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Samsung Google Nexus S GT-I9020T
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Samsung Google Nexus S GT-I9020T - 16GB - Black (Sprint) Smartphone

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Samsung Nexus S - Great Condtion - Works Perfect - Clean ESN - Android (29D6)
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Samsung Nexus S - Great Condtion -  Works Perfect - Clean ESN - Android (29D6)
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Product description

Product Images

Manufacturer ImageManufacturer ImageManufacturer Image
Manufacturer ImageManufacturer Image
Product Information
Equip yourself for the fast-paced world with the Samsung Nexus S 4G that combines 1 GHz processor with a 16 GB internal memory to give you a lightening fast operation. Thanks to the Android OS (Gingerbread), this Samsung smartphone gives you access to numerous apps and lets you switch between them effortlessly. This Android phone features an excellent 4-inch contour display to let you enjoy a vivid and clear view. You get to capture all your cherished moments with this Samsung smartphone that has a rear-facing 5 MP camera and a front-facing VGA camera. What’s more, this Android phone also lets you view your videos, pictures and games with minimal glare. The Samsung Nexus S 4G also reads information from "smart" tags, or objects that have NFC chips in them.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
Family LineSamsung Google Nexus S

Key Features
Storage Capacity16 GB
Network Generation3G
BandGSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband) HSDPA 900/1700/2100
Camera5.0 MP

Supported Flash Memory CardsBuilt-In Memory

Battery TypeRechargeable Li-Ion Battery
Battery Capacity1500 mAh

Display TechnologyLCD display
Diagonal Screen Size4 in.
Display Resolution480 x 800

Other Features
Touch ScreenYes
Digital CameraYes
QWERTY Physical KeyboardNo
Email AccessYes
Internet BrowserYes

Height4.87 in.
Depth0.42 in.
Width2.48 in.
Weight4.5 oz

Release Date2010
Antenna TypeIntegrated

eBay Product ID: EPID102685330

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Feature ratings

  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Battery life
  • Value for money

Feature ratings

  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 08/30/11

Excellent phone, sensitive touchscreen, apps load fast, poor battery life.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
Review For: Samsung Google Nexus S GT-I9020T - 16GB - Black (Sprint) Smartphone

I started with a Blackberry Curve, moved on to the Palm Pre and now I bought this phone. It is hands down the best phone I've ever owned. The touchscreen is very sensitive, the phone is lightweight and slim, the screen is super bright and very colorful. I will be making a lot of comparisons to the Palm Pre, as that was the first touchscreen phone I had before this one.

It takes great pictures (with a flash or without), the front-facing camera and videos are a plus for me. Taking pictures on the Palm was very difficult. The camera was on the back and the button was on the front of the touch screen.

Texting is easier on this one with auto text, it was different than the autotext features I've used in the past. You can select the word, or keep typing as you were. It doesn't finish the word, forcing a backspace to correct and change it. The dictionary has a LOT of words, proper names and even those #$%& words that I use frequently. The suggested words come up in a space above your text message, so there's several to choose and it seems to "read" my mind when I typo horribly at times.

The number of free apps available on Android is crazy - the Palm was missing out on those. The keyboard works with the phone vertically or horizontally, depending if you have big or small thumbs :) The lag time on the Palm for the phone to "flip" from horizontal to vertical was noticeable and annoying. This one responds immediately.

I don't personally use my phone for MP3s as I use Pandora (a free app available on Android Market). The Pandora app works well without interruption, as opposed to the Palm which seemed to experience a lot of freezing and/or lagging.

Right now, the only thing I don't like is that it came with no type of carrying case and the battery life sucks. I've gotten used to having my phone on the charger constantly as the Palm Pre was horrible on battery life as well. I found that my old Palm chargers work with this phone, so I now have one for the car, one at work, one at home and all of them work with the USB plug to charge on the computer. If you have a standard micro USB charger, it will work with this phone perfectly. It comes with a wall charger in the box, but with the battery life (or lack thereof) you'll need either a battery backup, or a couple chargers.

