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The Pretender - Season 1 (DVD, 2005)
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The Pret...
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The Pretender - Season 1 (DVD, 2005)

Patrick Bauchau, Jon Gries | Rating: Not Rated
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The Pretender - Season 1 (2005, DVD) *Brand New Sealed*
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Whitehall, PA, USA
The Pretender - Season 1 (2005, DVD) *Brand New Sealed*
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FREE SHIPPING The PRETENDER Complete Season One 22 Episodes Over 17 Hours Action
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FREE SHIPPING The PRETENDER Complete Season One 22 Episodes Over 17 Hours Action
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    Movie synopsis
    Michael T. Weiss stars as Jarod Russell in this popular TV drama from the late 1990s. Discovered to be a genius as a small child, Jarod was kidnapped and brought up, along with many other children like him, at the enigmatic facility known only as "The Centre." There, they were trained to use their capacities for brilliance to adopt personas and jobs as fit their purposes. The children could assume the identities of doctors, lawyers, police officers, or pilots, virtually adopting any occupation at will and with chameleon-like ease. Eventually, however, Jarod discovered the fact that his simulations were not necessarily being used for good, but were being sold to the highest bidder; disturbed, he made his escape. A grown man now, he searches for his parents while using his talents to right the wrongs that he encounters along the way. He also works hard to elude those from The Centre who pursue him doggedly. These include Sydney (Patrick Bauchau, SECRETARY), Jarod's mentor, who knows him so well he can anticipate his course of thought and action, as well as Miss Parker (Andrea Parker), Jarod's childhood friend.

    Product Details
    • Number of Discs: 1
    • Rating: Not Rated
    • Film Country: USA
    • UPC: 024543178484

    Additional Details
    Genre:Action/Adventure, Television

    eBay Product ID: EPID44493400
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    Created: 09/16/06

    Very Suspenseful, Dramatic, Though Something's Missing

    Review For: The Pretender - Season 1 (DVD, 2005)

    Very Suspenseful, Dramatic, Though Something's Missing

    I Always Like first seasons from shows i love. Always hoping that in season 1, episode 1 there's a reference back like for instance in this show a reference to Jarod as a kid, etc.

    There's alot off stuff in here to links back to his past & all, but the show hit's off when Jarod already has escaped, I wish that there was something prior then when he was on the run...

    Also the endings, they don't add up, you always see Jarod becoming a new identity, but the next episode unfortunately doesn't start off with it, that's a bit down, coz when you see the episode on TV then your thinking that you missed a episode or something.

    The Drama is WELL if not SUPERWELL added up. I'm GUESSING that Jarod is a new actor, but he learns EXTREMELY quick & quickly assumes the identity off the TV character Jarod, there were some moving moments, like in the end when he sees his mother that he had been searching for, for so long.

    Show could have ended with this season, as a moviecollector you have to have this episode, it's GOOD.

    How it's sold is another matter in my opinion, only 2 DVD cases with 4 disks on it & both sides contain data, Personally i don't like that.

    This Is Definately one of the better Shows i have on DVD, I heard that show got cancelled, that was a bad decision in my opinion, they could have brought this show alot further.

    But i guess it is understandable as at times you get the feeling that every episode is about the same, Jarod assumes new identity, The Center is After him, ALMOST catches him & Jarod flees again, assuming new identity.

    At ending of this season he's assuming identity ( so it seems ) of a Astronaut, they probably won't show a episode with him as a Astronaut, but very original in my opinion, i wonder how the center could catch him then lol.

    In Beginning the Legs Of Miss Parker are EXTREMELY hot too LOL
    Later on, she gets a less Sexy character, and more bitch like, but DAMM those legs in first few episodes, ALMOST gave me a hard-on LOL

    If you love the show on TV, then DEFINATELY buy this, you won't be sorry!

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    Created: 06/01/06

    Reliving the days gone by.

    I bought this DVD because I used to watch The Pretender when it was on TV. There are some good TV shows on the air today, but sometimes there aren't, and now I can just watch this series whenever there isn't. Jarod is on a search for his past, the truth about his parents and where he came from. He doesn't know who he is, just who The Centre made him to be. Along the way he helps those who have been wronged and provides them with justice by uncovering the truth. He is a genius and can pretend to be anyone he wants to be; policeman, doctor, coroner, coast guard, sky diver, etc.

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    Created: 07/08/09

    The Pretender TV Series - Season 1

    I like the TV series "The Pretender". I think I saw them all while the show was on TV, but did miss a few. The season sets let me see all the shows I missed as well as the ones I saw and enjoyed. I will get every season before I'm done. There is nothing I dislike about the set of DVD's. I would recommend them to anyone who also likes the show.

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    Created: 11/12/06

    Love Jarod

    Review For: The Pretender - Season 1 (DVD, 2005)

    I really love this t.v. series and am glad that it is out on dvd. My kids and I are watching it this weekend as I am writing this review. It's new for them and brings back memories for me. I love Jarod's character -- he is so witty and intelligent yet watching him discover things like silly putty and ice cream is so endearing. He is such a good guy! I love that his mission is to help those who have suffered injustice as he is on the run and looking for his mother. Miss Parker does a convincing job of being a tough lady -- I love the way Jarod outsmarts them in each episode. Definately worth owning!!

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    Created: 12/11/08

    Great TV show.

    We watched this TV Show when it first appeared and are happy it came out in DVD. The series is about Jerod who is a genius who can be anyone he wants to be. He was taken as a child by the Center which used his ability for various defense contracts. Because he escaped the Center each plot is about Jerod becoming someone else to do good deeds and the Center chasing after him to bring him back. Great series.

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