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Pioneer DEH-P5100UB CD Player/USB In Dash Receiver

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Product description
Product Information
Pioneer mobile products deliver the multimedia experience you desire. Mobile Multimedia Defined. From Navigation systems, to CD Players, Satellite Radio, Amplifiers, Speakers and Subwoofers.

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Key Features
Player TypeCD Player, USB
Tuner TypeDAB, FM / AM, RDS, Sirius, XM Radio
Built-In Amplifier Power4 Channel x 50 Watt
Built-In Amplifier RMS Power4 Channel x 224 Watt
Anti-Theft ProtectionDetachable Face Panel
Number of Channels4 Channel

Additional Features
Controller TypeHD Ready, Sirius Ready, XM Ready

eBay Product ID: EPID77151936

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Created: 12/01/09

This Head Unit Does It All!

I really can't say enough about this head unit. The display is super bright, and easily adjustable for brightness settings as well as how you want your stuff displayed... ie: scroll all the time, or just once, or file name/song name... there are about 10 different settings as far as I can tell.

The front access USB port is a godsend.... just put your music on a thumb drive into files according to your musical tastes and you can easily switch through songs and folders in a snap.

The CD player has great playback and I have yet to witness a skip, although admittedly I haven't listened to CD's much since all of my music is on flash drives.

The preamp outputs give a strong, crisp, clean signal to your amps and the 7 band EQ, subwoofer settings and other sound adjustments give you a much finer control over the sound of your music than other units I've had (which is quite a long list from kenwood to clarion to eclipse to cheap jensen stuff). I now STICK with pioneer cd players because of their unrelenting durability and blend of form, function and aesthetics.

I have only two minor complaints about this unit. At lower volumes, there is NO bass at all... NONE. But if you adjust your EQ to compensate for this.... by the time the volume hits 30 you really have to crank the bass down otherwise you'll kill yourself. (I might just be TOO discerning of a listener and tend to find faults in perfection just to grip about something) My only other complaint is the multi control knob.... it's a great idea to keep the face clutter free for aesthetics.... but sort of poorly executed in this case. You have to push it STRAIGHT in to access the main menu, such as audio settings. HOWEVER.... if you're driving down the road, pushing it in straight is nearly impossible. LEARN the remote, it'll save your sanity because if you mis-hit the knob, you'll change your folder on your flash drive or IPOD or whatever.... and then you have the hastle of trying to find what song you were on. Trust me..... USE THE REMOTE AT ALL TIMES!!!

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Created: 04/09/12

Great product - you'll love it...

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I already have one of these exact receivers in my truck and I love it. So I was trying to find the same model for my car since my wife has finally figured out how to operate the one in the truck. Turns out, it's been discontinued so I went to ebay hoping to find one which I luckily did. The unit can be a little intimidating for first time users but once you play around with it a little, it is pretty easy to use. Additionally, sound quality is excellent and the feature I most like is the rear USB port which allows you to hook a USB extension cable into it and route it to the glove box. Then you can plug your Ipod/MP3 player into the extension cable and it's all contained within the glove box and not hanging out of the front of the unit. All in all, this is a great product.

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Created: 01/06/10


i like all the features of this pioneer stereo..specially the usb port & the quality of the if you are looking for a good brand, quality sound, many features, this is for you!...i decide to bought it when i saw what this radio can do in a friend car, until that moment..i just love it. I highly recommend this item to anyone who like more than just hear the radio station!

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Created: 02/20/11

Great features and good clean sound!!

I'm so glad I got this it has made an unbelievable difference in the overall sound quality of my stereo. I love the 16 band equalizer it is one of the main reasons I wanted this particular deck. Besides that it has lots of other audio settings to make for an awesome crystal clear sound from my speakers. I upgraded my speakers a while ago with some 6.5" Sony speakers for my front doors and some 5 way Kenwood 6x9s and I didn't even realize how much potential they had until I got this. The high pass filters helped me eliminate the distortion I was getting from the bass notes that are meant for my sub. My sub also got a boost with EQ settings at 20, 31.5, 50, 80, and 125 htz I was able to get a much cleaner sound from my sub. The 5V pre-outs were nice as well.

Another reason I wanted this was the Ipod controls which this has but you have to buy a separate cable to use it. The only thing I didn't like was having to buy more stuff to use all the features such as the Ipod cable, RCA harness(if you want to hook up an amp), and I also had to buy the remote because I found out the remote can operate & control some things the deck itself can't.

Overall this is an awesome CD player and I'm very satisfied. It has lots of features but they take some time to figure out but once you do its a piece of cake. The only negative is having to buy the remote, RCA harness, and Ipod cable to use all the features I wanted to. I would highly recommend this and I'm very happy with my purchase.

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Created: 11/30/10

Great buy and great features for the price I paid.

I purchased this head unit for $89 + shipping and it was well worth it, the features are amazing. It doesn't have as much control over the audio as my old alpine but then again neither do the new alpines. I was looking for something with usb support and crossovers for around this price and this fits that category well. I have yet to find out if the usb has enough power to run a 2.5" external hard drive but I do know it worked with my powered 3.5" 120gb external fine.

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