The phone is fast, responds immediately when an app is opened and so far I haven't had it freeze up on me. Loading my contacts was easy with a Gmail account. Login to Gmail, sync account and voila. It took a few seconds and all of my contacts with phone numbers/email addresses were loaded. I also use it with 2 Hotmail accounts. On the Palm, I continually had errors for incorrect password (it was stored in the phone and it was correct) or SSL certificate errors, etc. randomly through the day. I haven't had a single issue with this phone and email synching.

I'm sure there are 100 other reasons to love this phone, but I'm extremely happy I bought it. I already see so many features that it has over the Palm or Blackberry and I know I made the right choice.

I will say, it's for the technology savvy person. I wouldn't recommend it for someone who hates computers and isn't into technology at all. I think it would be too much for someone like that. For me, I love gadgety goodness and I never read instructions for electronics, I prefer to figure things out myself. This phone was very easy to figure out, but not super user-friendly. Hope you love it!

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Feature ratings

  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 10/22/11

Great phone for users who want things to just work without frustration

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Last year I've started my journey into the world of smartphones with a Palm Pre, incidentally that phone had great features but had lack of 3d party app support. Once my contract expired I upgraded with the Nexus S 4G, which in a way answered almost all my frustrations, but somewhat lacked some of the features I'm used too in a WebOS device.

Some highlights of the phone itself would be the screen itself featuring a super amoled screen, which is pretty vibrant/luminous and also at high settings resists sun glare. It could have used gorilla glass because like any other phone its prone to scratches and the occasional bruise.

I'm fairly satisfied with android 2.3.7 as it address almost all of my wishes. With the upcoming update of android 4.0 ics, things couldn't have been better. For instance the camera(5mp) is fairly good but not great but with 4.0 comes a redesigned camera app that further adds function into an already great experience.

Battery life in my personal use tends to be around 9-11 hours depending on talk time and service available, I keep my settings on bare minimum with the exception of always having 4G on, while everything else(bluetooth,wifi,nfc) are off.

With Nexus Prime coming out right around the corner this phone still seems to me to be a competitive contender with perhaps a price drop when the successor comes out. The Prime improves upon all aspects of the phone, id highly recommend waiting upon the Prime which should hit carriers early next month. While on Sprint though the choices are limited to Nexus 4G/Iphone 4/4S.

3 of 4 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

Feature ratings

  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 08/10/11

An OK buy but there are several drawbacks. Read my review for it

No, I would not recommend this product.

I purchased this phone for I wanted to take advantage of all of the features, widgets, and applications of Android, specifically Gingerbread 2.3.4.

Likes: I like all the apps you can download from the Android Market, the screen, how sensitive to the touch it is, how customizable it is, the live wallpapers, and how fast the phone is.

Dislikes: I've read this keeps happening to many other people: The keyboard application crashes constantly, even when using different keyboard apps. It's really frustrating and annoying, to the point that I am about to sell this phone and purchase a Galaxy S2. I read this issue is related to the OS itself (Froyo doesn't have this prob) and due to a memory fault. I have to kill the process manually every single day and some times even reboot it. This alone messed up my Nexus S experience.

Another downer is the camera shutter button. Since it's on the screen rather than on one of the sides of the phone, I tend to touch the wrong button or exit out of the camera app. I didn't find a way to zoom in or out either...

3rd, some applications seem to open up by themselves and run on the background, draining your batter life very quickly. Google Maps and Skype are 2 apps that love doing that. I have to keep checking all apps and kill them every time, which has better the battery life but is really annoying.

This brings me to the final topic: Battery life. As with this generation of smartphones, get used to daily charges, and even more often so if you browse the web a lot. I had to get one of those chargers for the car and carry the micro-USB to USB cable so I don't get incommunicated.

