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Resident Evil 4  (Sony PlayStation 2, 20...
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Resident Evil 4 (Sony PlayStation 2, 2005)

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Resident Evil 4 (Sony PlayStation 2, 2005) greatest hits~ not from 3 pack
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Reading, PA, USA
Resident Evil 4  (Sony PlayStation 2, 2005) greatest hits~  not from 3 pack
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Resident Evil 4 (Sony PlayStation 2, 2005) (2005)
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Resident Evil 4  (Sony PlayStation 2, 2005) (2005)
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Resident Evil 4 (Sony PlayStation 2, 2005) (2005)
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Resident Evil 4  (Sony PlayStation 2, 2005) (2005)
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Resident Evil 4 (Sony PlayStation 2, 2005) TESTED! *NO MANUAL*
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Resident Evil 4  (Sony PlayStation 2, 2005) TESTED! *NO MANUAL*
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Resident Evil 4 - PlayStation 2
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Resident Evil 4 - PlayStation 2
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Product Information
The first game in Capcom's blockbuster survival-horror series designed with a real-time 3D polygonal engine, Resident Evil 4 is freed from the camera limitations and static backgrounds of past titles. Players guide Leon S. Kennedy, the lead protagonist in Resident Evil 2, in an adventure taking them deep within the Umbrella Corporation. The result is a battle for survival as players confront mutated biological experiments, zombies, and other creatures of suspicious origin. Leon comes equipped with a revolver but will still be able to find various other weapons along the way. Environments include rain-soaked alleyways, decrepit sewers, and castle-like structures. Hiroshi Shibata, who previously worked on Resident Evil 3, makes his directorial debut in this game, with Hiroyuki Kobayashi (Dino Crisis 2, Devil May Cry) serving as producer.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
GameResident Evil 4
UPC013388260560, 5055060923320

Key Features
PlatformSony PlayStation 2

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorBlood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick
Number of Players1
Release Year2005
Game Special Features
  • Enhanced remake of the hit GameCube game lets you play as Ada Wong in five new chapters

  • Main story involves agent Leon S. Kennedy's mission to investigate the President's daughter's disappearance

  • Wield new weapons like the P.R.L.412 laser cannon and the Gunpowder Bowgun

  • Unlock new costumes for both Leon Kennedy and Ashley Graham

  • Includes progressive scan, 16:9, and Dolby Pro Logic II support

  • eBay Product ID: EPID48139750

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    Created: 05/14/07

    The Best Resident Evil Game YET

    GAMEPLAY- 10/10

    While the tank like character rotational movement remains, it should serve as no problem for anyone familiar with the series, and is quite easy to pick up for a beginner as well. While it does make close combat difficult when surrounded, since the character rotation is rather slow, it remains a comfortable system, causing only minor problems for the most part. Most notable in this category, however, is the combat system. Unlike other games in the series, the player manually aims their weapon with the aid of a laser-aiming device. This allows for more versatility in combat, giving the player the option of choosing specific targets on the enemy, i.e. legs, arms, head. Another noteworthy factor is the "Action button". The action icon appears to allow the character to engage certain events, such as leaping through a window, knocking down ladders, and kicking enemies. In the same category, these button presses exist within cutscenes as well, forcing the player to stay "on their toes" during cinemas. Enemy AI is excellent as well. The ganados function well in group battle, constantly trying to encircle the player, and go so far as to dodge and duck to avoid attacks.

    STORY- 9/10

    The story of this game differs greatly from the rest of the series. Though dotted with many familiar characters, the game maintains the feel of an entirely new experience. I would have asked for a bit more thorough explaination of a few points within the game as they relate to the rest of the series, which is why I've scored this section as I have.


    The environments in this game are well-rendered as well as interactive, and retain a singular "spooky" ambiance throughout. The character models are clear and crisp, with minimal faults in animation.

    The music suits the game and while not brilliant, it flows well with the ambiance of each area. Sound effects are well-done also, though often the constant harping of "Esta aqui!" and the like from the Ganados grows irritating. The only minor flaw I've found is that on occasion the sound effects do not mesh with the number or gender of opponents. When spotted by a female ganado, for example, several male and female voices will sometimes be heard, though only one opponent exists.


    Taking 10-15 hours to complete, the game is on par with the remainder of the series. However, upon completing the main game you are rewarded with not one, not two, but three extra game modes. Separate Ways serves to delve deeper into the plotline of the game, taking you deeper into the story and showing the player that not everything that occurs throughout is coincidental. Separate Ways plays much like a second game entirely. Assignment Ada plays much like the main game as well. The Mercenaries is certainly my favorite of the extras, however. With five characters and four levels, it allows for hours of entertainment in itself.

