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Pocket Tennis Color (NeoGeo Pocket Color, 1999)

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Product Information
Pocket Tennis brings the "Game of Kings" to the Neo Geo Pocket Color. Handheld athletes can engage in both Exhibition and Tournament events, with Exhibition matches offering a selection of customizable options including court type (five are available, though the fifth is exclusive to Vs Match Play) and match length (one, three, or five sets). Venues atypical of the sport may have players competing in a downtown slum, a dojo, and a jungle (a more familiar stadium is also available), each marshaled by an umpire befitting the scene. The jungle island court for example, is presided over by a shaggy island castaway sitting atop a wooden pole. As each match wears on, time changes from day to night.

VS Match Play features competition between two human opponents, but requires two NGPC units, two copies of Pocket Tennis, and the NGPC link cable. The Tournament mode enters players into one of a number of tournament events such as the Ordovician Cup, Delta Cup, Pisces Cup, Oriental Cup, Taurus Cup, and more. After selecting a character from the roster of eight (Alice, David, Mao, Louis, Hiyama, Tanaka, Lee, and Lucy), players advance through a series of knockout matches en route to the final. Secret characters such as Amiba and Kaoru can be unlocked for play.

Each of the offbeat personalities is rated in such categories as Speed, Power, and Defense. Regardless of ability, each character can execute a basic selection of shots such as ground strokes, lobs, volleys, smashes, and drop shots. A Record option showcases the player's tennis prowess, with a four-tier case displaying trophies earned. Additional details such as the Cup name and the date on which it was won are also recorded.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
GamePocket Tennis Color

Key Features
PlatformNeoGeo Pocket Color
ESRB RatingE - Everyone

Tech Details
Number of Players1-2
Release Year1999
Game Special Features
  • Choose from eight different players, with additional secret characters to unlock

  • Compete in Tournament events to win trophies

  • Link up with a friend for two-player competition

  • eBay Product ID: EPID6845

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