Samsung BD-C6900 3D Blu-Ray Player
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Samsung BD-C6900 3D Blu-Ray Player

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Product description
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Key Features
DVD Type3D Blu-Ray Player
Built-In Combo FeaturesInternet/Media Streamer
Number Of Discs1
Playable Disc FormatsBlu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray BD-R, Blu-ray BD-RE, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW
FeaturesProgressive Scan, Upconverting, Wi-Fi Ready
Playable File FormatsAVCHD
Progressive ScanWith Progressive Scan

Video Output SystemNTSC, PAL
Video Upconversion1080i (HDTV), 1080p (HDTV), 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p (HDTV)

Surround SoundBuilt-In DTS Decoder, Built-In Dolby Digital Decoder, DTS (Digital out only), Dolby Digital (Digital out only)

OutputsAnalog Audio x 1, Component x 1, Composite x 1, Digital Audio Optical x 1

Remote ControlStandard

Recording SpeedsLP

Weight3.97 lb.

Exterior ColorBlack, Red

eBay Product ID: EPID84977017

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Created: 03/06/11

Samsung BD-C6900 Review

Overall, the Samsung BD-C6900 is a very good 3D Blu-Ray player. It has one of the fastest loading times for Blu-Rays and 3D Blu-Rays. Picture Quality is very good, the Audio works well if you have an HDMI Receiver and built in Wireless makes the whole package very appealing. Read on for a more detailed review.

Setup: Setup of this player is relatively easy and quick. The connections to the TV and the receiver should be straightforward for most. If you plan on using a wireless home network to connect the player to the internet and have a lengthy wireless security key (as most do), typing it in with the remote may be cumbersome but overall, everything else should be relatively painless.

Picture Quality: Picture Quality (3D and Regular BDs) is really good with this player. 3D in particular is Excellent! Even the streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu have excellent PQ (HD content) with this player.

Audio: If you have an HDMI Receiver (or HT system), you will experience fantastic sound. However, if you dont, and plan on using the 7.1 Analog Audio Outputs (Lossless) on the C6900, IMHO, you may be slightly disappointed with the low output on the subwoofer. I certainly was. For streaming services such as Netflix, the output level is so low, the subwoofer does not even detect any audio and will not power up it's amp. This was definitely disappointing for me. Also, a lot of folks do not have 3D compatible (HDMI 1.4) Receivers yet, so they would take the HDMI Output from the C6900 and hook that directly into the TV's HDMI Input. Samsung should have provided a setting to turn OFF the HDMI Audio Out so that people using the Optical Digital Output or the 7.1 Analog Outputs on the C6900 in to their Receivers would not now be getting audio from 2 places (the TV and their HT speakers). This is a basic setting that BD players from 3 years ago had. For Samsung to assume that people will upgrade their Receivers to get 3D to their TVs is not very smart IMO.

Apps: For the most part, this works well. Downloading and installing apps is fairly easy and should not pose any problems whatsoever. I did notice though that not every Samsung device has the same set of apps available for download. The C6900 has a very limited set of apps that are available but my friends Samsung 3D TV set has a lot more. I wonder whether they are creating specific apps for each device type. I am not sure at this point but I intend to call them and find out.

In closing, the C6900 is a pretty solid Blu-Ray player. I would have rated it as Excellent if not for the HDMI Audio and Receiver incompatibility issues.

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Created: 03/10/11

So far - So GOOD

Had HD-3D Blu-Ray player about 3 months now.

Relocated my last-years Samsung basic Blu-Ray model to the bedroom as this new one has more features and the built-in Wi-Fi ability which is more likely to be used in my downstairs home-theater arrangement.

Only four minor negative issues:
1) As with the old CD players, it took them 5 years or so to develope the carosel or cartridge holder where you could load more tha one disc at a time. We've gone right back to that metality! Will it be five more years to invent a multi-disc Blu-Ray player?
2) Disc failed to load properly twice in the three months I've had it (being used about every-other day). Turning the power off and back on again was all it needed to correct itself.
3) Wish the remote has lighted keypad for night when the lights are out.
4) Wish remote would be of more universal type when used with the Samsung TV's. I'd like to press the keypad numbers to change channels when not playing a disc. The CH up and CH down work universally; but not the numbers.

Otherwise - So far - So GOOD!

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Created: 01/19/11

Great Value, Nice Machine

Summary - This is a great blu-ray player at an amazing price! Only possible issue, and it may be normal among blu-ray players, is that it skips a bit with dvd's or blu-rays that have some scratches (whereas my old DVD player plays the same discs fine). Maybe blu-ray players are more sensitive? I dont know. Overall though, this is a great price on a top of the line machine.

I am not a pro on tech stuff, but I know this player offers the best and latest features, it is sleek and nice looking, and the picture is amazing. Considering that it has 3D Blu-ray compatibility, compatibility with Netflix, Vudu, YouTube and Pandora media streaming, built-in Wi-Fi, fast operational speed, 7.1 analog outputs, and 1GB onboard storage, there is really no downside - except the price, right? Wrong. Buy it from electro-zone and save big! The shipping was fast too. The product was brand new with everything in the original box, etc.

This is my first blu-ray player so I am not used to how they work, and as I mentioned earlier I did experience a few blips and stutters while watching Despicable Me, and then when watching a pretty poorly conditioned dvd from Netflix (it had quite a few scratches). Yet this disc played fine in my old DVD player. I don't know if that is just part of the blu-ray technology - that it is super-sensitive to any scratches, etc, but it was a little annoying. If anyone else has experienced this issue with this blu-ray in particular, as opposed to others, than maybe there is an issue. However, I love the blu-ray player, the vendor was excellent in all ways, and I definitely recommend it.

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Created: 04/07/11

Great Blu-ray Player

When shopping for a Blu-ray player, I had concerns about disc load time. Consumer Reports rated this model highly because of the fast play feature. I found this Blu-ray player loads BD's faster than my DVD player loads DVD's. I have not tried out the 3D features yet, but other than that it works exactly as advertised. I am very happy with this player.

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Created: 12/23/10

So far so good!

I'm very happy so far with the BD-C6900. I love the styling. It has truly speedy load times and communicates well with my Samsung LCD (LN46C630). For example, when I press the power button on the player, it automatically turns on my TV and sets it to the proper HDMI input (nice). Blu-ray playback quality is excellent. I had no problem accessing my wireless network like some others have. Once connected it automatically asked to download and install the latest firmware, which it did in like 10 seconds (impressively quick). Samsung Internet@TV didn't want to work at first, so I restarted the player, relaunched Internet@TV and it asked to update Internet@TV. After that update, everything started working fine. Netflix streaming is working well. As for streaming bandwidth that may or may not be slowed by Samsung's servers according to other reviews I've seen, I'm getting around 4Mbps on wireless on my 18Mbps connection. Not great, but good enough to stream at a quality that looks quite good to my eye. I don't have a 3D TV so I can't comment on that aspect.

Overall, while it's not perfect, the BD-C6900 is really, really good– easily the best blu-ray player I've seen. I wouldn't pay retail for it without intending to use its 3D functionality, but for the $180 I got it for, it's a bargain.

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