    By completing these extra game modes, weapons become available in the main game and Separate Ways, coercing the player into numerous replays in order to obtain them all. This game can easily be enjoyed again and again, for hours at a time.


    If you don't already own this game, I highly recommend that you go out and buy it right this minute. If it is given to you as a gift, whomever gave it to you should become your new best friend for it. So, what are you waiting for? Go buy it. Right now. Hurry up.

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    Created: 04/14/06

    Resident Evil 4

    Resident Evil Four the long awaited Surivor horror game finally comes to life in new realm unlike anything Resident Fans have ever seen before. The game was well worth the wait for the Playstation Platform. This game will keep Resident Evil Fans happy for a long time. Gone is the Walking dead concept of the Zombies as in all the other series. Finding your weapons is a lost concept and you buy them. Your adversaries attack you with cunning tenacity and make judgements and strategic manuevers that have to keep you on your toes at all times, for you never know when a hammer is going to be thrown at your face. Louis a character on your side in the game is a valuable asset and one incredible shot. So no need to worry about him, he holds his own. Your enemies have incredible power and can throw you around like a rag doll. Another Nememis of this game are the Chainsaw toting bloodthirsty maniacs. These are particuliary swift and it takes a lot to bring them down. However there is not too much to worry about in this avenue, a cloacked merchant that appears throughout the entire game will supply you with an array of weapons that you can upgrade to formidable firepower but nothing is free. Gone are the ink ribbons but the typewriters still exist in many points in the game making it possible to save the game virtually anywhere. A thing I was gld the Resident Evil makers finally done awy with. The story line and plot is fantastic. The graphics are great and the screenshots and scenery is breathtaking. The engine's ability to change weather, along with it's anitquated buildings, graveyard and a fantastic castle with Monks mumbling horrific tongues will be sure to bring you an aura of supernatural energy right into your room and catapult you into a horror film and your the main character. The suspense never ends. Leon Kennedy is sent to this remote part of Europe to rescue the Presidents daughter. The basis of the whole plot. Ashley listens to your commands, she can hide when the heat is on. If she gets in the way, you can tell her to wait, and whistle for her to come back to you when the fire dies down. Ashley plays vital roles (and she sure is cute) in accomplishing your mission and there are several breath taking moments that I can assure will amaze you. And sniping enemies with a high powered scope never get old. You can virtually pick off enemies 400 yards away. Another interesting new weapon the Mine Thrower shoots explosive darts into your enemy and they explode in a matter of seconds, cool! This game just simply rocks. Capcom did not compromise and they broke all the barriers that the traditional survival horror survival games religiously held unto. I believe this game will in turn be an insipration for future games for it's inovative and unique game playing concepts. The rewards are great. Unlockable customes, A .45 caliber thompson submachine gun and infinite rocket launcher all make this game a rewarding game to play again and again. Just like a good movie you must play it several times to see things you missed the first time around. So to all the Resident Evil fans out there, "This is what you have been waiting for".

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    Created: 06/20/10

    A Classic Shooter Game

    Resident Evil 4, a third-person 'zombie' survival horror and shooter game, was developed for Gamecube release only originally. Before it's release in America a PS2 version was also announced.
    If you're a fan of the previous Resident Evil games this will throw you for a loop. This game tends to move away from RE's usual 'scary survival' feel and focuses more on the 'bad-ass' approach.
    Also, there are no 'Zombies' in the game at all! O_O;;
    Brainwashed townspeople/cultists, monsters and creatures, parasites and experiments, but no real old fashioned zombies! Minions from RE 0,1,2,3,Code: V, ect!
    The story begins about two years after Resident Evil 2 when Leon Kennedy's search for the President's daughter takes him to some rural town in Europe where people speak Spanish and keep giant man-eating monsters and wolverine-wannabes and when their heads explode tentacle-knife whips pop out!
    But all spoilers aside, the game is definitely different from the usual Resident Evils. One main thing is that there is now an abundance of bullets. (Yay!) A Laser sight helps you aim (for the head!) at your enemies but it also means subtle analog sticking and an accuracy score now.
    Another crazy new feature is the money! What? Even in the middle of horrible apocalyptic doom it's still what makes the world go round! And you can buy guns! What? You mean no more finding jewels and emblems and deadly traps to get a single new gun? Yes... there is actually a merchant with a trenchcoat full of guns hanging out behind buildings and in wells and stuff. There are so many types of guns to choose but, like in other REs, space is limited. Instead of the usual 4-6 slots you now have a large grid, guns and herbs and bullets taking up their respective number of small squares. You can buy 'larger briefcases' throughout the game but it's still a pain in the butt.
    Aside from buying newer and more powerful guns you can also purchase upgrades for each gun (Firepower, Firing Speed, Reload Speed, Capacity) so even if your weapon sucks in the beginning they all have the potential to be amazing!
    A few little gems still haven't changed, though. What Resident Evil game could go without puzzles? These are a little more..... complex than your usual 'find the emblem, place the gem in the hole, enter employee's ID number'. Still, seems villains can't resist filling a mansion/castle with locks that open by swords! <3
    The creatures have certainly been... imaginative also. Because of the more powerful guns and whatnot, the difficulty on killing these guys have gone way up. Goodbye, Auto-Aim! Hello, shooting little targets on a moving creature using a scope!
    Also, Spoiler Alert (but not really)! For those of you who have played the end of RE3 or Code: Veronica or Umbrella Chronicles... Ada's back! -le gasp-
    (and let's face it.... half the time when MAIN characters 'die' in Resident Evil they aren't dead at all!) >:| *ahem* Jill.
    And Wesker like... EVERY TIME.
    Yes, I say this (other than the fact that Ada is a drop-dead gorgeous sexy bombshell of a woman) because there is a fun/challenging/frustrating side extra where you play as Ada! (minigame? I dunno) Little challenges from her point of view help to fill in the gaps and questions and completing the challenges unlocks more guns also!
    So yea.... tl;dr
    Lots of ammo, lots of health, lots of guns, lots of money, lots of extra features, no zombies. Great game, not the best RE game plotwise. (Neither was RE5, to be honest)
    I give 5/5!

