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Samsung SGH-I917
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Samsung Focus SGH-I917 - 8GB - Black (AT&T) Smartphone

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99.4% positive feedback
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Samsung Focus SGH-I917 - 8GB (AT&T) Windows 7 Smartphone - Black
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Long Island City, NY, USA
Samsung Focus SGH-I917 - 8GB (AT&T) Windows 7 Smartphone - Black
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Samsung SGH i917 Focus Windows Phone Black 5mp camera 8gb AT&T Smartphone
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Elmhurst, NY, USA
Samsung SGH i917 Focus Windows Phone Black 5mp camera 8gb AT&T Smartphone
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Samsung Focus I917 Black (AT&T) Cell Phone - Grade C
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99.4% positive feedback
Fort Worth, TX, USA
Samsung Focus I917 Black (AT&T) Cell Phone - Grade C
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Product description
  • 4.0" touchscreen with super AMOLED display
  • Windows phone with downloadable apps via Marketplace
  • Social networking integration
  • 5MP camera & camcorder
Product Information
Get the ultra sleek Samsung Focus SGH i917 phone and give your friends another reason to look up to you. The 4-inch extra thin Super-Amoled screen of this Samsung smartphone displays movies and images in awesome clarity and richness. Typing as well as navigation is made easier with the large touchscreen of this AT&T phone. The WiFi enabled Samsung Focus SGH i917 gives you easy access to online content and helps you download it faster. Capture your precious moments in razor sharp detail with the 5MP camera, featuring auto focus and flash, of this Samsung smartphone. Talk till you drop dead if you wish to with this 1500mAh lithium ion battery-powered AT&T phone, giving you a whopping talk time of 390 minutes.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
Family LineSamsung Focus

Key Features
Storage Capacity8 GB
Network Generation3G
Network TechnologyGSM / WCDMA (UMTS)
BandWCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900
Camera5.0 MP

Supported Flash Memory CardsMicroSDHC

Battery TypeLithium Ion
Battery Capacity1500 mAh
Battery Talk TimeUp to 390 min
Battery Standby TimeUp to 300 hr

Display TechnologyOLED display
Diagonal Screen Size4 in.
Display Resolution800 x 480 pixels

Other Features
Touch ScreenYes
Digital CameraYes
QWERTY Physical KeyboardNo
Email AccessYes
Internet BrowserYes

Height4.84 in.
Depth0.39 in.
Width2.56 in.
Weight4.2 oz

eBay Product ID: EPID100046848

Reviews & Research

CNET Editors' reviewExcellent


    The Samsung Focus features a brilliant 4-inch Super AMOLED touch screen. The smartphone has good quality, and the camera takes excellent photos and video. Windows Phone 7 brings a fresh and friendly user interface, great multimedia capabilities, and an improved browser.


    No copy and paste yet. Limited support for landscape mode. Xbox Live games slow to load. The phone feels a bit plasticky. No direct syncing for non-Exchange Outlook accounts; must go through the cloud.


    Anyone looking for an alternative to the iPhone, but who wants better multimedia features and a more organized user interface than Android offers, should look at the Samsung Focus with Windows Phone 7, which has all that plus solid performance and a sleek design.

