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Pentax ME Super 35mm SLR Film Camera
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Pentax ME Super 35mm SLR Film Camera

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Pentax ME-Super 35mm SLR Film Camera Body Only -parts or repair
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Pentax ME-Super 35mm SLR Film Camera Body Only -parts or repair
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Product description
Product Information
Take amazing quality pictures with the classic Pentax ME Super 35mm SLR film camera, a compact, yet powerful camera. With a shutter speed of 1/1000 second, this SLR film camera can capture great pictures of moving objects. The Pentax film camera has a sync speed of 1/100, ensuring the production of clear, bright and sharp pictures. The viewfinder of this SLR film camera is huge, and its 92 % field coverage with 0.97x magnification gives you a clear and wide image. The lenses in the Pentax ME Super 35mm SLR film camera are interchangeable, allowing you to switch lenses according to your requirements. And the automatic exposure control of the Pentax film camera makes sure you keep capturing incredible pictures one after the other!

Product Identifiers
ModelME Super
MPN ME Super, ME Super

Key Features
Camera TypeSLR
Film Type35mm
Lens MountPentax K

Focus TypeAuto & Manual

Depth1.93 in.
Height3.24 in.
Width5.13 in.
Weight15.68 Oz

eBay Product ID: EPID52112327

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Created: 04/14/07

The Pentax ME Super

The ME-Super arguably was and is, the pride of the long discontinued, ME camera series, and certainly the most popular, but be sure to get an overhauled one (They are available!) to avoid expensive repairs. (Ask the seller for a guarantee, and see what they say.)

Most sellers are not aware of the potential problems so beware. Choose your seller carefully, and allow at least £50 to cover repairs if the camera has not been overhauled.

Introduced in 1979 as a replacement to the ME along with the simplified MV, it's compact lightweight design (445g without lens), and simple operation, and a new manual mode proved to be a hit with users.

The viewfinders are clear and bright, with a split-prism focusing aid. The shutter speeds are displayed to the left.

For those of us with aging vision, note that the eyepiece focus is set to middle-distance focusing rather than infinity, so reducing the need for corrective lenses.

Exposure compensation is set by simply turning the film-speed setting dial, and permits plus or minus two stops in one stop increments. A LED lites-up in the viewfinder to remind you that the compensation is active.

Pentax dedicated flaxhguns indicate when the flash is ready in the viewfinder, so you don't need to look away to check. (It is not TTL flash metering.)

In use they are very easy to use, and the centre weighted metering always seems to get it right, so that compensation is only really necessary in obvious situations. (Snow, etc.)

Available accessories include a digital data back, and a auto-winder. (2 models available) However, caution should be exercised when using with the auto-winder with older cameras, as they can be a bit harsh, and older cameras in need of lubrication may not appreciate being driven quite so hard. (Also some winders don't know exactly when to stop!)

Age has proved them to be very reliable, but examples approaching or past their 20th year should be overhauled to ensure another twenty plus years of reliable service. (Check out Alchemic Photography on ebay.co.uk for overhauled examples.)

Expect rotted seals and mirror cushions on un-serviced/overhauled samples. And some will jam due to heavy winder use, or deterioration of rubber parts gumming-up the mirror release. This can be repaired, and is not beyond the capacity of the average hobbyist, but some special tools will be needed.

Many examples will have the auto-winder clutch-cover missing. This could indicate hard usage. This is usually OK, but autowinders can sometimes tear the sprocket holes in film, so look out for loose bits in the camera.

You will usually find a replacement cover if you also buy a winder. (They have a recess to keeo the cover in.)

The only parts which may need replacement which are not commonly available are usually obtainable from MV models sold as scrap, but some midification may be required.

You can also have them overhauled for you, and it is well worth the cost. Once done they should last another twenty years! An overhaul will cost anything between £50 and £100 depending on where you go and any parts.


Shutter: Vertical run metal focal plane.
Speeds: 4s to 1/2000 continuously variable in auto mode.
Exposure meter: Center weighted full aperture TTL.
Exposure modes: Aperture priority & manual
ASA/ISO range: 12 to 1600
Finder screen: fixed
Shoe: fixed hot shoe with contact for dedicated flash & PC socket.
X sync speed: 1/125

