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Nintendo DSi
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Nintendo DSi Portable Game Console (PINK) - NEW!
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Nintendo DSi Portable Game Console (PINK) - NEW!
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Nintendo DSi Video Game System Pink
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Nintendo DSi Video Game System Pink
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Product description
Product Description
The Nintendo DSi is the third model of the Nintendo DS platform, following Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite, and Nintendo has developed Nintendo DSi with the aim to further expand the Nintendo DS audience.Some typical functions include the ability to change the pitch and the speed separately by using the touch screen. The ability to freely manipulate the audio pitch and the speed can expand how the audio player can be used in more practical ways as well. You can fast-forward a podcast to economize the time. When you use the repeat-run function with the stylus, it becomes easier to copy the music, to play a musical instrument or to practice foreign languages.Also, since Nintendo DSi has a microphone, Nintendo is incorporating the DSi sound function to make use of it. Nintendo DSi has internal memory, just like Wii. After storing the data there, you can choose to activate this data from the menu screen.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
Product NameNintendo DSi
UPC0045496718794, 045496444006, 071808815127, 45496718794, 4902370517736, 780332916902
Product LineNintendo Entertainment System

TypeHandheld System
Device Input Support4-Way Cross Keypad
Video Color OutputColor

Audio Output SupportStereo

Power & Battery
Battery UpTimeUp To 14 Hours
Power Source TypesPower Supply - internal
Battery TypeRechargeable Lithium-Ion

Height2.94 in.
Weight0.47 lb
Width5.4 in.
Depth0.74 in.

Display TypeLCD
Display Size3.25 in.

Technical Details
Processor Quantity2
Ram TechnologySRAM
Supported MediaNintendo DS Game Card, Nintendo DSI Game Card, SD Memory Card
Resolutions256 x 192
Internet ConnectivityWireless
Ram Capacity16 MB
Region CodeRegion Free

FeaturesAAC Playback, Built-in Microphone, Built-in Two VGA Digital Cameras

eBay Product ID: EPID100299168

Reviews & Research

CNET Editors' reviewGood


    Adds two larger screens; two 0.3-megapixel cameras; a bit thinner than the DS Lite; exclusive access to the DSi Shop for downloadable games and applications.


    No longer supports Game Boy Advance games; lower battery life than its predecessor; Internet security settings are buried and confusing.


    "While not all previous DS owners should upgrade, the DSi is an ambitious and solidly designed portable gaming system."

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Created: 11/05/09

A great little piece of entertainment

From a gadgeteers perspective, the Nintendo DSi doesn't seem like it's all that: the cameras are incredibly low resolution, the internal memory is shockingly low to today's standards, and the system's capabilities couldn't hold a candle to the pure power of the iPod Touch. But from a gamer's point of view, the Nintendo DSi is a great little piece of entertainment, and an evolution of the immensely popular DS Lite handheld with additions that make a whole lot of sense. I'm a huge fan.

Nintendo and many of its third-party developers have proven that the existing Nintendo DS has what it takes to provide a unique, handheld gaming experience: by combining traditional D-pad and buttons with touch screen control and offering up a second display all in a portable form, Nintendo has created a unique platform that has the potential for game ideas that stray from the usual formula.

The Nintendo DSi doesn't break away from what's been working for the platform. Instead, the system adds functionalities that advance the platform and give it new capabilities that make sense. The cameras, for example, seem like a gimmick at first, but in the right hands they can open up brand new opportunities. While other systems have toyed with the camera idea for years, the DSI is the first gaming platform that includes cameras as standard. This means that developers can focus on its capabilities as a primary goal in their DSi titles instead of as an optional side project. The potential is there – it's a little disappointing that the Japanese system's been out for nearly four months and really only has Wario Ware Snapped! to show, but with the worldwide launch out of the way we're expecting big things out of the DSi's eyes in the near future.

The internal memory of the Nintendo DSi opens up the bigger picture: downloadable games. Now that developers can get their ideas into systems without having to go through the usual publishing chains, expect even more "out of the box" ideas to hit the handheld platform. For years game designers have been toying with the DS hardware in a variety of ways, but having their projects nixed by the higher ups because cartridges are expensive to produce and retailers aren't willing to risk stocking experimental products. Though the launch offering is a little uncreative, it won't be long before we start seeing some great concepts using the system capabilities.

Nintendo added functions to the DS platform without hurting what made the handheld popular: the size and shape of the system has stayed just as small, sleek, and durable as the DS Lite platform, something I consider already a great design. The only hard complaint I have is in material: the shift from the glossy surface to the matte finish makes fingerprints less obvious, but it's now more prone to scratches if you toss the device carelessly into a bag. It's still one tough little system, but it will now show battle damage more prominently.

The DSi is initially a tough sell to those content with the DS Lite – after all, the DS cartridges are still flowing to shelves at a steady pace and will continue to do so for months if not years from now. But when you look at the bigger picture – exclusive downloadable games, the ability to carry games and software inside the system, the opportunities for camera-based DS gaming – it's hard not to recommend putting down the cash for the new system.

This item is available in my eBay store:

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Created: 12/20/10

Nintendo DSi

Nintendo has always had a way with handhelds, from the Gameboy to the SP and to the DS.

The Nintendo DSi adds features such as wifi and the Nintendo Market to make the purchases of games easier. The updated DS adds an internal camera and a picture editor to add onto the already exiting camera function, as well as an ability to upload your picture to Facebook.

Nintendo has been making great handhelds for a long time, and the DSi is no different.

Fun for all ages.

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Created: 07/10/10

Nintendo DSi

My daughter had saved her money & used birthday money to purchase a DSi with. Her grandmother had two DS hand held games previously. So she was familiar with the product. She decided she wanted a DSi as it has a lot of neat features. In particular it has a camera which she always wanted so this was a real bonus. You can take pictures two ways (things you are looking at and switch it and take a picture of yourself). After the pictures are taken, you can modify them and really have fun (you can stretch and do silly things with the pictures and then restore them back to normal). There are all sorts of features that can be added like stars and hearts. She got a bundle pack and it came with four girl games and the DSi comes in different colors (her's was pink). When you first turn it on, it is can personalize it (name, birthdate, favorite color, etc.). It has so many features and different activities to do, great for travel or home. I was also impressed that it stated to take 10-15 minute breaks every hour. We went over these instructions the first day we got it and she knows she can't play for hours on end at a time. Great product and definitely recommend!

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Created: 01/01/10

Nintendo DSi pink

The DSi was exactly as described. I decided to buy the item based on the price, availability, and reputation of the seller. My 8 year old daughter is thrilled with it and for the most part knew how to operate the system. We had a bit of a problem accessing the internet, but her dad figured it out pretty easily by looking information up on the internet about how to troubleshoot these types of issues. All in all our whole family is happy with the purchase and the price and convenience of using the computer can't be beat in my opinion as I hate to go to the store and I hate the mall even more.

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Created: 03/09/10


Love the upgrades, the camera is awesome and extremely fun with all of the editing you can do to the pics. The connection to the internet is faster than I expected. Not lightning fast but respectably quick! So far it has been very durable. My 10 yr old has almost no sense of responsibility and treats his stuff that way. We bought the nerf cover for it and it has been dropped, thrown, sat on, and gotten water on it with NO signs of trouble.

I think they could upgrade the speakers and make the screens bigger with better resolution.

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