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Created: 04/25/11

In summary, the phone is different from you are used to... I like that!!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The Focus is a nice phone. That’s strange coming from me because I have always been a huge fan of the windows mobile devices. I had a HP iPaq PDA and I still own my HTC 8125 and AudioVox SMT5600 with very old versions of Windows Mobile on them. I was also the previous owner of the LG CT810. (the worst device in the history of mobile devices). I only say that to let you know that I’m an avid fan on Microsoft devices and I’m not new to the fan club. Having said that, the functionality that made you a fan of Microsoft mobile has been taken away. The ability to load, download, hack and customize your device is what made these devices so much fun. All that fun has been taken away from the average user and left into the hands of the “professional hacker.” Sure there were risks involved but there was no greater sense of accomplishment when you did it right. Also, the inability to download data from desktop MS Outlook is a pain in the rear-end. I think Bill Gates and his lieutenants missed the boat on that one. One more thing that bothers me, although I can send pictures and forward any MMS text I get from someone else, I’m not able to create a MMS with video or audio… yet. Not sure if it’s me or the device. I’ll get back to you. That’s the bad news
The good news: It’s not an iPhone AND it’s not a wanna-be Android. Don’t get me wrong, both phones are nice and I enjoy my iPod Touch, the fact is that most phones are the same. Most applications for 1 can be downloaded to the other. There really isn’t that much that separates them from each other. I am bombarded with co-workers with the new iPhone 4 (someone actually purchased the 3GS just this March) and a host of friends with Androids and they all do the same things with their phones. The best thing about my phone is that my phone is constantly syncing to my hotmail account without me having to do anything. Once I establish the link, I’m done. The trade off to not syncing to Outlook is the ability to sync with hotmail. My calendar (holidays, birthdays, work and personal) and my contacts are constantly being synced. Every time I make a change on my phone, its gets backed up on my hotmail account. My hotmail account can be linked to Zune for any music, application AND Xbox games.
In summary, it’s different. If I wasn’t stuck on the old Windows functionality I would be much happier but I am having a hard time letting that go. Other than that, I’m glad I have a phone that is unlike what everybody else has. My entire experience with my phone is unique and that is what I was looking for.

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Created: 12/26/10

A fresh new look.....

I really love this phone, got it when it came out. The Windows Phone 7 metro user interface is really a fresh new look at the mobile competition compared to Android and iOS. Live tiles feature some really nice animations and interaction with the phone feels more fluid compared to Android, it's like iOS. When you go back to an Android from WP7 you'll see what I'm talking about (that feeling that there's that millisecond lag between your finger and the response). The Peoples (contacts) app is really nice and has deep integration with Facebook which is a plus. The Music+Videos app is one of the best media players I've seen around, and you can use your Zune Pass so you can listen to any song in the Marketplace. It also has Office apps so you can create a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet on the go. Another thing is, Microsoft is really working hard at luring developers to develop apps for the platform, with over 15,000 developers and around 4000 apps on board already that's not a bad start.

Still despite all the compliments I've given some things the operating system still falls short of in comparison to Android and iOS. For one there's no multi-tasking which is very important, it gets annoying having to launch the app again. Another thing is there is no copy-and-paste support which is not a biggie for me but for some people I can imagine it's a huge part of their mobile life. However Microsoft has stated those features will be implemented on an update later on.

The Samsung Focus device itself is pretty much the best Windows Phone device in the US in my opinion, mainly because of the AMOLED screen. I never though it'd make that huge of a difference but it does. Comparing the HTC Surround and HTC HD7 to the Focus, I found the Focus's display looked way crisper and colorful despite having the same resolution. One thing about the Focus though, is that it's made of plastic, makes it feel cheap, but along with that, it's also the slimmest Windows Phone which is a huge plus. It feels a lot better to hold this than the HD7 despite both having a 4-inch display cause it just feels better to hold when it's slimmer. Oh and it supports microSD cards unlike the HTC devices so you can upgrade your storage.

All in all, this is a really good phone, but until that update comes, there is still one better option to pick over this, the iPhone 4 cause it's an established platform with more features than Windows Phone 7.

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Created: 03/05/11

Nice, but incomplete

I like the phone. The display is pretty crisp except in landscape mode, there is a slight blur. Don’t know if it was just me, but the touch screen is sometimes not too responsive, there is a slight delay. I’m coming from WM6.5 and there are a lot of features missing that I like. There is no speed dial, you have to place your contacts as tiles on the home screen. While using IE in landscape mode you can’t enter a website URL, you have to go back to portrait mode. Touch screen keyboard is improved over wm6.5 but still too cramped for my fingers. Pressing the phone icon does not take you into a dial pad, you’re in your call history, you have to select the dialer by pressing its icon. My biggest complaint, THERE IS NO CUSTOM RINGTONES, ALERTS. Your stuck with the original annoying AT&T ringtone because simply every other ringer is garbage. Download is also slow, even in wifi mode. Takes a while to download apps or even search for them. Another annoyance, Microsoft MyPhone for wm6.5 does not work with this OS. Had to enter all numbers from sim card, which did not transfer all the data I had, so had to enter all missing data manually.

