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Pentax K-x
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Pentax K...
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Pentax K Series K-x 12.4 MP Digital SLR Camera - Beige (Kit w/ 18-55mm Lens)

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Product description
Product Information
For photographers wishing to move beyond the Limits of a simple point and shoot camera, the Pentax K-x is a camera that can help them move into a more professional camera. This 12.4 MP digital camera is designed with shake reduction technology that stabiLizes pictures for both still photos and video. The autofocus on this Pentax digital camera has face recognition software that makes focusing on a person much easier and faster. This 12.4 MP digital camera is very easy to carry due to its Lightweight and grips that make it possible for a photographer to use the camera with only one hand. This Pentax digital camera is energy-efficient and uses only two AA Lithium batteries to take up to 1900 shots in one setting. It is also possible for anyone using the Pentax K-x to add different visual effects or filters in order to improve any images. This beige Pentax digital camera contains many more features that make it more than just a point and shoot camera, a good fit for anyone wishing to learn more about photography.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
UPC027075159730, 027075165328

Key Features
Camera TypeDigital SLR
Optical Zoom3x
Sensor Resolution12.4 MP
Screen Size2.7"

Lens System
Lens For SD18-55mm

Weight18.2 Oz.

Display Size2.7"

eBay Product ID: EPID110876798

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Created: 02/08/10

K-x + Pentax = Dream entry/mid-level camera

The K-x is perfect for someone intimated by manual controls... there are enough digital filters, scene modes, custom options, and "intelligent" exposure settings to keep someone busy for days. But for those of us who prefer to shoot manually, it's not the world's most friendly camera, and for one simple reason: only one thumb dial to change both exposure and shutter speed. Big pain, and something I didn't really consider when I purchased the camera. My bad.

Color rendition is generally accurate, sometimes impressively so. But in tricky light: dappled sunlight in clouds (which is generally one of the great times to get beautiful color shots), it can be a little temperamental. Being able to adjust the color palette in the various WB modes is helpful, albeit a little time-consuming. Highlights in tricky light are usually blown, unless you use the HDR function (which takes 3 pics in a row of different exposures then makes a single custom picture from them), but that requires, in most instances, the use of a tripod. Otherwise, you've got a well-exposed, blurry picture. Speaking of blurry pictures, I'm not terribly impressed with the focus capacity of this camera. Yes, it has 11-point autofocus if you want it, but good luck figuring out which of the 11 points it's focused on... it doesn't tell you. As a result, I usually put it on center focus, but even then with moving objects...

I like the hand grip; makes for easy handling with one hand. The flash exposures are better than most, at least in practice (though daylight flash isn't perfect). The menu settings are okay... at least Pentax decided to go horizontal rather than vertical, so you never have to wonder what options are below the 'fold.' There aren't any.

The playback is fun, but when you use the digital filters in conjuction, the operation can be less than intuitive ~ you'll see what I mean when you try it. Who would know that you save a filtered pic with the "Info" button? Huh?? But this kind of unintuitive button function really isn't particular to Pentax; more and more cameras that try to be all things to all people suffer from this. I call it gadget creep. Cameras are increasingly feeling like they have to compete with i-Phones. Yikes. Frankly, I could give a rat's ass about movie capture... but maybe that's just me.

Overall I'm impressed with the camera's rendering of colors, it's usefulness as a glorified point and shoot, and its multi-layered capabilities. But if you're from the Old School and just want a box to capture light that isn't encumbered by too many options, I'm not entirely sure the K-x is your best bet.

Color rendering
Hand grip
plethora of filter/exposure options
two RAW options
long battery life (honestly, this camera is like the energizer bunny)
low-light capacity
useful first layer customization

limited dynamic range (highlights often clipped)
limited focusing consistency (due to focus point guessing game)
too many options that make the photographic experience a nuisance
not the most intuitive playback operation

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Created: 02/23/10

K-x is Revision after 1 week of use

Perfect Camera for the price... I was deciding between NIKON D5000 (My daughter has one, $849 by June/09) and a Pentax K-x ($549 by Feb/2010), almost similar cameras.

I'm really satisfied with the 4.7 fps continuous shooting up to fill the buffer (According to specs, 17 pictures), however, using a 4Gb, 30Mbps class 6 SANDISK extreme memory I'm getting up to 22/25 continuous shooting.

The major concern in the reviews was the lack of focus points... I don't found any problem with this. I just switch to one point AF when taking action pictures.

A very Powerful and convenience feature is that use Normal AA batteries. That means one charger less and you can find batteries any place in the planet. I get more that 1800 shots with the original Lithium batteries and approximately 500 shots with regular 2500 MAh niMH rechargable batteries. So, I decided to buy (2) kits 2700 mAH rechargeable fresh batteries and keep one Lithium kit for emergencies.

Very easy to use, very intuitive and easy to use menu, camera itself is very light and looks almost exactly like my Fuji Finefix S8000fd (Point & Shoot, prosumer).

In general, a little noisy when Auto-focusing with a Tele-zoom (28-300mm Promaster). Shooting is also a little more noisy that NIKON but I like the sound when taking 4.7 FPS... is like music for my ears.

Live View is slow for focusing and has a little delay with reality, can also hot the camera and stop working... Manual says 5 minutes is the maximum recommended time to use Live View. That's OK for me, I use Live View for rare occasions. NIKON D5000 has a Swivel option not available in K-x, no big deal.
When in live view there's a continuous noise you can hear really close to the camera, but the manual says is normal.

I made some small Videos in HD (720p) with mono audio and quality is OK.. Do not expect AF or Auto-exposure when doing videos, if you start the video a f8 (interior light) and requiere less aperture (Let's say a Sunny day video), you must stop recording and adjust Aperture again. In other words,any small point and Shoot can do better videos and nothing to do compare to a really HD Video camera.

Taking pictures with High ISO 3200 / 6400 is an excellent plus... Noise reduction is amazing. I never seen that kind of quality at so high ISO ratings.

Shake reduction is based in the Camera Body, so Lenses are cheaper than NIKON D5000 version and I can use lenses from many other camera models, even the Film SLR lenses. Shake reduction produce some blurry images with more that 100mm and under 1/125... I think that optical option is better (point for NIKON D5000).

Another only minor concern is my teleZoom lens is heavy compared to the camera weight, so after 1 hour using the camera with a 28/300mm camera you feel your hands tired because of this unbalance in weight.


Very easy to use, too powerful for that small price, very versatile because the using of AA batteries and all the previous PENTAX normal lenses (Just AF required). Excellent quality results at high ISO and 4.7 fps... Live View and Videos with some limitations, but in general OK compare to other DSLRs.

I'm really having fun with this new camera, even is not a Professional DSLR is an excellent and affordable replace for a Point & Shoot and compete with many High End DSLR in some points.

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Created: 09/09/10

Love this camera!

This camera is terrific! I have had no difficulty understanding the manual and using the camera. I have not explored every area of potential as yet, but am supremely happy with my results thus far. I selected this particular camera because it has a view finder. I missed that feature on the last two cameras I owned, both my video and former digital cameras were without a view finder and I am much happier to have one again. I was also aware of my daughter's happiness in her selection of this particular model earlier in the summer. She had purchased and used this same Pentax K-x model when we were together on safari in Tanzania and her results were far superior to those of the other cameras my husband and I were using. She is a much more savy photographer than we are, and she picked up the camera and began shooting after scanning the manual and had tremendous pictures. I would highly recommend this camera to anyone looking for a digital, video camera that has additional lens available, a view finder, and is very user friendly.

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