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Star Trek: Voyager - The Complete First ...
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Star Trek: Voyager - The Complete First Season (DVD, 2004, 5-Disc Set, Checkpoint)

Kate Mulgrew, Robert Duncan McNeill | Rating: Not Rated
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Movie synopsis
The third spin-off of the original STAR TREK series, STAR TREK: VOYAGER centers on the Federation starship USS Voyager as its crew bands together with a group of Maquis rebels to return home from the far-flung Delta Quadrant. Starring Kate Mulgrew as the Voyager's captain Kathryn Janeway and Robert Duncan McNeill as the spaceship's pilot Tom Paris, the series' cast is rounded out by Robert Beltran as Maquis commander Chakotay, Tim Russ as Vulcan security officer Tuvok, Garrett Wang as navigator Harry Kim, Robert Picardo as the hologram Doctor, and Roxann Dawson, Jennifer Lien, and Ethan Phillips as alien crew members B.L.T., Kes, and Neelix. This collection includes all 15 episodes from the series' debut season.

Product Details
  • Edition: 5-Disc Set; Checkpoint
  • Number of Discs: 5
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Film Country: USA
  • UPC: 097361568324

Additional Details
Genre:Science-Fiction/Fantasy, Television
Display Format:5-Disc Set; Checkpoint

eBay Product ID: EPID30498497
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Created: 01/14/08

Not the worst, as some would have you believe, and real

Contrary to what many Trek nerds would have you believe, Voyager is not the worst Star Trek series, and is not at all a bad show. The acting is superior to that on the beloved The Next Generation (that comment alone will probably have people throwing their Spock ears at their monitors), and I think many of the stories were better. TNG stories always seemed to revolve around spacial anomalies and holodeck malfunctions, which became excruciatingly boring. I wasn't interested in seeing Picard dressed up like Sherlock Holmes and trying to solve a fake mystery, only to be trapped on the holodeck and have the safety mechanisms shut off. As many times as this happened, I would have shut the silly thing down and prohibited its use.

Voyager was so great because it truly put its protagonists into a situation that they could not extricate themselves from. For the first time since the original 1960's series, Star Trek characters truly went where nobody had gone before, discovering new races and acquiring knowledge. And they couldn't call on the federation to save them.

And no doctor has ever been as good in his role as Robert Picardo. That even includes DeForest Kelly, who was exceptional.

Jennifer Lien was also outstanding as Kes, who was very much missed after her departure from the series.

Voyager brought back a lot of the adventure that was inherent in the first Star Trek series, and was lost in TNG. Perhaps it didn't live up to its enormous potential, but it was still a very good series that is, unfortunately, far to often the target of hate by TNG purists and people who like to pick at microscopic details.

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Created: 05/05/07

Easily the best series of all the Treks!

In Voyager, at last, we are given an extraordinary set of circumstances which allow us to both use the Federation ideals and morals and see what happens when context makes them impossible to fully obey.

The ship is 70,000 light years from Federation space (about 50 years) and completely cut off from all of it's known allies and "friendly" space. A female captain and a crew cobbled together by a variety of dispirit events creates tension, humor and pathos. In Voyager, we watch complex situations unfold over time and finally see what it looks like when reality hits the Trek universe. This crew, these people create home and family on the ship, knowing they very well never see their own again. They are forced to find the means to resupply, repair and re-arm Voyager without the benefit of any typically known resources. They make situational truces with their enemies when circumstance makes it expedient and then have to turn around and choose a side when necessity dictates that they "get their hands dirty". All of which flies in the face of the Federation's famous Prime Directives. Life on Voyager gets messy. The solution to problems is rarely cut and dried. Everyone aboard (including the captain) makes questionable choices and demonstrates less-than admirable behavior from time-to-time but they learn and they go on............ Something we can all relate to.

The characters are compelling and likable. The ship has organic, living components (perhaps part of the inspiration for Moya on Farscape?) and the captain has to serve in a variety of roles including, but not limited to, military chief of staff, general in battle, den-mother, matriarch and occasionally even babysitter. Kate Mulgrew is more than up to the task and I shudder to think of what the show might have been (or not) had Genevieve Bujould (sp?) actually stayed in the part.....

In Voyager, life genuinely plays itself out. Good, bad, indifferent it's all there to see. These people aren't the model of selflessness and propriety we usually get in the Trek universe; they are human. With all of the dilemmas, doubts and questionable behavior that comes along with it. Voyager successfully navigates the distance between the "lightness" of the world that is Star Trek and the "darkness" found in Babylon 5. Is it perfect sci-fi?.......................​.......... Of course not. But what is?
.................. Well, maybe Firefly. But that didn't get 7 seasons. Voyager makes the limited run of Firefly and the ending of Stargate SG1 bearable and really, what more can you ask .

Oh, I forgot to add, KICK-ASS bad guys/species and they periodically trash the ship completely (and I mean going so far as to crash it on a planet or blow holes the size of cars in it) all in service of the reality of their surroundings and story-line.

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Created: 01/05/09

a voyage to adventure

Star Trek Voyager is one of my favorite star trek shows. I like all of the star trek shows but this show takes place in a new part of space, with all new races to get to know. A ship and it's crew stranded so far away from home it will take a lifetime to get home. They are all on their own with no help from the powerful federation to fall back on. With a mixed crew from a ship they were sent to capture and bring to justice. It goes back to the roots of the original show where Kirk and crew faced all new challenges every week. And we were invited to see it first hand. If you enjoy sci-fi this will make an excellent addition to your collection.

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Created: 12/11/10

Explores many limits and not just of space

I started watching this in part out of curiosity because a very wonderful priest that I know is a Trekkie and so also is a brilliant and inspiring theological student who has been seconded to our church (Christ Church Deer Park, Toronto).
When I was watching the introductory episode, I had a sinking feeling that maybe it was going to be a rather mechanical space opera, and so I would find it uninteresting.
But, aha, from the second episode onwards, I was hooked. I saw the point and understood why those such my priest and the student found it fscinating, as now do I.
The episodes I have watched, and I'm only about half way through, have explored many puzzles and characteristics of creation, such as the nature of life and death, the malleability of dimensional space, the flexibile illusion that is time, the sanctity of life, the importance of ritual and, of course, the moral implications of The Prime Directive.
So if those matters ever cross your mind, or even if you just like space opera, then you'll enjoy ST:V.
In addition, the acting is generally high quality and sometimes VERY good (Kes). The character development seems slightly cartoonish but not too childishly so. Also, there is plenty of humour (The Doctor) to help us past the weightier philosophical and religious considerations.
The ONLY annoyance is the portrayal of the Captain herself. I'm so glad that Captain Janeway is a woman but I find her acting to be wooden, as if she is finding it an effort. Also, to me, her voice seems to be as if there's too much helium in her atmosphere.
Purists should also note that there is noise in the vacuum of space, that the English language is creation-wide and that breathable, pressurised atmospheres are very common, - but it is worth suspending our disbelief of that for the benefit of enjoying the rest of the content.
When I've finished watching this First Season, I'll certainly be looking to buy the Second Season.

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Created: 04/26/08

Voyager! A really good series

The voyager series is really good. Not as good as Star Trek the Next Generation but it does have interesting characters. The amusing things the holograph doctor does is really funny. I know some people do not like Janeway as the captain but I believe she does a really good job. I just don't think we are used to having a woman in command. She needs attributes that we don't like to see in women. Janeway and Tuvok also bring in the interpersonal relationship of a vulcan and human which is always interesting. Harry Kim is the character that we all would be.

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