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Stripped by Christina Aguilera (CD, 2002...
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Stripped by Christina Aguilera (CD, 2002, BMG (distributor))

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Christina Aguilera SEALED CD Stripped
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Lindenhurst, NY, USA
Christina Aguilera SEALED CD Stripped
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Stripped by Christina Aguilera (CD, 2002, BMG (distributor)) : Christina Aguilera (CD, 2002)
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Stripped by Christina Aguilera (CD, 2002, BMG (distributor)) : Christina Aguilera (CD, 2002)
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Stripped, Aguilera, Christina, Very Good
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Stripped, Aguilera, Christina, Very Good
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Stripped - Aguilera, Christina - Audio CD - Good Condition
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Stripped - Aguilera, Christina - Audio CD - Good Condition
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Product description
Album Features
Artist:Christina Aguilera
Release Year:2002
Record Label:BMG (distributor)
Genre:Rock & Pop

Track Listing
1. Stripped [Intro]
2. Can't Hold Us Down - (featuring Lil' Kim)
3. Walk Away
4. Fighter
5. Primer Amor [Interlude]
6. Infatuation
7. Love's Embrace [Interlude]
8. Loving Me 4 Me
9. Impossible
10. Underappreciated
11. Beautiful
12. Make Over
13. Cruz
14. Soar
15. Get Yours Get Mine
16. Dirrty - (featuring Redman)
17. Pt. 2 Stripped
18. The Voice Within
19. I'm OK
20. Keep on Singin' My Song

Playing Time:78 min.
Contributing Artists:Lil' Kim, Redman, Alicia Keys, Linda Perry, Glen Ballard, Eve, Dave Navarro
Producer:Linda Perry, Christina Aguilera, Glen Ballard, Rob Hoffman, Steve Morales, Rockwilder, E. Dawk, Balewa Muhammad, Heather Holley, Jasper Cameron, Scott Spencer Storch
Distributor:BMG (distributor)
Recording Type:Studio
Recording Mode:Stereo
SPAR Code:n/a

Album Notes
Personnel: Christina Aguilera (background vocals); Aaron Fishbein (guitar, electric guitar); Linda Perry (guitar, strings, piano, drum programming); Rob Hoffman (guitar, Fender Rhodes piano, programming); Dave Navarro, Glen Ballard, Michael Landau, Arthur White, John Goux (guitar); Ram¢n Stagnaro (acoustic guitar); Lili Haydn (violin, viola); Shanti Randall (viola); Richard Dodd (cello); Dan Higgins, Gary Grant, Darryl Dixon , Jerry Hey, David Watson, William Frank "Bill" Reichenbach Jr. (horns); Alicia Keys (piano, background vocals); Greg Phillinganes (piano); Damon Fox, David Siegel, Randy Kerber (keyboards); Brian Macleod , Paul Alexandre John, Kameron Houff, Brian Frazier Moore, ?uestlove, Matt Chamberlain, Mike Stinson (drums); Steve Morales (drum programming); Alexandra Brown, Charles Hines, Crystal Drummer, Toya Smith, Alfie Silas, Maxi Anderson, Maxine Willard Waters, Eric King (background vocals).Audio Mixers: Dave Pensado; Peter Mokran; Tony Maserati .Recording information: Conway Studios, Hollywood, CA; NRG, North Hollywood, CA; The Enterprise Studio, Burbank, CA; the Record Plant, Hollywood, CA.Photographer: Miranda Penn Turin.Arrangers: Christina Aguilera; Balewa Muhammad; E. Dawk; Glen Ballard; Jasper Cameron ; Steve Morales.Although STRIPPED is supposed to refer to Christina Aguilera's emotional rather than physical state, you couldn't tell based on her topless pose on the album cover, where the only nod to discretion is some strategically placed hair. Like Britney before her, Christina yearned to get away from her wholesome pop image. In the process, she hooked up with a wide range of collaborators including hip-hop producers Rockwilder and Scott Storch along with a myriad of guest musicians including Eve, Linda Perry, and Dave Navarro. Despite all the glitter and glam, there's no getting away from the fact that Aguilera's singing ability puts her head and shoulders above her poppy peers. Her rich, throaty style works well on slower numbers like a soaring Alicia Keys collaboration "Impossible," piano-driven nugget "Soar," and the Mariah-like "The Voice Within."Other highlights include the snappy, Lil' Kim hip-hop workout "Can't Hold Us Down," sweeping self-empowering rant "Make Over," and the ribald, jeep-beat crazy joint "Dirrty" featuring Redman. Most revealing (on an emotional level) is "I'm OK," an acoustic guitar-heavy autobiographical remembrance of childhood abuse. Britney Spears may not be quite a woman or a girl, but the newly minted Christina is definitely closer to the former.

eBay Product ID: EPID3490404
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Created: 02/28/06

The Best CD ever made by anyone!!

