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Titan Quest: Immortal Throne  (PC, 2007)
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Titan Quest: Immortal Throne (PC, 2007)

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Titan Quest: Immortal Throne (PC, 2007) (2007)
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100% positive feedback
Titan Quest: Immortal Throne  (PC, 2007) (2007)
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Titan Quest: Immortal Throne (PC, 2007) (2007)
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Titan Quest: Immortal Throne  (PC, 2007) (2007)
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Product Information
After facing the most dangerous monsters of multiple ancient mythos in the original Titan Quest, players will battle to hell (and back, if they are lucky) in Immortal Throne, the game's first expansion package. Heroes will have opportunity to explore the underworld of Greek mythology as they cross the river Styx, venture through the Plains of Judgment, and perhaps even visit Elysium, the resting place of the great and mighty.

Superior new gear becomes available and the player-character level cap has been raised to 75, to give heroes a fighting chance against the add-on's 20 new monster types -- some of the most terrible creatures Western legend has ever produced.

The Immortal Throne expansion follows the free-flowing, hack-and-slash pacing of the main game, but adds new features such as the "Dream-mastery" skill, powerful scrolls, and an overhaul of the game economy, as well as fan-requested improvements like a second hot-slot bar, "auto-sort" inventory controls, and enhancements to pet artificial intelligence.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
GameTitan Quest: Immortal Throne
UPC4005209088664, 4005209088725, 752919493113

Key Features

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorSuggestive Themes, Violence
Control ElementsKeyboard, Mouse
Release Year2007
Game Special Features
  • Make use of the various scrolls, spells, skills, and weapons you find during your journey

  • Explore the Elysian Fields and the Planes of Judgment as you defeat enemies and level your character

  • Cross the river Styx and enter the Underworld to face off against a variety of mythological beasts

  • eBay Product ID: EPID56684659

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    Created: 09/05/07

    Titan Quest Immortal Throne -- fun for hours on end

    This is an action Role Playing Game (RPG), meaning you create a character who runs around whacking monsters with a variety of weapons and magic powers. Rather than a typical fantasy (dragons and fairies and the like) setting, this one is cast in the ancient civilizations surrounding the Mediterranean and China. If you're at all a fan of mythology, you'll like this concoction.

    The original game, Titan Quest, has been out for a while, and the expansion pack, Immortal Throne, both builds and improves on the original. Several things are better now: inventory management and better merchants (what good is it to find loot if you can't carry a lot of it, have to re-arrange it yourself to fit new stuff in, and there's nothing to buy with the resulting bounty of coin you get from selling it), more magic capabilities and a new class, all kinds of tweaks and underlying fixes. Immortal Throne is a definite improvement on an already great product.

    An installation note: I bought a foreign copy (russian) and installed it on my machine, simply choosing English rather than Russian from a menu during installation. So apparently, it doesn't matter where the game comes from, this one plays everywhere. Also, while I do have a middle range gamer's machine (2gHz cpu, 2g RAM, 7900GT graphics card) and I can run it at higher settings, I do get a little slowing and hesitation in frame rate. If you have a lesser machine, you will probably have to adjust the settings downward to make it play well. It's a robust game, demands a lot of your computer. Fortunately, all you have to do is google Titan Quest to find fan sites where patches and player-created material as well as tweaking advice can easily be found and/or downloaded.

    On a personal note, I like Titan Quest because it's easy to play. I have limited use of my left hand, so some games are simply too difficult for me to play for long, if at all. This game uses the mouse for movement and attacking, and I only use my left hand to switch from one power to another using the number keys. Granted, sometimes I have to use both hands furiously for a bit during a big fight, but often I can get away with just poking around left-handedly. And while it's mouse-driven, it's nowhere near as much a clickfest as any of the Diablo or diablo clone games.

    I know in a review, I'm supposed to list things I don't like about this game. There are very few things for me to critique. No game is perfect, but TQ comes very close. I do wish all three stages (4 if you have Immortal Throne) were equally long -- the first section (greece) is much longer than the others (babylon, egypt and IT's Hades). And some of the boss fights are sturdy battles, using every tool you've managed to accumulate and then some. I generally play all the levels, starting with easy, or normal, in this case. I got as far as the end of the second difficulty level before my ability to play ran into the immovable object of the end boss Titan.

