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Nintendo Game Boy Color
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Nintendo Game Boy Color Teal Handheld System

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Brand New Teal Nintendo Game Boy Color Handheld System Factory Sealed!
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Brand New Teal Nintendo Game Boy Color Handheld System Factory Sealed!
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Nintendo Game Boy Color Teal Handheld System Speaker Issues
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Nintendo Game Boy Color Teal Handheld System Speaker Issues
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Product description
Product Description
With 52 brilliant colors simultaneously displayed on Game Boy Color's small portable screen, your games look better than ever! Full color portable gaming is an awesome advance, but Game Boy Color does more than improve the appearance of your games. Game Boy Color is twice as fast as the regular Game Boy, which allows programmers to crunch more data and produce more sophisticated games. For you, this means faster action, more advanced AI, and increased realism.But you don't have to go out and buy all new games to enjoy playing in color! You can play any of the 450 original Game Boy titles, and Game Boy Color will transform them to color from black and white! When you put a pre-existing Game Boy game into Game Boy Color, you will be able to choose from one of twelve default color palettes on the Game Boy Color start-up screen. New games designed specifically for Game Boy Color are sharper and even more vivid than colorized black and white games, with a full spectrum palette of more than 32, 000 colors. Game Boy Color is compatible with both the Game Boy Camera and the Game Boy Printer.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
Product NameNintendo Game Boy Color
UPC0045496710804, 045496710804, 45496710804
Product LineNintendo Game Boy

TypeHandheld System
Enclosure MaterialPlastic
Device Input Support4-Way Cross Keypad
Video Color OutputColor

Audio Output SupportStereo
MIDI Channels Number4

Power & Battery
Battery UpTimeUp To 13 Hours
Battery TypeAA

Height5.24 in.
Weight0.3 lb
Width3.07 in.
Depth1.06 in.

Display TypeLCD
Display Size2.6 in.

Technical Details
Processor Quantity1
Supported MediaCartridge
Ram Capacity256 KB
Region CodeRegion Free
CPUSharp Z80 8 MHz

Memory Capacity0.02 MB

eBay Product ID: EPID100252526

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Created: 07/09/10

Game Boy Color

Review For: Nintendo Game Boy Color Teal Handheld System

Do you remember the Gameboy? It was about as big as one of them TI-83 Calculators that everyone seems to be into today, and had less buttons, and took more batteries. Everyone loved that huge little system. Then in 1996, Nintendo had this bright idea to create an improvement. But after the Virtual Boy got shutdown, Nintendo decided to just upgrade upon their good thing. So in 1998, we were introduced to the Gameboy Color.
Starting out with only two types of color at the time: Clear Atomic Purple and regular Grape (both purple), the Gameboy color seemed to have the upper hand at its launch, seeing how there was always virtually no competition in the handheld department. But even with the improvements that the Gameboy Color brought to the table, it STILL did not deliver like it should have.
The System
The Gameboy Color is like your simple Gameboy, only way smaller. Coming in your choice of six colors (as well as them limited edition Pokemon GBC's), you had a variety to choose from. On the surface, your Gameboy Color provides you with a small control pad, a Start and Select button, and the standard B and A buttons that are on EVERY Nintendo product and/or controller, as well as a screen that is the size of your classic Gameboy screen, though the border will make it seem smaller than it actually is. To the left side, you will find the volume wheel that would crank your sound from being too quiet up to "I can hear this as long as everything around me shuts up". You will also find a port that you can use your Gameboy Link Cable in, so you can connect to your friends Gameboy and play a two player game. To the top of the system is the standard Cartridge slot where you could stick a Game into or something else to get your buddies steamed up, and the hardly ever used Infrared port. To the right side of the system, you will find the power switch. Classic Gameboy had the power switch on the top, so this is much different than before. And at the bottom of your Gameboy Color are two slots: One for your headphones so you can hear the tunes of your game, and a very tiny slot big enough to slip an AC power adaptor into it.
Contained inside your Gameboy Color is a bunch of chips and stuff I don't know a thing about. The point of these chips is to allow you to play ANY Gameboy game, be it classic or Color. Naturally the 'plays ANY Gameboy game' line became obsolete at the time of the launch of the Gameboy Advance, but despite that your Gameboy Color already has a game library of over 500 some-odd games: good or bad. As an added bonus, these chips also allow you to play these classic games in a way you probably never played them before (unless you have a Super Gameboy of course): IN COLOR! No longer do you have to find yourself a nice corner to sit in and adjust the contrast so you can see a lighter shade of black and white, but now you can sit in that same corner and see everything in glorious color. Why do you have to sit in that corner still you might ask? Simple. The Gameboy Color creators say that putting in a Backlight would have cost more and would use up more of your batteries, so they made it so you have to sit in a direct light source to be able to play your games. This gets REALLY annoying, especially if you're playing in the car while driving through a forest or tunnel or something. If Nintendo had gotten rid of that semi useless Infrared adaptor, there could have been room for a backlight. Oh well.
So what's the deal with this Infrared dealie

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Created: 09/05/09

Gameboy: Still Fun After All These Years!!

