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Theresia  (Nintendo DS, 2008)
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Theresia (Nintendo DS, 2008)

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Theresia Nintendo DS DSi 3DS Authentic US Version Game Only Tested
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Theresia Nintendo DS DSi 3DS Authentic US Version Game Only Tested
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Product description
Product Information
A rare DS game intended for mature audiences only, Theresia tells the story of a girl who wakes up in desolate underground labyrinth, left alone to die, and haunted by visions of a silver-haired woman holding a baby. Players must guide the young girl through a twisted maze of stone and steel, with deadly traps around every corner, and insanity a constant threat. The game features a classic point-and-click interface, with "hand" and "eye" icons representing a player's ability to touch and view items or strange objects. Gamers must move carefully, and examine each room thoroughly, because traps are hidden everywhere, and haste or miscalculations lead to certain death. There are dozens of items that players can collect and combine in an effort to reach the surface, but caution is mandatory, because even the most innocuous object may kill the young girl before she has a chance to learn the true meaning of Theresia.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
PublisherAksys Games

Key Features
PlatformNintendo DS

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorBlood, Strong language, Violence
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick
Release Year2008
Game Special Features
  • Guide a girl through a horrifying maze full of deadly traps

  • Collect dozens of items and combine them to escape the labyrinth

  • Mature survival horror with a classic point-and-click interface

  • eBay Product ID: EPID69624193

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    Created: 06/08/12

    Survival horror fans would be better off looking elsewhere.

    No, I would not recommend this product.

    There isn't enough space to give you as detailed a review as I'd like, so let's stick with the most basic of basics:

    The main character, Leanne, has amnesia. She's also trapped in an abandoned facility and must find her way out. So that's the main goal, along with getting her memories back. In order to do that, the player must solve various puzzles set up throughout the game. Most are intuitive, though you must immediately eject logic from your mind and solve them in the most complicated manner you can come up with (Need to get a knife out of a corpse? Well, sorry. It's sticking blade side up, and rather than flip the body over to grab the handle, you must go solve some more puzzles to get a pair of pliers. Then rip the knife out.).

    The only dangers she faces are a series of simple traps and her own stupidity. There isn't an impending sense of danger, just the knowledge that, at some point, a knife will come flying out of nowhere to stab you--with little effect aside from being mildly annoying. There are corpses and trails of blood on occasion, but those completely lose any ability to be "creepy" the second Leanne ceases to be repulsed. After a point, she even seems like she's a bit lustful towards blood and gore.

    Any development in her character is abrupt, rather than built up to; oftentimes feeling jarring and out of place. She also maintains an urgency to leave, but when presented with an outdoor area she decides to stick around anyway. It seems more like sloppy writing than a real change in priority, but ymmv.

    You don't so much actively solve the mystery as you stumble across journal pages that will tell you snippets of events, which trigger flashbacks. Through those, Leanne starts to remember her past and who she is, and at the very end of the story she pieces it all together--sort of. It's a big spoon-feeding summary of the nonsensical bits that you've been given the rest of the game, with parts that she restates erroneously only moments later.

    Anything in the environment is only important if it relates to a puzzle you're currently working on, and will be blatantly ignored until it becomes relevant. That leads to a lot of back-tracking, which is especially annoying when almost every area in a level looks identical. Was that key in the dark room on this hallway, or the one on the other side of the map? Well, guess I'll have to check both. Other than that, observations will be simple and obvious (i.e. "there's a door here" or "oh my, this room is dark and spooky and smells like blood, what ever shall I do?").

    To summarize: the game mechanics are repetitive and over-simplified, the graphics are reminiscent of N64 titles, the plot is meandering and stunted at best, and the atmosphere is dull and boring-- which detracts a lot from what the game is attempting to accomplish.
    Frustration was my main motivation in completing it, and only because I refused to be bested by a game this awful. There are plenty of other titles in the survival horror genre that do what this game tries (and fails) to do and to much better effect, so I'd give this one a pass and keep looking.

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    Created: 01/06/10

    Creepiest DS game ever!

    I came across this game on blockbuster's website looking for something to spend a gift card on and thought it sounded interesting, so when I found it elsewhere I bought it and was surprised.

    It wasn't what I thought it would be at all, it was WAY creepier and way more addicting than I thought. The storyline was so intriguing, (I hope I spelled that right.) the protaganist having no memory and waking up alone in a strange place that reeks of death, trying to find their lost memories and escape alive, all the while piecing together what happend in the dark corridors of their prison.

    The silent narration provided upon entering a new room, making a critical discovery, even from examining your surroundings boasts excellent writing and is enough make one feel as though they can feel the cold dank air and smell the stench of blood, both protaganist's and blood left from other victims, traces of whom the player finds while looking for the truth and escape.

    Twisted parent-child relationships, good intentions gone awry, the cure turned into the curse, it's just a fantastic story that'll leave you afraid to walk down dark hallways alone (unless creepy stuff doesn't bother you.) and still leaves unanswered questions. Sheer curiosity kept me playing even though I was looking over my shoulder to make sure there was nothing there. If you want a game that'll creep you out and an excellent story to accompany it, then I say check out Theresia.

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    Created: 10/15/09

    Great game

    I bought it for a friend that loves this kind of games... I see it is very funny, you have to be concentrated ....

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