations and has put most of my old drivers on eBay... Titleist 909 D2 combined with my swing provide a mid ball flight during optimal playing conditions... This is one of the first drivers I have been able to tee low or high and get the desired launch depending on conditions... On my occasional bad swings the club provides just enough forgiveness to keep the ball from hooking and slicing into the opposite fairway... I would have rated this club a six if I could because it is unbelievable, well balanced, and versatile for a mid level player... It has helped me finally understand what it means to "work the ball."

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Created: 04/05/11

I love this driver

I've tried about every driver on the market. I purchased the Taylor Made R-9 this past year and even though you have a mulitiude of ways to change the settings, such as loft, lie and angle, It never did feel like I had a good solid driver in my hands. I played with Titleist 909D2 Driver in Maui during a convention this past February and I loved it. I tend to draw the ball and just a slight adjustment when you lay the club down makes a world of difference. Plus, it out drives the R-9. I finally found a driver that I will keep in my bad and have the confidence that I will be both accurate and long off the tee at least 70% of the time. Let's face it, we're not always going to be in the fairway off the tee box all of the time. But this club is the closest thing I've found that will allow me to do that. Try it, you'll love it.

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Created: 01/05/12

Best driver I've ever used

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

After buying and trying several other brands of driver, I bit the bullet and decided I would give it one last try, so I searched for a driver that I thought would be suitable. I came across a Titleist driver which I bought, basically, as a last resort. On receipt of said driver, as soon as I held it in my hands it just felt more comfortable than my others - the grip felt good, the head looked good and sat perfectly on the ground and the shaft length was perfect for me....I couldn't wait to get to the driving range. When I hit my first shot with it I thought 'Wow, that was great' but I said to myself it was probably just a lucky shot, so I teed up another ball and 'Woooosh' my second ball flew straight as an arrow, just as my first one had. I quickly teed up a third ball and, again the ball flew straight and true. This now seemed freaky, how could this club perform so much better than my others? I finished hitting the remainder of my bucket of balls on the range and placed my new driver back in my golf bag, eager to get to the first tee the next day for my first competitive round with it. Next day I arrived at my course and went throughy my usual warm up routine, hit a few shots into the nets and spent 15 minutes on the putting green. Before long we were called to the 1st tee - a long, straight Par 5. When it was my turn I strode onto the tee box, put my tee in the ground and placed my ball on top. I tried not to show too much excitement in front of my regular partners as I had a couple of practice swings and then stepped in to take my stance. I settled into the shot, took the club back and...woooshka! The ball flew straight off the club face, down the middle of the fairway and stopped about 200 mts from the tee - about 20 mts longer than my usual hits. My playing partners all looked back at me and said, almost in unison, "Where did that come from?" I proudly thrust my new Titleist driver towards them and responded "Here...it came from this little beauty!" My partners all said "Oh God....another new driver..."
Well it continued for the rest of the round I hardly missed a fairway all day and at the end of the round, I gleefully took their money. I am perfectly happy with my new driver. Now, if only I could find a set of irons that will perform the same way.....!

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Created: 03/22/11

909 D2 Diamana blue 65s

great feel off the face, definitely a more piercing trajectory than my r7 superquad tp. Very workable as well. I feel like I can do anything with this driver when I'm swinging well. I bought it to try out the diamana shaft but am sticking with the whole club now.

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Created: 12/01/10

Titleist 909D2 Driver Golf Club

I'm one of those golfers who is always looking to try something new. I had a Titleist 983K driver, quite a while ago, and replaced it with a Nike Sasquatch
which never hit like I expected. I then bought a Taylor made R5 Dual driver and was pleased with it for the last two years. Now I purchased this Titleist 909D2 driver and hit my drives 10 to 15 yards farther. I liked this club well enough that I also bought the matching 3 and 5 woods.
All the clubs were used and puchased on e-bay auctions. Some time you need to bid on quite a few to actually buy the quality you want for the price you wish to pay. Oh and by the way, I never rate anything excellent.

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