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Shelter (DVD)
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Shelter ...
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Movie synopsis
Shelter is a movie that follows a recent high school graduate through the most pivotal summer of his life. The DVD contains a romance story between two young men and the emotion that is found in the building of such a relationship. Shelter stars Brad Rowe, Tina Holmes, Mat Bushell, Ross Thomas, and Trevor Wright in an artfully directed film by the first time director Jonah Markowitz. Zach, the main character, spends his first summer after graduation helping his sister to care for her handicapped son while simultaneously working a mundane day job. In order to escape the humdrum nature of his existence, Zach surfs, sketches, and hangs out with his best friend. The romance of the movie develops when the older brother of Zach's best friend comes back home. The two connect through various adventures and conversations. The movie in this DVD truly shines through its cinematic quality and the talent level of the first time director. Shelter is a stunning movie designed for fans of romance and drama and is artfully directed in its production.

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  • Rating: R (MPAA)
  • UPC: 858423001353

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Created: 05/13/08

Sweet and Sexy,

I have seen few films get as much advance talk and praise as "Shelter" (Regent Releasing). It is a gentle tale about surfer boys who fall in love and live "happily ever after". It is sweet and sexy and elegantly pure.
Zach (Trevor Wright) puts his art school ambitions on hold so that he can take care of his nephew, Cody, because his sister Jeanne (Tina Holmes) wants to be free to see a variety of men. Zach spends his time working in a diner, riding the waves and taking care of Cody. His good buddy, Gabe, tells him that his big brother, Shaun (Brad Rowe), has come home from Los Angeles and even though it is no secret that Shaun is gay. No one knows that Zach has a secret crush on him. Shaun is an author and Zach has read his books and has yearned for him. Shaun and Zach do develop a friendship that becomes intimate and Shaun convinces Zach to take control of his life and ownership of his artwork. Shaun also manages to bond with Cody and it has a positive effect on the boy. But all is not idyllic. As time passes new issues come along and Zach is forced to struggle with his identity as his family tries to understand how Zach has changed since Shaun entered his life. When the news of the gay relationship gets out, Jeanne threatens to take Cody away and since Zach wants the best for the boy, he is forced to make a decision between putting others' desires first or fighting for what he feels is really important and right for both his and Cody's future.
Here is a gay movie without any of the clich├ęs of gay life. There are no drag queens, no hustlers and no drugs. Instead we have an outstanding script, fine performances and beautiful cinematography. It is due to premiere this month and then be available on DVD in late May. Written and directed by Joseph Markowitz, here is a movie that we can all be proud of. Full of tender gay moments, "Shelter" speaks to us and about us in a way few films have been able to do.

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Created: 10/01/10


I saw this movie on television a year ago and was very impressed with the script, the soundtrack, the production quality and the performances of the actors. It was a winner at several Film Festivals (as the cover of the DVD can attest).
The film is set in San Pedro, CA and has some great surfing scenes. The genre of the film can be considered GLBT and there is some sexual content (no nudity). I think the film shows a truthful and poignant depiction of class and the sometimes hidden obligations that come with family.
The DVD has only a few special features, including commentary, a music video and a short featurette. There are a large amount of previews before you reach the title menu, so be aware of that. I recommend this DVD to anyone who enjoys G&L films and is in the mood for drama/romance. As per the cover - "a perfect date movie."

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Created: 03/24/10

If you get a chance, buy/watch this movie!!

I was completely in awe of the movie and how it portrayed a coming out/coming of age story. Wright and Rowe did an amazing job making their characters stories believable and heartfelt, as well as, doing the initmate scenes. This is a one of a kind movie because there is no "explicit" love scene(s), which was a bold move for the director/writer/producer. I highly recommend this movie to anyone interested in coming of age movies/storylines, it is simply amazing!!

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Created: 09/05/09

Great Movie About Becoming Your Own Person!

This is about an older gay man who is out and a younger gay man who is not sure and they fall in love, but because of family problems they younger man has, he feels the two of them can't be together. I'm a married woman, but I find that some of the best romantic and best telling stories are based on gay relationships. A very touching movie. Give it a try!

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Created: 03/07/09


Im in love with this movie. This is one of the greatest lgbt movies ive ever seen. it tells the story about an up and coming artist that discoveres hes gay and in love with his best friends brother. it goes through the adventure of having to hide his feelings and the way everyone around him begings to look at him. the way tina plays his sister is great. shes a drunk who tries to find happiness with different men and leaves her son in the care of zack (the main character). i would recommend this to anyone and everyone (who knows im out lol). its a great love story of what people have to go through to be with the one they love. the soundtrack is also great and the whole cd is on my favorites list. when you see this movie, you will fall in love with it and will watch it over and over.

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