Windows promotes their OS as something you can customize to “you” but they left the best features out. There are probably some of these things I could do if I really looked but your options for customizing is limited.

Great LCD
Way more responsive than wm6.5
No freezing
Large screen
Camera is decent
Xbox Live
IE w/ tabs
Real apps
Sound quality

Landscape mode
No file explorer
Feels a bit cheap
Internet speeds is slow
Microsoft MyPhone does not work with it
Needs deeper customization
No custom ringtones or alerts

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Created: 12/26/10

Hoping for better updates

I have had this phone since the 24th of December, 2010. So far I really like it. I do have some complaints though. There is no way to add personalized ring tones, or any ringtones for that matter. There is a rumor that an update will be coming in January to fix this, as well as add copy and paste. Also, you can only change the color of the home screen tiles. You can not change the size or layout - which is kind of boring as is. The backgrounds are only utilized on the locked screen. I find that somewhat silly since you see that screen for about half a second while you unlock it for use.

The touch screen is awesome! So smooth and usually quick to respond. Colors are great at nearly every angel. Netflix is pretty cool to watch and is pretty clear without halting most of the time.

Battery life is not so great, but then again I use my phone pretty heavy throughout the day. I find the swiping tiles therapeutic. LOL!

The "Now" app stinks. I would have used it mostly for the weather but it only has one city in my state - which is an hour and 45 minutes away. Not to mention it was like pulling teeth to find it. You have to manually swipe through every city in the world that is included in its database. I tried the search feature and the only city that I searched for that it found was New York. I even searched for Charelston, WV - the city in my state that it actually has - and the app still did not find it.

The people app is ok. Its kind of neat to see the live tile randomly display my friends pictures- but I actually find the regular face book app easier to use and more functional for myself.

I'm still scared to try out the micro SD card that I have. The SD cards must be windows certified or they will cause your phone to flip out.

Also, there is no speed dial and so far I haven't figured out how to synce my calendar with my gmail account.

Over all, I really like this phone and am looking forward to some positive updates from windows.

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Created: 04/25/11

Top 3 for a social networking phone

I have a long history with smarthpones, from an early Kyocera running Palm 3, to the Motorola Q, the HTC Touch Pro, and the iPhone 3GS. My two earlier WinMo phones were buggy, crashed a lot, and were hard to work with, but have an enormous amount of customization available.

When my iPhone bit the dust after a long 2 yr love affair, I bought the Focus to try the new Windows Phone 7 OS. Coming directly out of an Apple, it wasnt what I was expecting. The phone is incredibly stable, the battery life is the best I've ever owned, and the antenna is all I need. The screen is absolutely fantastic. It is clear and vivid, and tough as nails. I haven't put a protector on it, and it rides around in my pocket with my keys, and not even a scratch on it.

The back cover is definitely the weakest part of the design, as it feels flimsy and easy to pop off. This only happens when you drop the phone.

The 3.5 mm jack and the USB charging port on top are well place and easy to use. The mic, however is very narrowly focused, and moving the phone away from the cheek for any reason results in complaints from the other end of the call.

My favorite hardware feature, coming again directly from the iPhone, has to be the camera button, which makes taking pictures easy. And the camera on this is absolutely a killer, taking some of the best pictures.

The integration with FB, email, calenders, XBOX live, and so much more is incredible. You can chat online with IM, control FB, sell on ebay and CL, and on and on. The office built in is fabulous and syncs well with the PC, however I don't see this phone as a major contender in the the business class.

Finally, the built-in FM radio is nice, but I normally listen to the radio while in my car, so that is a nice, but definitely not necessary feature.

Overall, this is an awesome social networking smartphone, with some great features built in and a good value for your dollar.

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