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Feature ratings

  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 03/07/12

Disoppointed with my this perchues via ebay for the first time,

No, I would not recommend this product.
Review For: Samsung Google Nexus S GT-I9020T - 16GB - Black (Sprint) Smartphone

, Hello dear ebay`s persnal.

Of course I will given 5 star rating in advance for this excelelnt item, but let me say dear that unfortunetly this was a wrong item I boughted yet via ebay, my first misstake.

The product I boughted was in an excellent condition plus too much cheap if i compare with the same product down eher in Sweden.

Sir the only thing which I disliked in the pretty mobile was that its not working in Sweden ner work, its not made for Sweden,. that is only disoppointed and disadvatage I got by this Samsung nexus.

First of all let me say thank you very much to take care the ebays member by a such excellent way.

Sir, this was my first big misstake and a totally wrong perchuse I boughted via ebay yet.

I am not satisfyde at all with this wrong item, couse its not made för Sween or any Erupean country.
This kind of prudect are just made for USA.

Unfortunetly I didnt asked to the seller, if this works for Swedish netsystem or not? that was my big misstake.

Now I dont know what to do with my this Samsung nexuse, once I put an announce down here in Sweden, but unfortunetly no on eintressted in this mobile, coz there is no place to put any kind of sim card.

Down here only the samsung nexus which has excepting sim card is OK and workd great, not with my one, I boughted via ebay, for 3 weeks ago.

I also offourde to the seller to buy his mobile less then that price I had paid to him, but he refused my this sujustion.

Sir, I also tryde to put an announce in ebay, buy they didnt excepting my anounce, dont know why??

So,sir, now I hope that you the ebay`s persnal athourety could help me with my concern.

I will very thanks full if I will get some help by you, that shall be kind of you as well.

By the way I am very happy and satisfy with ebay website, I never got or faced any kind of purcehsing, payment, contac, froud, cheating or threat.

This is the best and a very trustfull website to buy all kind of item. 101% the pure one in the world, I am so proud to be a member in ebay.

so hope soon I will get a positive responce with the best sujustion by you, (ebay`s athourety).

Thanks once again to be in contac with me about my product,(Samsung Google Nexus S i9020.

Waiting for ur reply with happy news.

Best regards to you all ebays pernal.

Sultan Arafin,,,(rabbraka1) Malmö cirt, (Sweden)

Attention, plz
Sir, I have just one request to the Ebay athourety,
that I created new email adress, which is (arafin007@hotmail.com)

that shall be so kind of you if I will get ur comming reply and all other kind of messeges to this new email. coz i often face to enter my old one which was (rabbraka@hotmail.com) now adays I not often my this present e mail bcoz , the reason is often facing problem and difficulties.

For you that will be the best option to be in touch with me with my new cretaed e mail ID, which is arafin007@hotmail.com
which is open most of the day and night time.
Sir I alreday wrote many e mail about my this request but no one took care me and never got help by ebays athurety.

with my BIG hope that you will solve my this request. THANKS in advance.

May GOD keep in safe you and ebays for ever, (amin)
Looking farward 4 you comming reply,BYe

0 of 3 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

Feature ratings

  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 09/20/11

Fast, plenty of space, excellent phone for GSM.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The ONLY unlocked version of the Nexus S that supports 3G for AT&T in the states! Model is GT-I9020A, NO OTHER GSM MODELS SUPPORT AT&T 3G.
Now that I've said that; this phone is fast, easy to use, and doesn't come pre-loaded with "bloatware" that over-fills the phone with useless un-erasable apps that you can't get rid of. Plenty of space, perfect performance, well worth the money.
There is no space to put a micro-SD card. If you *have* to have a micro-SD card, don't get the phone. 16GB is more than enough space for music and any additional add-ons for the phone.
The Nexus S gets every android system update FIRST, before all other android phones because it is "pure Google" which also keeps you 100% up to date with all of the features that you want. A+++ product. I love it.

3 of 3 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

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