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Created: 05/04/08

Olympus OM System 250 Film Back 1

I recently started to look for a bulk film back for my Olympus OM-4T film Camera. Here's the problem; A 35mm film camera with a 5 frame per second motor drive will run through a 36 exposure roll of film in around seven seconds. Answer; A system to carry more film in the camera without reloading.
Why not start with a little information about me. I am not a professional photographer. I bought my first 35mm SLR camera in 1984 (an OM-2S Program purchased new). I have been using Olympus OM cameras ever since.
The Olympus OM System is a 35mm based film camera system. The term "System" as used to describe these cameras and accessories carries more than one meaning. Basic concepts include the following: The camera must be capable of taking good photographs of a variety of subject matter, viewfinders must be useful with any lens, performance of cameras and accessories should remain high.
Olympus largely met the design goal of high performance. The 250 Film Back 1 allows the use of bulk film to augment motor drive performance. Any number of exposures up to 250 can be used. This is equivalent to about seven 36 exposure rolls of film without reloading.
The 250 film back must be used with a motor drive. In my case, the 5 fps Olympus Moter Drive 2 was used, although other power winder units can be used instead. Other options are the Motor Drive 1 at 5 frames per second or the much more common Winder 2 at 2.5 frames per second.
To provide power for the motor drive, I chose the M. 18V Control Grip 2. The combination of my OM-4T camera body and lens with the 250 Film Back 1 and Motor Drive 2 is somewhat unweildy. Using the control grip allows a solid right hand grip from below the camera for added stability and the use of the control grip's trigger style shutter release. The M. 18V Control Grip 2 uses 12 AA size batteries fo convenience. The feel of the tested combination is pleasingly solid and stable with my right hand on the control grip and my left hand on the camera's lens. (These are not auto focus cameras and must be focused manually). With a little practice a moving subject can be followed and the lens can be focused at the same time since the Olympus motor drives do not employ mirror lock up to increase speed. To change the camera orientation to vertical format, simply rotate the camera 90 degrees counter clockwise and change your grip to operate the shutter release trigger.
The Olympus 250 Film Back 1 can be used with most Olympus single digit camera models (not all early production OM-1 cameras had motor drive compatibility). What will you need to make the system work? An Olympus OM-1, OM-2, OM-2S, OM-3(Ti), or OM-4(T), with a motor drive or power winder. Also required are 250 Film magazines that may not come with your film back and probably the Olympus 250 Film Loader to ease loading the magazines.
The good news: I really liked the performance upgrade for my OM-4T camera and Moter drive. This is a professional caliber tool that performs just as specified.
The bad news: Bulk film must be loaded in darkness and processing bulk film can be expensive and difficult. Also we are talking about cameras and accessories that may be approaching 20 years old and many of these are collectable. Overhaul service such as provided by Camtech may be needed.
The bottom line: Top resolution imaging at bursts of 250 frames at 5 frames per second. Most top of the line digital cameras still cannot match this performance.

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Created: 07/01/09

Great, little camera for amateurs and pros alike

I purchased this camera, because I have many of Pentax's full-frame lenses and wanted a small walk-around camera. I would suggest this camera to any aspiring student photographer or professional who wants a break from lugging a lot of gear around. The ME is surprisingly small (comparable to one of the higher end digital point and shoot cameras, such as the LUMIX by Panasonic) and is easily put into a day bag or purse.

After purchasing my ME from an Ebay seller, I quickly realized I would have to do some minor repairs myself. Most film bodies purchases online will probably need to have their light seals replaced, as they become gummy and worn throughout the years. This is an easy process - in fact, an ebay member sells kits and instructions for various cameras at amazingly reasonable prices. You can find these kits by typing "interslice" in Ebay's search bar or searching for Ebay member "interslice." A list of pre-cut kits may show up in the search results, but generic kits run about $10 and are available through his store.

-"Auto" setting for shooters who aren't ready to make the jump to manual
-"Manual" setting for seasoned shooters
-One of the best pentaprisms on the market - clear and bright
-Understandable and sensible controls
-Hot shoe for flash and male sync port for studio strobes (or small flashes)
-Will sync with remote triggers (Pocket Wizards, Cybersyncs, etc)
-Works with "auto aperture" Pentax products
-Tough, metal body (does not feel cheaply made at all)
-Light meter very accurate
-Will shoot at 1/125 if batteries are dead

-Battery compartment difficult to access (this specifically for the model I purchased, but could see other models having "stripping" problems)
-Flash sync speeds up to 1/125, which is slow per today's standards
-Shutter controls can be hard to depress and are relatively small
-Shutter indicator is on the inside of the view finder and thus only readable from there (almost impossible to read shutter numbers in very low-light situations)
-Camera is small and feels awkward with large lenses attached

Overall, I highly recommend this camera to anyone interested in shooting film. Pentax has always been known to produce high quality lenses, which are usable on every Pentax body made. This makes switching to Pentax digital easier in the future and nicer to your wallet. Lenses I would suggest purchasing with this camera include: 50mm f/1.4, 55mm f/1.8 or 50mm f/1.7.

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Created: 05/06/08

Pentax ME Super

Great little camera. Has bright focus screen, full size viewfinder, uses standard K mount. Camera can be used with all Pentax/Ricoh K mount lenses in Aperture priority or manual mode. Exposure meter is centerweighted, gives great results when used properly. The shutter is metal blade, reasonably quiet for this type of camera. Accepts Pentax ME winder. Only thing missing is depth of field preview. Other cameras like it- Pentax ME, Ricoh XR-7 and Sears KS 1 and 2 (the Ricoh and Sears have depth of field preview as well). Overall good build quality, metal frame with plastic top and bottom covers. Doesn't weigh you down like so many of todays Digital monsters.

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Created: 11/10/09

One of Pentax's better ideas

The ME SUPER was an improvement on the MV and ME cameras. It adds more versatility to a fine camera. The M size was direct competition to the Olympus OM cameras. Small, well built and it does about anything you need it to do. Auto feature is apeture preferred. You set the f stop and the camera sets the speed. On the right hand top there is an L for lock, then Auto for automatic as described above. Then there is manual where you set the f-stop and then play with a + or - button to get the shutter speed you want. In the viewfinder there is a scale, and lights to tell you if you are properly exposed, over or under. Then there is a 125 setting so if batteries die you can shoot at a steady 125. And a setting B for bulb for long exposures.
The left top features an ASA wheel and an exposure bracketing wheel for plus or minus two f-stops, or use the ASA setting to make further adjustments. There is a bottom advance release button to roll up your film or take double exposures or multiple if desired.
A hotshoe tops the camera for onboard flash and on the side is a place to plug in an off camera flash if desired. You can fit the ME or MEII winder to this if wanted.
All in all a very capable camera that will meet most any situation. Shutter speed goes to 2000. I set my flash to 30 for manual shots, and the camera does support ttl also. What more can you ask???
Sturdy and capable all the way. I have several Pentax cameras form my Spotmatic to my K20D digital, and like them all, but this is a favored model.

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