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Samsung Omnia SCH-I910
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Samsung Omnia SCH-I910 - Black (Verizon) Smartphone

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Samsung Omnia SCH-I910 - Black (Verizon) Smartphone Bundle 011206mmoe
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Samsung Omnia SCH-I910 - Black (Verizon) Smartphone Bundle 011206mmoe
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Samsung Omnia i910 Verizon SmartPhones POWERS ON Parts & Repair
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Samsung Omnia i910 Verizon SmartPhones POWERS ON Parts & Repair
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Product description

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Product Information
Make a style statement with the vibrant touchscreen of the Samsung I910 Omnia II smartphone. This Samsung cell phone is a 3G-ready phone powered with a Samsung 800 MHz processor, dedicated GPU, and 256 MB RAM running Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system. This Samsung cell phone offers DNSe (Digital Natural Sound Engine) enhanced playback through its 3.5-mm audio jack. This Samsung mobile phone has an 8 GB internal storage memory that is upgradeable up to 32 GB using microSD cards. You can shoot 720p videos using the built-in 5.0-megapixel camera with AutoFocus, dual-LED flash. This Samsung mobile phone’s 3.7-inch, 480 x 800-pixels resolution, AMOLED display is a resistive touch display screen making for user-friendly operation. The Samsung I910 Omnia II smartphone has built-in Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP support. Samsung I910 Omnia II smart phone is sure to add to your style.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
Family LineSamsung Omnia

Key Features
Network TechnologyCDMA
BandCDMA 850/1900
Camera5.0 MP

Display TechnologyLCD display

Other Features
Touch ScreenYes
Digital CameraYes
QWERTY Physical KeyboardNo
Email AccessYes
Internet BrowserYes

eBay Product ID: EPID102598538

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Created: 10/14/10

SCH i910 Omnia with Pageplus

Fast little device, had the SCH I730 before and although I like the 730 the 910 is so much better. They can be had from auctions at great prices and since they are a Verizon phone they can be used on the Pageplus pay as you go service.

The Wifi works alot better than the 730, the 730 has limitations to older hardware and standards. Opera Mobile works great on this phone, probably the best mobile browser for it, I hope Firefox gets a working mobile browser for WM.

The screen is alot better, the touch interface is fine enough, with some training its pretty finger friendly.

The built in accelerometer works well and the screen rotates quickly.

At times I miss the slide out keyboard on the 730, but I assigned one of the buttons long press to bring up the on screen keyboard.

I do not use the Touch Wiz interface that it comes with stock but it seemed to work well when I first got the phone, instead I use the SPB Mobile shell with it and it really brings this phone to life, search youtube for demos.

The 5.0 megapixel camera is one of the highlights of this phone, it will not replace my 10 megapixel Samsung standalone digital camera, but it is feature rich. Auto focus, macro, and face detection. 14 different scn modes, 5 different shooting modes including smile detection and panoramic, very cool. 6 picture size choices from 320X240 all the way up to 2560X1920. Video mode from 176X144, 320X240, up to 640X480, not Hi Def but OK.

This phone has GPS built in and the latest Verizon update is supposed to unlock it from Verizons VZ Navigator and allow it to work with other programs, so far I have not been able to get it to track satellites in google maps but I haven't tried too hard yet. If I can get to act as a GPS Nav with a program like Garmin that will be one less device to carry around. Google maps works great with it but I haven't been able to get the voice activated search to work with it, the SCH-I730 did.

The size of the phone is nice, of course the screen is not as nice as the newer phones but they need expensive plans, I can get a pay as a go plan as low as $10.00 for 120 days of service.

Uses a proprietary connector for both syncing and head phones instead of a mini usb or 2.5mm jack, synching not a big issue but a non standard head phone jack is a pain.

Battery life is good as a phone, but if you use wifi or bluetooth or watch video battery life drains fast, but a larger battery means a larger phone. Pick up a couple and a standalone charger and your set.

SCH-I910 has the Micro SDHC card slot that can only be accessed if the battery is taken out, kinda sucks but what can ya do.

8 gigs of built in internal storage with 16 gigs capable with a Micro SDHC, might not seem like a lot but I have put alot of programs on it and have tons of room. BTW there seems to be alot of nice apps/programs for it, not as many as or as cool as some of the ones for IPhones or Droids but still alot.

If I can get the GPS to work like I want it I can combine 3 devices with this one, Phone, GPS Nav and Camera, and I freakin love that.

Update 11/17/2010
Have been able to get Garmin Mobile XT up and running and it works great with this phone , I love it.

Get the latest verizon update(it unlocked the GPS feature), Turn on "location" in phones settings under GPS, use a GPS toggle program like BAF GPS toggle otherwise it will not find sats. Install Garmin Mobile XT.

I also have Smartphone tracker installed that will locate it via sms if its lost, lol.

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Created: 02/08/11

Good smart phone with greate camera

I bought the CDMA phone samsung omnia i910 one month ago and was immediately impressed with the number of features available on this inexpensive phone. It has a 5M-pixel camera (good quality), WIFI, Bluetooth, big memory capacity inside (8 GB), Windows Mobile OS.

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Created: 01/01/11

Samsung Omnia is a nightmare smartphone.

This phone was marketed by Verizon as the "iPhone killer". I got it for free from Verizon with free shipping after waiting about 4 months to renew my contract. They kept sending me emails dropping the price until they sent it to me for free.

It runs on Windows and frequently freezes. The touch screen is so unpredictable. It never picks up the link that you want, it's always the link above or below or to the side of the link you actually want. This screen is also a nightmare to try to type on. Don't bother to try to text on it. It pulls up crazy words and misspellings while you type. There is also limits on the number of links you can open in an unspecified time period.

The camera is a decent 5.0 megapixel and the photos are good, not great. I went to a Verizon store, asked them questions about the phone and they laughed at me. They told me they really got me with that phone. Even though I received it for free with free shipping, I still fill ripped off. Avoid this phone at all costs.

I will be upgrading to the Droid and maybe to the iPhone if (when) Verizon gets it.

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Created: 10/13/10

Very disappointing smartphone

The Samsung Omnia i910 was well-reviewed when I first bought it last year. It was my first smartphone, and I looked forward to having advanced features like Outlook syncing and GPS. But I found a number of problems including:

- I don't like having a touchscreen-only phone. Ergonomically it is distracting to have to always look at the screen to dial.
- The GPS receiver is very poor. It rarely even picks up a signal, even in open space outdoors, so any mapping function like the Google Map app is much less useful.
- The cell reception is not as sensitive as my previous Motorola RAZRs.
- The touchscreen failed completely after 14 months, rendering the unit useless.
- Windows Mobile 6.5 is fiddly and unintuitive. Certain functions like the Media Player are unreliable.

What I like:
- Nice compact size and bright screen
- Battery life is adequate
- Configurable main menu

This is somewhat pointless since the Omnia I is out of production for some time.

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Created: 03/05/11

Nice Phone, Windows Mobile OS is Bad

The Omnia i910 is my first smartphone. I activiated it on Page Plus TNT 1200 plan without a problem. The phone works better if you upgrade the the ROM to DF 14 and upgrade to a more recent version of .net

The biggest problem with the phone is the OS. Windows mobile is simply put BAD. Many menus are hard to navigate with your fingers and the overall look is not very good. I would consider a different phone just becasue of windowns mobile.

There aew some plused to windows mobile and one is the the level of customization that can be done. If with a little work and knowledge, there are many videos on youtube on how to upgrade and change your Omnia i910

I grade this phone as Good, but for an average user how wants the phone to work well out of the box, i would recommend a different phone and OS

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