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Pure (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2008) - European Version


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Product Information
Go on an exciting off-road adventure with "Pure," a Microsoft Xbox 360 game designed by the creators of racing hits such as MotoGP and ATV Off-Road Fury. This racing game boasts an arcade-style action that allows you to drive your vehicle across rugged terrain and leap off cliffs. Choose from multiple characters to race in various real-world locations, such as Timber Falls, Lake Garda, Sandy Mountain, and Ocotillo Wells. The game allows you to engage in competitive challenges with up to 16 players in the online multiplayer mode. The freestyle competitions let you showcase the skills you mastered in the single-player campaign. Some of the moves of this extreme racing video game include remarkable airborne tricks and aerial jumps.

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Key Features
PlatformMicrosoft Xbox 360
ESRB RatingE - Everyone

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorMild Violence
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick
Number of Players1-16
Release Year2008
Game Special Features
  • Choose from a variety of male and female riders

  • Perform an assortment of gravity-defying stunts in real-world environments

  • Compete against the computer or up to 15 human opponents online

  • eBay Product ID: EPID65583686

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    Created: 10/09/08

    Very fun ATV racing game - Does get a little repetitive

    Review For: Pure (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2008) - European Version

    Pure is an extremely fun, over-the-top ATV racing game. Pure is a game that you can pick up the controller and almost immediately get the feel for the control of the ATV. It does take a little while to completely get the hang of it so if you don't like it when you first start playing it, keep playing it and give it a chance. There are tons of different customization options to choose from and you can open up slots to build new ATVs, so you can make a different ATV for each type of race, whether you need more speed, better handling, or quicker trick abilities. No other game can you get over 200 feet of air while doing multiple tricks and then make a smooth landing, its purely awesome. The handling is very well done, I don't really remember having to use the brakes that often at all, it basically power slides automatically around every corner. There isn't a huge variety of tracks and a very little number of tricks, so after a while it just feels like you are doing the same thing over and over. The World Tour career part of Pure consists of 10 stages, all with a certain number of points needed to advance to the next stage. It could easily be beaten in one 8-10 hour sitting. I have a 62" LCD TV with an HDMI connection and an Elite and the graphics are stunning, Disney has done an amazing job with this game. I do not have Xbox Live so I am unable to comment in that area. If you are a fan of MX vs. ATV, BAJA or any other kind of ATV/Offroad racing game, you should definitely check out Pure. I wouldn't pay over $60 for it in a store but it is definitely worth picking up for a good price on eBay or it might even be a better rental. 7/10

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    Created: 04/05/10

    A surprise treat of frenzied fun!

    Review For: Pure (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2008) - European Version

    I'm not an ATV enthusiast. I've never even rode one. But I've played many a racer not withstanding Project Gotham Racing series, Forza 2, Gran Turismo 3 and 4, and the Burnout series. Of that list, Pure is in the best company with Burnout without question. Well Burnout and SSX, if you remember the wily snowboarding game from years ago. I am a gamer through and through though. I believe I know good when I have it. Pure is definitely good.

    From the startup screen on it was apparent some genuine polish went into the final product. The menus were snazzy and easy to navigate.

    Upon starting your new ATV career, you are presented with customization and loadout options that, at least by scale, are on par with what's offered in the Forza/GT games. It seemed like an endless degree of customization that gearheads out there will surely appreciate. You've got your engine, frame, and tires selections which are basic enough to expect. But also everything from the sprockets, brakes, handlebars, wheels, body, front/rear fenders, nosecone, heel guards. Dozens of choices I didn't expect for what was touted as an almost straight up arcade racer. And the majority of those choices affect performance which can agonizingly fun switching this out with that to create the perfect ride. Upgrades on parts can be won by winning races. The higher ranked the win, the more goodies that are given to you.