    Now, with Immortal Throne installed, I've re-built my favorite character (again), and am looking forward to tackling all my favorite places and exploring the new ones. It's a great game, easy to play, great replay value, lots of loot and money to spend it on, and monsters to use it all on. If you liked Diablo or Diablo II or Fate you will love this version of the classic slack 'n' hack adventure story. It's cleverly set up, well balanced, a challenge and a romp, the best of its genre, and probably my current fave game. Enjoy.

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    Created: 08/04/07

    Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

    What's a Diablo Clone? This one does the whole action RPG brighter, prettier and with action than D2 LOD. The the games graphics are stunning even when the settings turned down a bit to let lower-end PC's breath, while meatier units can really enjoy the sharpened lighting effect and colors found in all the action.

    Adds volumes to the already enjoyable and nearly perfect Titan Quest. This game is a boon to the action RPG genre!

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    Created: 10/18/08

    Nice Short Expansion to Original

    If you liked Titan Quest, you'll like this. It's got two new Masteries to learn if you like. The environments are good looking. There is a caravan option to save stuff you want to keep or transfer to another character you have. And there are new artifacts that you can create from items in the world adding some replayablility of old areas in search of items (Like other artifacts to make, certian relics or charms). Also very helpful is the ability to split your favorite item from it's charm/relic, the trade off is that you loose the other part (ie pick to save the item you loose the relic/charm, and vise-versa).
    Only down side I can think if is what seems to be difficulity that's slightly off. My character that had finished Epic level before the expansion, was kind of underleveled on the Epic level of the expansion. Some bosses need you to find gear just to fight them (like all Poision resistance gear) or it's almost instant death. It adds some more thinking to the game, though this game plays more of a straight hack and slash on rails. You get side quests, but as long as you head down the main path you'll complete most of them with little exploration. (prob only a dozen side paths, the rest is a stright one way through walk).

    Graphics look great, action is satastifying, and the new features gives it some life again for old players.

    Play the first game, if you like it, the expansion adds some more depth for added enjoyment.

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    Created: 06/01/08

    Really good expansion to a great game.

    Titan Quest: Immortal Throne(TQIT) is a great expansion to the original Titan Quest. If you ever played the Diablo series, this is essentially the same with better graphics. Before I go into the positves though, let me open with what I did not like. The game has a rubberbanding affect that is very annoying. To explain, your character will be running along and suddenly it will stop or almost stop for just a second or two. Then, it will superspeed through the section you were running. This is well documented in professional reviews. It is a very common occurence in the game and, as far as I know, uncorrectable even through game patches. One other minor issue ties in with the good. If you have played through TQ and get TQIT, the added features like artifacts really make you want to replay through the game again. Due to the fact that you need completed charms/relics from previous areas in the game. If you receive formulae to create an artifact in the later stages of the game, you generally need items from earlier portions that you will then have to replay. Not a big deal, but worth mentioning. On to the good. The quest itself is quite long. Do not be worried that you will be done in a couple hours. Battles are quite a bit more difficult in my opinion. The items added are great and the addition of artifacts will keep you playing much longer trying to collect everything needed to create them. Another nice addition is the caravan. This not only allows extra storage but a transfer area. This transfer area allows you to leave items for another of your characters you play. So if you receive a spectacular item that is only suited for a magic user and you are playing a melee character, you can leave it in the transfer area of the caravan. This will allow your mage to go to the a caravan in any city and get that item. This also helps characters just getting started to have nice equipment through the play of your other characters. These are some of the personal highpoints in the game for me. I strongly recommendthis expansion. Just remember, IT IS NOT A STANDALONE EXPANSION. This game can only be played with TQ the original. If you do not have it, I also recommend buying the gold edition. The gold edition has both the original and the expansion. For days of Diablo-like fun, buy them today!

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    Created: 06/01/07

    Great Action RPG & Wise improvements

    The expansion to Titan Quest provides many improvements to an already great game. It is the closest thing to Diablo II that I've played in a long time. (Granted I never got into World of Warcraft.) If you like action RPGs like Diablo and Diablo II, you'll love this game.

    The expansion provides great changes to the game including a fourth (fifth if you count Mount Olympus as an Act) act that is really exciting, an extra item to wear to improve your character's statistics called an artifact (it makes the creature charms and relics much more valuable), and, of course, a new class that is an amazing stand alone class that also blends well with other classes.

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