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Sony PSOne
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Sony PSO...
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Sony PSOne White Console (PAL)

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Sony PSOne White Console (PAL) Toy Story
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Sony PSOne White Console (PAL) Toy Story
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Product description
Product Description
The Sony PSOne SCPH-101 is a stylish video game console that offers you an outstanding gaming experience. This Sony PS1 is powered by a RISC processor that optimizes overall system performance and helps you to play games smoothly. Using the dual shock controller of this video game console, you can control and play the games effortlessly. The graphics memory of 8 Mbits in this Sony PS1 enhances the visuals of your game. The 24-channel stereo sound system in the Sony PSOne SCPH-101 delivers rich and amazing sound effect.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
Product NameSony PSOne
Product LineSony PlayStation

Release Date3/24/2000
Device Input SupportGame pad
Video Color OutputColor

Audio Output SupportStereo

Power & Battery
Power Source TypesPower Adapter - external

Height1.496 in.
Weight1.21 lb
Width7.62 in.
Depth5.75 in.

Technical Details
Processor Quantity1
Ram TechnologySDRAM
Supported MediaCD-ROM
Resolutions640 x 480
Video OutputsComposite Video, RGB, S-Video
Internet ConnectivityWired
Ram Capacity2 MB
Region CodePAL

Memory Capacity1 MB

Input FeaturesVibration
Country RegionEurope

eBay Product ID: EPID110697962

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Customer Reviews

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    Created: 06/11/10

    Sony Psone mini

    I'm writing about the Sony Playstation Mini model called the PSONE. It is a slender, more compact version of the original gray brick playstation. Over all I have to say that this is one my favorite systems for a few reasons:

    First is obviously the design and aesthetics of the system. It's sleeker, more stylish, and definitely compact. They decided to remove a useless back port, and they made the power supply external that is plugged into the wall. It saves space and I prefer it.

    Next is the catalog of games. I love the playstation games. There are so many to choose from. The final fantasies, the fighters, resident evil, crash, spyro, twisted metal, the playstation had a great catalog, and even though it doesn't look as pretty as the latest games do, they are more fun, and in my opinion, being able to play a game and have fun with it, and not care so much about how it looks is simply better.

    Next the price. Games extremely cheap these days, and the system itself, I just picked one up in mint condition for 10.00. That price plus a great catalog makes it priceless.

    Lastly, my personal favorite reason, is that you can buy an official or non official lcd screen that attaches to your psone, so you can play games on the go without hooking it up.

    Overall this system is fantastic. It looks better and plays better than the original model. And personally, I love more retro games, and if you get a psone you will surely have a blast.

    5 of 5 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Created: 09/28/09

    Very good gaming console.

    This is a very good gaming console. It is much smaller, uses less energy, more portable, reliable, and also supports additional features, like using a PSone LCD screen, which also cuts down on energy costs, because the PSone LCD monitor uses less energy than any other LCD or TV screen, because it is small.

    The PSone mini model is also very light, and convenient for storage, and safe keeping. The CD-ROM drive on the PSone mini model tends to brake much less than on the original big PlayStation model, which if used too many times, would either fail (due to dirty lens), or not work (due to CD-ROM gears problems, etc).

    Cons: The mini PSone model of PlayStation is more fragile than the original PlayStation 1 model, but due to it's size, if you handle it propertly, it "will" last much longer. Also, they are not too many games out there, and the game console is not as fast as some other game consoles out there on the market, such as Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, etc...

    In conclusion: The PSone mini model is a good game console, but sometimes you can get bored from it, because it is a mini scaled down PlayStation model.

    If you want to get a cheap game console, with many games for cheaper prices than Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, Sega Dreamcast, or any other game system, then this is the game console for you. If you buy this game console in the future, I would also recommend getting a memory card to save your games.

    It will last much longer than the original large PlayStation model, and will also be very convenient for storage, and very fun to play, since it uses less energy because of a hook up AC adapter.

    3 of 3 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Created: 08/11/06

    Sometimes difficult.

    One of the things I dislike about the Playstation 1 and even the playstation 2 for that matter is that if you have any other systems at home it is very difficult to adjust to the controllers. Because both the Xbox and Gamecube have the same controller layout. Also the graphics by todays standards are below par and the system can be slowed down severely by long loading times. I only bought this system because of one game which ended up being a very foolish waste of time and my money. If you were considering buying this ssystem I would recommend that you save your money and buy a new or used Xbox or Gamecube off Ebay, because even though the price may be a little higher the quality and power is also much higher.

    2 of 14 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Feature ratings

    • Ease of use
    • Game selection
    • Value for money
    Created: 10/10/11

    Device is simple and compact; it's met all my expectations and then some.

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    I recently picked up a PSOne for between 30 and 40 bucks--a very reasonable price considering it fits my needs perfectly. I have several PlayStation 1 games, and I intend to get more, and I also have a PlayStation 2 console. While I can play the PS 1 games on the PS 2 console, saving game progress on the PS 2 is often an exasperating experience. This is not a problem with the PSOne, and I can get memory cards for the PSOne at a very reasonable price.

    The design of the PSOne is very simple: 2 slots for game controllers, 2 slots for memory cards, a power cord connection, and a connection to the TV...that's it. This makes the system very compact. If I pack any of my other game consoles (I have 3 Nintendo systems) in a suitcase, I have to leave something behind...they're that bulky. Not so the PSOne. I can easily slip it into a nook or cranny in my suitcase; I needn't leave anything behind. As I tend to travel light, I find this a very important feature.

    Finally, as an added bonus, I can play music CDs on the PSOne. Now granted, the interface for this is rather cheesy; still, I have three rather bulky Nintendo systems, and none of them can play CDs. A nod to the PSOne for this feature.

    I would definitely purchase this product again and, in fact, may pick up a couple more for backup. All in all, I would rate this as a superior product.

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    Feature ratings

    • Ease of use
    • Game selection
    • Value for money
    Created: 05/25/06

    Awesome Game System

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    I bought a PSONE mini on ebay. It was used, but only used less than 10 times. It plays and looks brand new. The graphics are amazing too. I highly recommend buying a PSONE mini. The PSONE mini is really tiny too so you can save on space. I cannot believe how tiny it is. It is basically the same size as the controller. Even though this system is an older one, get one. I like the older ones better than the newer ones. The system I bought came with the original box, all the things you need, and plus a game called Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. It is a great game. The game has been used too, but it works like brand new. No skipping, does not take long to load up or anything like that. There are great games for PSONE. If you need games, get them at gamestop, ebgames, or any other store that sells games. You also can buy them off of ebay too. They are usually less than $10.00 Hope this is helpful.

    21 of 30 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

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