    To simplify things for the less initiated, you can have the computer custom build a particular style of ATV for you. And whether you do it yourself or not, having several ATV's designed for a particular style event is crucial. Race ATV's generally need the most balancing. A tradeoff between speed/acceleration/handling to tricks so you can keep up with the pack under normal circumstances but have enough trick ability to generate all important nitro boost to overtake them. Sprint courses generally require a bike focusing on rubber to the road performance as jumps are mild and few. Freestyle courses are where you want a bike that has trick ability in gusto as the main factor in winning these competitions lies in the bevy of mad tricks you can perform.

    The tricks, like the SSX series, are what make this racer standout from the pack. Approaching the crest of a big hill you first flick the right stick down and then straight up to give your racer a nice sendoff into the stratosphere. Progressing from a simple button combination and the direction you point the left stick dictates the trick performed. With each trick performed you fill a boost meter that by holding down the X button vaults your ATV forward as long as it lasts up until you hear the world woosh by and the screen blur from the velocity. Tricks are built on a tiered system. Beginner tricks are always available, but after doing a few and building up your boost bar intermediate tricks become available and subsequently advanced tricks. After these you earn the ability to perform a special trick. Special tricks take a lot of airtime to pull off as they are an elaborate dance with the ATV in midair.

    The tricks are easy to do. But key to success is linking several tricks over big jumps and when you see the world so far below ever quickly rushing toward you increases difficult ten fold. Scary fun stuff.

    The graphics are rock solid and scenery often outstanding. Don't be surprised if you get a rush of panic when you make one of the outlandishly high jumps. You won't have long to admire before you meet.

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    Created: 12/24/08

    Kinda Boring really

    I bought this game because I loved the ATV offroad fury games. This game is not the same type of game. It is only one player, unless played online, which really sucks. I wanted to be able to play freestyle with my friends, but cannot seeing as it's one player. The graphics are good, but the gameplay isn't. The freestyle is on the same tracks as the races, so there is not much room for creativity. You can also run out of gas in freestyle, so you can't just do tricks and ride around for hours like other ATV games. Overall it is not the game I thought it would be, it's really very boring. The races have some cool jumps and the tricks look pretty awesome but it is still not too exciting. The ATV are not based on any real ones and look very blocky, whcich is too bad. Overall It's an OK game if you just want another racing games, just be aware it is only one player.

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    Created: 05/26/09

    shines but has problems

    Review For: Pure (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2008) - European Version

    I was a bit disappointed in this game .The races and sprint challenges are very fair and interesting but to get anywhere or complete the game and move up to the next levels you need to finish these ridiculously hard trick stages against time .You have to keep pulling off tricks to gain time and finish the race in the top 3 to progress ,This is near impossible to do and I'm no slouch at racing games because I've completed every ATV racing game before this and completed most racing games out there on game consoles.The graphics are fantastic even if you don't have an HDTV ,Even as good as Dirt and anything else out there on the next gen systems.I wanted to really get into this game but it's way too difficult and there's no free roam mode at all to go and enjoy just blasting around .As soon as you stray 2 feet off the tracks your rider is knocked off or your rider is reset back to the track.overall a good game but lacking in some areas.

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    Created: 09/20/08

    Motorstorm meets Tony Hawk on an ATV

    Review For: Pure (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2008) - European Version

    Solid driving system and easy to pick up.
    Thrilling races.
    Over the top cool tricks.
    Really nice animations.
    Excellent camera angles.
    Beautiful Graphics (better then GRID).
    Gorgeous scenarios (specially the vertical panoramas while in mid air).
    Physics engine.
    Competitive AI.
    Lots of upgrades that actually help you a lot.
    Replay value.
    Just fun to play solo or online.

    Not as many tricks as you might expect, but its OK.
    Some other game modes would have been nice, but the basic ones do the trick.

    Overall Thoughts:
    As the name suggests this is game is PURE racing, PURE thrill, PURE over the top fun! It is incredibly easy to pick up and if you've played "Motorostorm" and "Tony Hawk PS" or "Skate" you'll feel just like home. This is for me the best ATV racing game ever made and probably the best racing game of the year. Just pick it up, it's worth it!

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