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Super Paper Mario  (Wii, 2007)
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Super Paper Mario (Nintendo Wii) Nintendo Selects NTSC US
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Super Paper Mario  (Nintendo Wii) Nintendo Selects NTSC US
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Super Paper Mario Complete Original (Wii, 2007)COMPLETE WITH INSTRUCTION BOOK
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Super Paper Mario Complete Original  (Wii, 2007)COMPLETE WITH INSTRUCTION BOOK
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Super Paper Mario, Very Good Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii Video Games
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Super Paper Mario, Very Good Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii Video Games
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Super Paper Mario Disc Only - Nintendo Wii & Wii U - 331ppm
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Super Paper Mario Disc Only - Nintendo Wii & Wii U - 331ppm
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Product Information
Play with your all time favorite Mario and get ready for adventure with the Super Paper Mario video game designed for Wii. In this single-player Wii video game, Mario has the ability to change the surrounding from 2-D to 3-D which is possible on Wii platform only. Mario in this adventure game runs through 2-D worlds by stamping on enemies and breaking all the blocks and later by just pressing a button turns into 3-D. The 3-D of this Wii video game offers many hidden paths, secrets and combat foes as compared to 2-D landscapes. You can also play as Peach and Bowser rather than Mario. Enjoy this adventure game with one or two player alternatively. Have a wonderful gamming experience with the Super Paper Mario video game. This adventure game allows you to use the Wii remote to control the game in Super Mario Bros level. Play the role of Mario to save Peach, Browser and Luigi from the clutch of Count Bleck, who wants to destroy the universe by uniting Peach and Browser.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
GameSuper Paper Mario

Key Features

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorComic Mischief, Comic Mischief; Mild Cartoon Violence, Mild Cartoon Violence
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick
Number of Players1
Release Year2007
Game Special Features
  • Control Mario, Bowser, Peach, and a hidden character through eight new worlds

  • Instantly transform the 2D landscape to a 3D perspective to solve puzzles and more

  • Find fairy-like creatures named Pixls to earn new powers with the Wii Remote

  • Support Elements16:9 Support, 480p Support
    Game SeriesMario

    eBay Product ID: EPID56270102

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    Created: 02/20/09

    Super Paper Mario, Revisiting Your Youth

    I have not played video games since '94 and the Super Nintendo system came out. I also kept my original Nintendo system and recall hourse spent infront of the TV playing the first Super Mario Bros. Super Paper Mario is a great flashback to those days spent jumping on goombas, koopas, and Bowser with better graphics. The Wii system doesn't disappoint and allows players to use the controller like the original Nintendo controllers. I got gamers thumb just like I did back in 80's!

    I finished this game in just about a week. I have two kids so my playing time was limited. It was not too complicated and now my 5 year old wants to learn to play; just another generation addicted to Mario!

    The game follows an interesting love story of heart break and revenge. The forbidden love story adds more interest at least for a female player like myself. Some of the dialogue is humerous and all the aside adventures you go on keep you interested. During play you'll visit lands from the original Super Mario as well as new ones. You'll face old and new foes, darn koopas always get in the way! If you complete the mission of saving the world from complete distruction, you can THEN continue your adventure as a hero and start searching for hidden treasures and upping your score, health points, and attack strength. You get to save your game all along the way and start back where you left off!

    I recommend purchasing off ebay for a more fair price than the $49 at the retail stores. Its a good game to add to your Wii collection b/c both you and the kids will enjoy it.

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    Created: 05/16/07

    Unique and Creative but just not as challenging

    This is a very unique game. I have to give it to the creators for making something so extremely different than any other video game I have seen. If you have played other Paper Mario games in the past this is a nice little treat.

    In this game you have the new version of Mario. For a change Mario's goal isn't to save the Princess and the World, just the World. Count Bleck (the mail villain) creates a Chaos heart by making Princess Peach and Bowser get married. With the power of the Chaos heart he is making all the worlds go into the void.

    The game starts off with Mario only, but in this game Mario gets help from Princess Peach, Bowser and Luigi, and you as the player get to play with all of them as the game progresses. They each have their special moves as well that help complete each level. Mario can flip dimensions to find secret passageways. Princess can use her parasol to block attacks as well as fly short distances. Bowser can breath fire and Luigi can do a super jump. Also through out the course of the game you get help from Pixls. They are little fairy creatures that can do various things like hammer, bomb, make you thin/invisible and much more.

    There are 8 chapters and four levels per chapter which reminded me of the first ever Mario game created. It also had various levels that looked like Mario's from the past. I have to say I think that was one of my favorite parts of the game. I really enjoyed that they mixed some of the old school Mario with this new innovative version of Mario.