Nintendo's Game Boy finally becomes a color portable! Released in Japan by Nintendo October 21, 1998.Game Boy color is basically the same old technology as in the previous systems, but it has been totally improved and enhanced. This system packs an extra little punch.
We have a nice reflective non-lit color TFT LCD capable of displaying 56 colors out of 32,000, at 160 x 144 resolution. A nice ultra-crisp rich looking color screen that is finally free from blur! The screen is smaller than any of the previous Game Boy screens and may seem tiny at first, 2.25 inches, but you will warm up to it as you begin to play. There is now no contrast adjustment for your screen. And you still need to be in a very well lit lighting situation in order to see the screen. I have a worm light for mine, but no matter what type of lighting situation you find yourself in, you have to deal with the glare on the screen. You have to angle and adjust things just, so so. Still it is easier on the eyes than the previous Gameboy Pocket screen.
Two AA batteries give you 10 to 13 hours of play time.You have an AC adapter jack at the bottom, next to the headphone jack, for those times when you just want to save those batteries.

Backwards Compatibility!
Deep Game Library!
No Blur or ghosting

No backlight
Smaller screen
Special link cable needed to hook up with that chunky Original GB

There is a lot of fun to be had in the GB Color if you don't mind not having a backlight. If you are into the retro Game Boy games, this unit would be a good choice. You get the best of both worlds, color and monochrome, with no blurring or ghosting in those early games. And this portable even brings a little color to those early Gameboy games using basically the same type of technology as the "Super Game Boy," an adapter cart made for the SNES. The GB Color assigns color to the different shades of gray. Really, this system has had a long lifespan, speaking of the Game Boy series as a whole, and the game library shows it. It is packed with fun. If you want to go back and enjoy all those games, maybe you are on a tight budget, then this is the obvious choice. You can pick up one of these used for a small price along with the games. When you count B & W plus the color you are talking about 800 plus titles. While doing this review it inspired me to pick up a few more games, so I went on eBay and picked up five more titles and they are on their way. I like many of the old gray scale Gameboy games because they are so addictive in gameplay. I am still purchasing many missed titles and having the time of my life. I gave it high marks because of the deep game library and the great retro fun factor. To that Game Boy fan, a "big thumbs up" to Nintendo for giving us a color 8 bit portable Gameboy.

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Created: 10/07/08

Nintendo Game Boy Color - Handheld game system - transl

Man I tell you one thing, for an old 8-bit handheld there is nothing like it. The graphics and speed rivals top 286 ATs when they were playing classic EGA games. The color is far richer than EGA and resolution wise. You have to put the system in relative perspective. If you ever owned an old IBM compatible machine you would have to get an expenesive sound card, VGA adapter, and boost your ram in order to have the same level of play in such a small system. Nintendo was clearly ahead of its time or more less ahead if you compare to the 16-bit failed power to the NES 8-bit successfull power. You have clothes, textures, and great music and Atari and Intellivision you have mono colored people "The Blue Man Group w/o clothes", no textures, and flat music.

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Created: 07/09/09

Good system for young kids or occasional gamers

What I like:
1. Cheap! (You can get one on ebay or at a gaming store used for $5. Games are about $5 each unless you want pokeman or something rare.)
2. Small enough for kids' hands, big enough for adult hands (small enough to easily travel, big enough to see the screen well).
3. Lots of available games and accessories! Of course the newer games aren't compatible, but there are plenty of older game boy and game boy color games still around... And if you want the games you remember playing in the 80's and 90's, then you should be able to find them. (Adults may wish to invest in a screen magnifier and larger buttons attachment if they plan to play a lot. Some sort of light is also useful...)
4. Durable! I think these were better made than the newer ones... No hinges to break, better protected screens, etc. If seen ones with mars in the plastic showing they were dropped repeatedly but they still work just fine.

What could be better:
1. Screen isn't backlit.... (older technology and probably saves you a lot on battery life too, but means you'll need a light of some sort if you want to play in the dark - several types of light attachments are available or you can just turn on a room light, etc)
2. Not all games are intuitive and you usually don't get instruction booklets with used games (you can usually find information on the web but it takes time)
3. Can't play the newer games. Plays original game boy and game boy color games only. If you're waiting for that newest title to come out, this isn't for you. If you're happy bargain hunting classics like me, this isn't much of a detriment.

Why to buy:
1. Great for vacations, killing time waiting places, kids and adults....
2. Affordable... easy to replace the system if it gets lost or broken...
3. Less likely to be stolen than newer systems
4. Want to reminisce and play those classic games

1. Buy one with some games and/or accessories... Try to get a good bunch to start. It's cheaper than buying games/accessories separately.
2. Make sure it has working sound, no SERIOUS scratches on the screen and a battery cover - who wants to have their hand on batteries while playing? Or have to wear headphones all the time? There are enough intact ones out there you can pass on broken ones. You can buy replacement battery doors or screens, but it's going to be more than it's worth. (There is a rechargeable battery the you can get that replaces the battery cover as well and if I had to pay to replace a battery cover, I'd probably go that route instead).

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Created: 07/29/09

The gameboy color sturdy until armageddon

This now retro handheld gaming system by nintendo outlasts any electronic gaming device I've ever gotten including consoles like the ps2 where the optical drive fails or faulty controllers or scratched disks that prevent you from playing. This catridge system was made to last the years of gaming that the system provides and still sells strong on eBay. feeling some 90s nostalgia? buy this product!

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