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Star Trek: Voyager - The Complete Sevent...
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Star Tre...
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Star Trek: Voyager - The Complete Seventh Season (DVD, 2004, 7-Disc Set)

Kate Mulgrew, Robert Duncan McNeill | Rating: Not Rated
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NEW Star Trek Voyager Complete 7th Season
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NEW Star Trek Voyager Complete 7th Season
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Star Trek Voyager Season 7 Disc 2 Replacement DVD Disc
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Star Trek Voyager Season 7 Disc 2 Replacement DVD Disc
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Movie synopsis
The third spin-off of the original STAR TREK series, STAR TREK: VOYAGER centers on the Federation starship USS Voyager as its crew bands together with a group of Maquis rebels to return home from the far-flung Delta Quadrant. Starring Kate Mulgrew as the Voyager's captain Kathryn Janeway and Robert Duncan McNeill as the spaceship's pilot Tom Paris, the series' cast is rounded out by Robert Beltran as Maquis commander Chakotay; Tim Russ as Vulcan security officer Tuvok; Garrett Wang as navigator Harry Kim; Robert Picardo as the hologram Doctor; and Roxann Dawson, Ethan Phillips, and Jeri Ryan as alien crew members B.L.T., Neelix, and Seven of Nine respectively. This collection includes all 24 episodes from the series' seventh and final season.

Product Details
  • Edition: 7-Disc Set
  • Number of Discs: 7
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Film Country: USA
  • UPC: 097360509144

Additional Details
Genre:Science-Fiction/Fantasy, Television
Display Format:7-Disc Set

eBay Product ID: EPID44504706
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Created: 11/25/06

The cat fight - Captain Janeway to the rescue

This is the most excellent work I have seen Mrs Columbo do, (Catherine Mulgrew). At first I had to watch a few shows to get to know the crew, Mr. Tuvoc, the Negro Vulcan, Balonna Torak, the Clingon, Chikoy the Indian Engineer, and of Course Seven, the half Borg, half supermodel, not to mention Dr. Zimmerman and of Course the infamous Talaxian, Feelix, or Neelix or something like that.
Anyway, there is a thrill a minute, as Captain Janeway screams across the expanses of space, stuck in a Delta Quadrant in her little ship that's the fastest, Warp 17!!!
She encounters the Borg and even travels back in time to the Next Generation Star Trek. The whole crew of actors should be applauded, and become a credit to the legacy of Mr. Captain James T. Kirk, our most favorite hero.
Star Trek had better make a movie and add to the tradition - brign Voyager back please, let 7of 9 get a real name and become the Admiral, boss of Janeway - the fight between them started a long time ago - Jeri Lynn, please come back - we fans miss you and the gang.

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Created: 01/15/09

A Star Trek Voyager Fan's Dream

I am a Star Trek Voyager fan. I was put in the god-awful position of missing the last season of Star Trek Voyager. Why?? To make a long story short, I missed out on the last season because the cable network channel decided to drop the series. And I missed the seventh season entirely.

When I saw this 7 CD set on E-Bay, I found myself wondering "Is this the last season episodes that I missed??" I did some research on the episodes of the Star Trek Voyager. I found out that I remembered a few episodes from the sixth season, but none from the seventh season.

I decided that I have been without Star Trek Voyager long enough and I bought the CD set. From the moment the opening scene of the first episode came on screen, I felt a sense of peace and enjoyment. It was like walking into a house and realizing "This is my home, my place, my world."

Obviously I will have to dedicate some time each week to watch each episode, probably 1 or 2 with option for a third on weekends. I plan to watch each episode in order. It would be a real spoiler to skip the whole season and watch the season ending episode "End Games".

The 7 CD set came in a very nice pink plastic collection box. There are seven plastic pages, each holding one CD with several episodes each. You can either view the episodes one at a time in chronological order, starting with the first CD. Or you can pick a CD and a episode at random. I would recommend viewing the episodes in order. That way you can pick up on the character developments and happenings that affected the ship's way home and the characters.

I'm givng this an excellent rating. I would be happy to get all seven seasons, but I'm on a limited budget and have very little of my human lifespan left to live. So Live Long, Prosper and Enjoy the seventh season of Star Trek Voyager. LJK.

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Created: 01/15/09

Star Trek Video season 7 Voyager

Buying videos online has always seemed a bit risky to me. Are they really new? Or, if not, are they scratched beyond play ability? Or are they a a video filmed at a movie house with a hand held camera. I have so far had only good fortune with video purchases on E Bay. By reading the sellers feed back and ratings from other buyers I have avoided some possible problems.
This review for Star Trek: Voyager Seventh Season. Completes my family's collection of Star Trek videos. While the Voyager series is not a favorite of many Star Trek fans it has its own worth. Season 3 thru 7 being better than the first two seasons. Better stories and character development, more aliens, space battles and your typical Star Trek fare...more Borg etc. Star Trek fans should include the entire Voyager series in their collections.
Again, I was pleased with the quality of the product as described and as received, from the seller on E Bay

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Created: 12/21/07

Good Star Trek Serials one of the best.

This serials has one of the best story lines. Well written and directed. Several different directors had the opportunity to bring this historical story along, with much drama, fun and development of characters both Star Fleet and Aliens. Each Actor was able to bring there character to life even the hologram. The Doctor story of having a family was very fulling to his character and added to his skills as a doctor. You could almost feel his pain. The opera was a little too much for me latter on.

I was sad to see the Tes character leave after the 3rd series but her character was almost fully explored. Bringing 7of9 on was a stoke of genius. A very strong female character who butted heads with a strong the Captain.

The last series was very well done. I almost did not want it to come to an end but it rounded out very nicely.

All in all a very good series.

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Created: 06/15/09

An Underrated Trek Captain

I decided to buy the last season of Star Trek: Voyager because I had pretty much missed it. Thus, for years I have wondered how Janeway managed to get her crew back home. Now I know. It was in the traditional heroic pattern of sacrificing one's life for one's friends.
I have always liked this series, second only to Star Trek: The Next Generation. (I came in on the franchise in the middle, so to speak; and so James Tiberius Kirk always struck me as somewhat overrated.)
I think Mulgrew is great as Janeway. Students of history soon learn that almost any (male) fool can be a king, but it takes a special force of character to be a successful queen--like England's Elizabeth I. Well, Mulgrew reminds me a bit of Elizabeth I in a Star Trek uniform.

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