    I do have to say that I did not think this game was all that difficult. In the two previous Paper Mario's I had a very difficult time discovering little things, I must admit I even used cheats. Well this game I decided I would not use cheats and I beat it faster than any of the other two Paper Mario games. In Nintendo Power Magazine the creators said that they were going to make it relatively easy so that everyone could play it. They did just that. I enjoyed the challenge in the previous games that this one just didn't fully get. There were to many hints in the game that made it to easy to beat.

    Now with that said I did enjoy the game a lot. It was completely different than any other game I have seen and I enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone who has played the other Paper Mario games, but I must admit my favorite was the second game Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door for Gamecube.

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    Created: 01/06/08

    Super Paper Mario Cheats (Catch Cards)

    Catch Cards

    Catch Cards are wonderful things. There's one for every enemy/charactor in the game. Whenever you pick one up, it increases your strength against that specific opponent. The more cards you collect of a particular enemy, the more damage you'll do.

    Below, you'll find a list of some of the cards found hidden amongst the chapters, including a brief descrption of where to find it. More even more detailed information, please consult the named level in the Walkthrough and look for the card icon. Stay tuned for more updates to this section!

    001 - Goomba
    Chapter 1-1
    Flip to 3D and look behind the tall, green pipe.

    010 - Koopa Troopa
    Chapter 1-1
    Flip to 3D and look in a small crevice along the wall just past the Star Block at the end of the level to find a chest containing this card.

    015 - Paratroopa
    Chapter 1-2
    Take the shortcut near the begining of the level and look for a chest just before the door.

    017 - Buzzy Beetle
    Chapter 1-4
    Flip to 3D at the third locked door to find a hidden path.

    022 - Stone Buzzy
    Chapter 5-2
    Use Peach to float over the Star Block to a ledge on the opposite side. Flip to 3D there to find a chest that contains a Stone Buzzy card.

    029 - Dry Bones
    In the room where you found Luigi (and the three fountains), flip to 3D at the base of the entrance to discover an alcove containing a chest with this card.

    036 - Magikoopa
    Chapter 3-1
    When in the level section inspired by the original Super Mario Bros, hit down the rightmost pipe in the 'warp zone' section, then flip to 3D to find a chest behind the staircase.

    044 - Squiglet
    Chapter 1-1
    Resting on a block above Bestovious' house.

    045 - Squig
    Chapter 1-3
    Fip to 3D and look behind a rock about halfway through the first section of the level.

    053 - Boomboxer
    Chapter 1-2
    On top of the elder's house in Yold town.

    057 - Piranha Plant
    Chapter 3-1
    After the red pipes, flip to 3D and leap on top of the floating purple statue thing, near the end of the level. Now jump across a few blocks to a chest containing this card.

    073 - Rawbus
    Chapter 7-3
    In Stair 2, look for a chest about halfway up, right of the third jump-cloud for a chest that contains this card.

    076 - Spania
    Chapter 5-3
    In the second crewman's cavern, flip to 3D along the backwall, beneath the brick path, to find a card.

    078 - Cursya
    Chapter 2-2
    Look for a chest above on a balconey above the door containing this card. To get there, climb the ladder that emerges from a hidden bloc,k right of the Mansion's door, then float over to the mansion's rooftop with Peach. Once there, flip to 3D and walk toward the camera to land on the balconey.

    087 - Swooper
    Chapter 2-1
    Just before the exit, flip to 3D in front of the house in the background and drop through the hole to find two chests, one of which contains this card.

    093 - Dark Boo
    Chapter 7-2
    In the first portion of Underwhere road, use Luigi's super jump just before the second set of Flip Panels to reach a ledge containing a chest with this card.

    109 - Shlurp
    Chapter 2-1
    Just before the exit, flip to 3D in front of the house in the background and drop through the hole to find two chests, one of which contains this card.

    117 - Ruff Puff
    Chapter 7-3
    In Stair 3, walk around the three-block staircase in 3D (about halfway through this section) to find a chest that has this card.

    160 - Skellobit
    Chapter 7-4
    In Overthere Sector 5, leap into the g

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    Created: 04/23/07

    Super Paper Mario flawed but still very fun

    Super Paper Mario (SPM) for the Wii represents a complete reworking of the Paper Mario series. These games have historically been turn-based RPGs with light action elements, but SPM flips this around. The game plays closer to the excellent 2D Mario platformers of old, but with light RPG elements from the Paper Mario series intact. You have hit points, an item inventory, and you level-up as you gain experience. There are eight unique worlds that you’ll visit, each divided into four sections with a boss at the end of each final section, but there’s also a hub world where you’ll find shops, inns and people to talk to. And talk to. And talk to.

    One minor irritation with the game is that it has a very bloated script. Young players who can’t read will have problems with SPM. The writing is whimsical and amusing, sometimes even chuckle-inducing, but it’d be considered wordy even for an RPG. This game would have benefited from someone hacking the script down to half its current length.

