Sony CDP-CX300 CD Changer
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Product description
Enjoy long hours of music with the Sony CDP-CX300 which is a 300 disc CD changer. You can link another CD system with this Sony CD Changer and Sony's Megastore capability allows you to remotely access all 600 CD's. The custom file memory feature in this Sony 300 disc CD changer can display and remember a name for each CD along with giving you the option to play the CD the way you like it. If you do not like a track from a certain CD, you can use the delete button in this Sony CD changer and it will not play that specific track. This Sony 300 disc CD changer also has a keyboard for you to enter text. The Sony CDP-CX300 has an internal storage capacity to store 300 CD's.

Product Identifiers

Key Features
TypeCD Changer
Number Of Discs300
OutputsAnalog Audio
Playable Disk TypesCD
Playable File FormatsWAV

eBay Product ID: EPID66757425

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Created: 03/06/10

Sony CDP-CX300

Have owned one of these for many years and filled it. This will be connected to my existing deck via a small cord. Can program both units from one deck, play one song into the next,and fade. Keyboard input allows easy memory memo for each disc (13 charactors only tho!). Digtal optical outputs. No headphone jack. Great product, lasted for me.

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Created: 03/08/09

sony cdp-cx300 mega cd changer

I wanted a cd player that could hold all of my cd's, and either a 300 or 400 cd player would fit the bill. I purchased the 300 disc because it was large enough for my needs and the price was much more reasonable than the 400 disc. I was impressed with the ease of use and how quickly it would find and play the cd you select. Some other cd changers can take an agonizing amount of time to find and play a cd. This player operates very smoothly and quietly and also has a convenient keyboard os/2 port on the fron of the cd player to make typing in cd names a breeze. Overall this is a great cd changer and you would not be disappointed with it's operation.

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Created: 05/03/15

If you love gadgets this is one of the best and it works as advertised.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I own 4 of these machines - 2 CDP-CX300, 1 CDP-CX350 and 1 CDP-CX450 which gives me a total CD capacity of 1300. All needed repair when purchased and the problem was the same - bad drive belts. A new pair of belts costs about 10 bucks and requires about an hour to install. The last broken changer cost just over $25 including shipping on eBay. (Bad belts again!). Other than the belts the units seem bullet proof. A great and cheap way to store and play all those CDs that are now going out of style! So if you have a bunch of CDs and are tried of choosing one to put on a player try a 300 or 400 CD changer.

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Created: 04/07/10

Sony is the bomb.

This product is great and i would def. suggest it to anyone who ask me about it i am so happy with this cd changer, now i have a place for everyone of my cds and it can do so much more i love it.

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Created: 03/02/10

CD Jukebox from Sony

I gave this jukebox an "average" rating because I was feeling generous. It skips while it plays and needs parts such as a keyboard to enter song/album titles; the keyboard is not part of the original product or packaging. This item will make someone change their mind about Sony quality. I own all sorts of Sony products and this is, hands down, the worst. Sony "technicians" suggested I repair it myself by "unplugging" it to allow it to reset. Free advice: Don't buy one.

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