When I first seen "Dirrty" on MTV (Christina's first single off this album) I didnt know if I liked it or if I hated it. I really didnt know if I was going to buy this CD or not. But I did, because Im a huge fan. When I listened to the rest of the album I was completely amazed by the vocals, the lyrics and how raw the album is. I loved it because it was real. Yes you have Dirrty a very raw and over-the-top song...but then you have a song like "I'm Okay". A song about her father and past, which she wrote. The album really opened the doors for her and many artist to follow. Today I have 3 copies of this album. I tell everyone to buy it!!

1.Stripped Intro-
The Stripped intros are pretty cool. She talks/sings about who she is and isnt.
2.Can't Hold Us Down (featuring Lil' Kim)-
A song that Christina wrote featuring Lil'Kim. It's very woman impowering. And it talks about the double standers in society between men and woman.
3.Walk Away-
It's a very powerful ballad song. Her vocals are amazing in this song. Its very raw.
Fighter is another song Mrs.Christina wrote about people that she thought she could trust in the past but they stabbed her in her back. Its a more rock song then anything.
5.Primer Amor Interlude-
Introduction to Infatuation.
Infatuation is about Christina's first love. He was a latino. This song is both english and latin. It's a very nice up beat song.
7.Love's Embrace Interlude-
Introduction to Loving me 4 Me.
8.Loving Me 4 Me-
Another song she wrote about her first love. The lyrics have a nice flow. There is a well written poem Christina says at the end of the song.
A song that she worked with Alica Keys. Alica actually produced her vocals. She hits some hard notes in this song. As Alica said in the Christina Diary on MTV she pimp!
Underappreciated I believe has a kinda jazz, soul to it.
Everyone knows this song! Beautiful is a song for everyone! I think every person should hear this song to feel and love themselves for who they are!
12.Make Over-
What a Rock song! Once you hear this, you'd know not to try and make Christina over!
13.Cruz- C
Cruz has a lot of nice vocals as well! She sings about basically how she feels since she got her record deal.
Soar is like "The Voice Within" she sings about you having to find your own path that is your own and that you dont have to be afraid to be yourself.
15.Get Mine, Get Yours-
Get Mine, Get Yours, is a song about a one night stand basically! Hey if I man can do it so can a Women!
16.Dirrty (featuring Redman)-
EVERYONE has seen the music video or has heard about it! Everyone has heard the song! It was probably the most talked about songs of 2002. Its about relaseing and having a good time. It was her come back song!
17.Stripped Pt. 2-
Another Stripped intro. Talking about her virginity! And how she isnt a slut and she knows what she wants!
18.The Voice Within-
The Voice within is a song about trusting who you are and not being afraid to let go and be yourself no matter what criticism my come your way.
19.I'm OK-
Im OK is a song Christina wrote about her father and her past. A very sad song. She was crying through it and you can hear it on the record. It was a one tape vocal.
20.Keep On Singin' My Song-
The last song on the album is about her singing her own thing and being herself!

You can relate 2 these songs no matter who you are!

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Created: 07/04/06

True Talent!

What do most people think of when they hear Christina Aguilera? Most people think that she is just another dumb pop singer. Wrong! How can people even COMPARE her to Britney Spears?! This woman has TRUE TALENT! She can belt out tunes like not many others can. She is one of the few women out there with talent! This is a great CD!

1 of 3 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

Created: 07/19/07

Some Great and some ok songs

I'm like most, bought it for the song "Beautiful", but then learned to like pretty much half od the songs on it so far. She sure can sing and will make you think, The 1st revewer hit all the nails on the head with that review of each song.....lol
I recommend getting it and giving the songs you have not heard before a chance. You might be so glad you got it!

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Created: 06/10/06

excellent cd!

i loved every song on this cd, i dont know why i waited so long to get it,this cd has a little of everything, rock, soul, blues, & hip hop, its awsome, but it!

0 of 1 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

Created: 06/05/10

Christina Aguilera-Stripped

The genre is broad with a talent unmatched.Christina's voice communicates the emotion in her songs so very movingly.Her vocal ability is in the top among artists dead or alive.The song writing and musical collaborations on this CD are strong and inspiring.The mix and production is tight.If you enjoy gifted female vocals then there is a song on this project for you.

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