    The single biggest innovation SPM brings to the table is the ability to swap the 2D game into a fun but limited 3D mode in which you get a timed life bar. If it runs out, you lose a hit point. Swapping back to 2D recharges the bar. The look in the 3D world is surprisingly sparse and the camera angle is limiting. You’ll use this mode to find hidden passages and switches, and to sidestep enemies. The downside is that sometimes you have to fight enemies in 3D, and it can be difficult to line up your character to attack.

    There’s a lot of puzzle solving, so much so that I don’t know if it’s fair to classify SPM as a true platformer. When you think of the original Super Mario games, there’s an emphasis on discovery, but also on speed. In SPM, there are areas you can breeze through like you’re playing one of those old-school games, but you’re mostly going to want to slow down and flip to 3D on a fairly regular basis so you can make sure you aren’t missing any 3D secrets. This is fun, but the pacing is different than those classic 2D games.

    SPM was originally created for the GameCube, and it shows. Graphics are sharp and stylized, but there’s nothing the GameCube couldn’t have handled. Limited Wii controls have been implemented (shaking the controller to gain extra experience points, pointing at the screen to investigate things), but for this limited gain in functionality, you’re losing a big advantage of the GameCube controller. Throughout the game, you’re joined by other playable characters and you also find little creatures called Pixls that give you added abilities (there’s a Pixl that lets you bomb things, for example). On the GameCube controller, you could have mapped these two sets of characters to the two shoulder buttons for instantaneous swapping. As it is, with the limited buttons on the Wii remote, you’ll have to go into a menu every time you want to swap. This works, but it gets tiresome. You’ll be wishing the Wii remote had two extra buttons.

    SPM isn’t perfect, but despite some minor flaws, the game is still a lot of fun. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that SPM joins the ranks of early Wii games worth the asking price, and right now, that’s a very short list. SPM will take around 20 hours to get through, more if you’re a collector and/or if you want to come back after the ending and track down some optional side quests. If you go in expecting a fun but slightly-flawed game, you should enjoy SPM. At its core, it's still a Mario game.

    Rated 8.5/10

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    Created: 06/10/07

    Taking the Series in a NEW Direction

    Gameplay - 8 -

    The way the game's played has changed drastically since the previous two installments. The game plays a lot more like a Mario game instead of a role playing game which may disappoint some, but I thought it was an interesting idea. There are some still some RPG aspects in this game such as leveling up by scoring a certain number of points. Some of the other new elements include the ability to switch from 2D to 3D which allows a lot more exploration and is one of the major abilities you will use throughout the game. You will also get creatures known as Pixls that will aid you on your journey. Their abilities range from grabbing objects, to shrinking you to the size of a dot. In addition to the pixls, some of Mario's friends (and enemies) will join him on his journey, all of which with an unique ability. At one point or another, you will need to use your abilities you've earned to progress further into the game. One thing I thought that would have been better is to be able to flip 2D/3D with all the characters because it's used so frequently and constantly changing between members can be quite a hassle sometimes. It can also be difficult to judge certain jumps while in 3D. As, for length, the game contains 8 Chapters, all of which comprise of 4 sections. So as you can imagine, the game can last you quite a while. Each section of the game is vastly different, so the action never gets old. One complaint I do have though is the things the game makes you do sometimes. A few of the tasks can be boring and tedious and make you simply want to move on to the next part, fortunately these sort of errands are not too frequent in the game. I also thought the game could have been a little bit more challenging, although it does noticeably increase between chapter 3 or 4.

    Graphics - 8 -

    The graphics are once again presented in a paper style which has always been one of the main attractions of the series. The environments are pretty much different for each chapter, and some of the chapters are designed after stages from the original Super Mario games which I really liked. The graphics don't show any drop in quality in 3D either and does a good job representing both "dimensions". The bosses are also quite detailed and some even take up the whole screen! There's sure to be at least one thing that will visually impress you about this game.

    Sound - 8 -

    I found no problems with the music. There are many varied tracks used throughout the game, all of which are well suited to the situation. There are also some familiar tunes but in the game for nostalgic purposes as well. You also have your traditional Mario sounds effects, all of which fit nicely. If you look around enough, you'll even find a way to get the retro Mario sound effects which was a cool idea.

    Control - 10 -

    The controls are simple and easy! You hold the Wii Remote sideways, much like the NES controller. Aside from the menus and such, the game is controlled much like the original Super Mario games. You can also point the Wii Remote at the screen to get information on enemies or find hidden passages.

    Final Verdict - 8 -

    So if you're really into RPGs and/or classic Super Mario games, Super Paper Mario is a highly recommended game to pick up. Even if the game doesn't follow the same RPG formula that's been used for the past two games, it still doesn't fail to impress.

    23 of 29 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

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