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Super Punch-Out (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1994) - European Version

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Product Information
Super Punch-Out!! is the Super NES update to Mike Tyson's Punch Out, the NES classic. The game has you boxing your way through round after round against such wacky characters as Gabby Jay, Mad Clown, Bald Bull, and Dragon Chan. Some of the characters return from the original Mike Tyson game, while others are new. There are 16 different fighters in all, each with a special move.

Your boxer in this game is transparent, allowing for a first-person perspective, a view that remains faithful to the arcade version of Punch Out, which made its debut in 1984. Defensive positions include guarding, dodging and ducking while punching maneuvers include a variety of uppercuts, hooks, body blows, and jabs. Each punch has different power and speed. You can use special knock out punches when you build up your power meter. Stamina meters allow you to track you and your opponents' fatigue factor.

Super Punch Out!! features battery-back memory and allows you to enter your name so records and data can be saved for future play. You can play Championship Mode, in which your must progress through the four circuits, or Time Attack Mode, which enables you to select the opponent of your choice and try to improve your time record.

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Product Identifiers
PublisherNintendo of America, Inc.
GameSuper Punch-Out!!

Key Features
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System

Tech Details
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick
Number of Players1
Release Year1994
Game SeriesPunch-Out!! Series

eBay Product ID: EPID1418

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Created: 11/23/07

super punch out!!

super punch out!! is my favorite game for the super nintendo. it is a far improvement over nes mike tyson's punch out!! more resembling the two arcade releases with some innovative upgrades. six original characters return from the three previous releases including bear hugger, piston hurricane, bald bull, dragon chan, mr. sandman, and super macho man. and new and dangerous characters are introduced including aran ryan, mad clown the bruiser brothers rick and nick and the most dangerous and deadly opponent of all gabby jay (ha ha). the newer characters while interesting and possessing some traits of some origianl characters, gabby jay/glass joe aran ryan/pizza pasta. they don't quite match the greatness of the originals. the bruiser brothers are a challenge but they will never let you forget super macho man and all of his greatness. the game features four circuits. minor, major, world and special. and you must be flawless in the first three to play the fourth. game upgrades includes, the rapid punch, and counter punches and knockout body hooks. also featured is a time attack mode to record fastest ko times. this game is one of the greatest video games of all time and i would take it over any other video game. long live super macho man! and super punch out!!

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Created: 09/13/10

Super Punch Out!!

I really hate to bad mouth a Nintendo game, but here it goes. Super Punch Out!! for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System is by far in-superior to the NES version. The characters are forgettable and ridiculous. The game is a breeze to complete and really lacks the strategy of it's older brother. Some of the opponents are just completely annoying. i.e. that stupid clown. It does contain four circuits with the final circuit being a hidden and unlockable one. If you really loved Punch Out! on the NES then I would say; stick to that one or get the new Wii Punch Out! I really feel like Nintendo dropped the ball with this one. On the plus side, the graphics are beautiful. I just wish that they would have spent less time on making the game pretty and more time a creating fun characters.

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Created: 04/28/09

The best boxing title of all time

I have been playing this game since it first came out in 1994. This game is the definition of fun. It's a lot like the original Punch out on the NES, you face many fighters who have their patterns of punches and attacks and you have to know when to punch, block, or dodge. The graphics and animations are fantastic. You play as underdog fighter Little Mac. You go up against 16 fighters, with four fighters in each circuit with difficulty getting exponentially more difficult from circuit to circuit. The appeal of this game is that you'll want to keep playing because you'll eventually see the patterns of each fighter and eventually you'll be able to get through the game fairly easily. However, you'll also find yourself wanting to play it over and over in order to get a faster time on each fighter. This game is one of the best on the SNES, and is a must have.

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Created: 06/15/13

super awesome!!!!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I love everything about this game!! most people have played mike Tyson's punch out! but not too many people have played super punch out on snes. which is a shame because this game is every bit as good as mike Tyson's punch out!!! there are several new characters in this game as well as some familiar ones!! suchasbald bull,sandman and supermacho man!! this game is a new classic from the 1990's!! it is a must have for anyone who owns a snes!! there is nothing I dislike about this game!!! five stars!!!

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Created: 01/26/06

Super Punchout For The Snes, By Tysonfist-Ben Fletcher

The NES punch-out game was a huge hit in the early stages of game development. Tyson's punchout, and the original punch-out were intense, fun games to play. This punchout gives an entir different meaning to videogame boxing, you can duck, block your gut, face and sides. You can dodge punches and counter with one of three different punches including your own signiture knockout move! The NES punchout games had less characters to battle than this game does, tha graphics are insanely smoothe for the SNES and of course, you fight to really catchy music tracks.

The game is a must in any SNES collection and cannot be bested by any boxing game out there as of now.

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