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Speed Devils  (Sega Dreamcast, 1999)
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Speed De...Speed De...Speed De...Speed De...
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Speed Devils (Sega Dreamcast, 1999)

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Speed Devils (Sega Dreamcast, 1999) (1999)
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Speed Devils  (Sega Dreamcast, 1999) (1999)
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Speed Devils Online Racing - Dreamcast Disc Only
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Speed Devils Online Racing - Dreamcast Disc Only
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Product description

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Product Information
Speed Devils is a semi-port of the PC game Speed Busters, also by Ubisoft. Instead of a direct port Ubisoft chose to add to Speed Devils and took more of an extreme approach to racing. While racing one of the 11 available hot-rods through the 12 tracks in Speed Devils, players will encounter such obstacles as a T-Rex and a tornado. The three modes of play include: Arcade, Championship, and Multi-Player.

Arcade mode allows players to set up a single race. Only some of the tracks will be available in this mode until the rest are unlocked in Championship mode. Options that can be adjusted in Arcade mode include: weather, time, reverse track, mirror track, time attack, ghost car, nitro, and checkpoints. Every race features three laps and four opponents who will be selected by the computer based on the car you selected. After a race players can watch a replay and check to see if they set a lap or course record.

At the start of Championship mode players will be greeted by Bet-taker who provides a car and garage. Beginning in D class, users will advance to higher classes as they win races and earn Driver Points. Money will also be earned that can be used to purchase new cars and car parts. As players become well known other drivers will challenge them, which can include anything from busting police radar to preventing another racer from finishing in the top three. Winning a challenge can result in the gain of money and notoriety. Other options in Championship mode include gambling and one-on-one races where the winner receives the loser's car. The primary goal of this mode is to eventually defeat the current champion, Driver X.

Multi-Player mode is a split-screen two-player game, which features adjustable options as well as five additional modes of play: Head to Head, a standard race; Defend & Attack, nine rounds where players crash into each other in order to receive a pass signal and then lead their opponenet for at least 16 seconds to win; Distance Lag, players race each other until they are separated by the distance they selected; Time Lag, checkpoints must be reached first to win points; and Special Challenge, the winner is based on the number of categories that they lead after a race.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
GameSpeed Devils
UPC008888260028, 008888260165, 330711303416, 4949244000260

Key Features
PlatformSega Dreamcast

Tech Details
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick, Steering Wheel
Number of Players1-2
Release Year1999
Game Special Features
  • Race across active volcanoes and snow covered mountains in 11 different hot rods

  • Take on 17 diabolical racers and compete against Mother Nature at the same time

  • Bet on races and repair damaged vehicles in three different race modes

  • Select and drive one of 22 sick vehicles including sports cars, trucks, and SUVs

  • Play alone or compete in five-person multiplayer action through the Internet

  • Race online for the chance to win your opponents car and respect from drivers nationwide

  • eBay Product ID: EPID1376

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    Created: 09/28/11

    Speed devils is entertaining, addictive and has some impressive features

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    Speed devils is the kind of race game everyone can have fun playing. It isn't the most realistic race game on the Dreamcast but that's the thing that makes it fun! Whether you're speeding past a giant gorilla trying to pound your car flat with his fists, doing 170 mph in a stock 1950's sedan or dodging molten boulders hoping out of a river of lava, you'll be having a blast.

    The type of music in the game and how it's used is plus. Music and sounds is a very important part of any video game and it can make or break a game. The music used in speed devils isn't obnoxious or over the top. The game has no music prior to game-play, such as in the menu, it's unusual but nice. During game-play the music fits the action and doesn't over shadow the other game sounds so you are able to better focus on what's going on.

    The graphics of this game are good but you won't be surprised it was made in 1999. Textures aren't too sharp and crisp but at the same time they aren't pixelated. The game has some nice features such as the vehicles take physical, repairable damage and the race tracks have interactive props like tornadoes that will toss you in the air if you run into one. Also, don't expect to play the same exact map when you see one loading that you've already played because the game sometimes makes big changes to the tracks.

    This is a great game that's addicting and a joy to play. A great title to own for the Dreamcast.

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    Created: 02/02/10

    speed devils review

    I bought this game because I had it on dreamcast the first christmas that dreamcasts were the hottest system out there. I mostly bought it because my little brother and I loved playing it. It's still a pretty good game. It's pretty crappy compared to todays standards, but that's not why this game is fun. It's corny, and the car crashes absolutely defy the laws of physics. The stages get redundant after a while and it becomes very easy, very quickly. I found a dreamcast at a flea market with tons of games and extras for $15. So I started buying all the games that once brought my brother and I close, and played a role, however small, in the foundation of the friendship we have now. It's one of the better games for the sega dreamcast, and one that I recommend checking out.

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    Created: 02/07/07

    great game

    Great Game because ebays gay i had to buy two the first one was junk and ebay wouldnt do anything about it and i never got my money back and the second one RULES i love this game thats why i bought it twice wich is BULL

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    Created: 08/09/09


    gret racing game wish sega would make a new spped devils with better graphics that would be sweet. But still enjoy this game too.

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    Created: 05/30/11

    Buy this now or you will be sorry!!!

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    Amazing underrated game for the Dreamcast! Lots of fun and also supports the vga box. I have my Dreamcast running through an upscaler at 720p. This game resembles a late ps1 title graphics wise however runs a lot cleaner without any horrible pop op or any of that. A must buy.

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