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    Created: 05/16/09

    The longest Resident Evil Gameplay so far!!

    The game is SOOOOO LOOOONNNNGGG. There were times where i TRIED to guess when I was at the end and i was wrong every time. the game is dain long! which is GOOD, right?

    Everything seems pretty realistic, the graphics are nice, the dialouge is average, the game-controls are good, not confusing. Leon does obtain other weapons, but you have to buy them. you will pick up money here and there. there is a merchant that will be available in a number of places throughout the game, you can buy ammo, first aid, weapons, maps, an item that will expand your item capacity in your inventory, etc. if you're always short on money, then look out for your surrondings. You will pick up treasure and you can sale that to the marchant. you can also sale anything you pick up.

    If you like to be CHALLENGED, This Resident Evil has ALOT of boss Battles. lots of GOOD and AWESOME boss battles.

    If you also like gruesome deaths, This game is good at creating them. Leon dies is some of the most horrish ways, you'll have scenes where you'll have to respond to whatever Button is displayed at the bottom of the screen and if you don't press it in time, well Leon will die.

    Also Leon is much more fierce, he does a little combat, hes not really so weak like in Resident Evil 2. I mean he acts like he has skills and loads of training. hes alot handsome and well developed.

    When you complete the game you'll unlock TWO modes for Ada Wong, one called Seperate Ways which you'll play as her from her point of view and understand a little better, and then there's another mode for her where its one assignment she has to complete in a different outfit. you'll also unlock a Theater Mode, an arcard mode, if you will, Two outfits for Leon; one is a Tuxedo which he looks GOOD in, and his classic raccoon city police uniform. however the outfits wont show in the cut scenes, which sux if you play it for the PS2, i heard it works for the Xbox. for Ashley, you'll unlock a Knight outfit and a pop-star outfit. Her knight outfit is invincible, the enemies can literally do no harm to her, however the only annoying thing about it, is that you'll get tired of hearing her run in it. You will still have all your items in your inventory from your last game including your wepaons....everything, plus all the money you picked up. and the Infinite Rocket Launcher will be available to purchase.

    ********SOME Spoilers**********
    Leon is on a mission to rescue the president's daughter who's been kidnapped and taken to Spain i believe. The people arent exactly zombies, This is what makes it so unique about this Resident Evil, there are no zombies this time so youre offered something new. Instead its more like a drug that has been injected into the villagers. The president's daughter Ashley will accompany you about 40% of the game, so she's a BIG responsiblity, try not to get her killed. You can make her hide in trash cans or have her wait somewhere while you clear the road for her.


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    Created: 01/08/09

    This is an excellent game for fans of the Series.

    This is an excellent game for play for fans of the Resident Evil series. It has a twist though; for fans used to using the chest to store items, or fans who are accustomed to finding weapons and pursuing the trail of the notorious Umbrella Corporation, be prepared to a change, as this game is about something different: A parasitic organism capable to manipulating its host at the will of the Lord Saddler, an evil Cultist leader who--like Las Plagas(the name of the parasite)-- has hatched a diabolical scheme to covertly infiltrate and infect the minds of the American Government through the President's Daughter, Ashley. Your mission is to uncover the secret plot of the Los Illuminados, the cult in the story, while battling monster and utilizing weapons never before used! A must have for Die-hard Resident Evil fans!!!

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