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Nikon Speedlight SB-24 Shoe Mount Flash ...
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Nikon Speedlight SB-24 Shoe Mount Flash for Nikon

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Nikon Speedlight SB-24 Shoe Mount Flash for Nikon (#0776)
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Nikon Speedlight SB-24 Shoe Mount Flash for Nikon (#0776)
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Product description
Now capture sharper and brighter action pictures with the Speedlight SB-24 camera flash, no matter what the light conditions are. Built with a 1/250 sec flash sync speed, this Nikon camera flash helps freeze motion, so that you are able to capture those fast-moving subjects with greater clarity and detail. With the ability to swivel -270 degrees to +180 degrees and a -7 to +90-degree vertical tilt, this Nikon flash ensures that no portion of your photograph is without illumination. The Nikon camera flash, offering a flash range of 0.6 - 20m, illuminates even distant objects, required during wildlife photography. Features such as Matrix and Center-Weighted filled-in flash, TTL automatic flash control, full power TTL manual flash control in this Nikon flash, give you the freedom and ability to click a wide variety of pictures. Constructed with a light and compact design, the Speedlight SB-24 provides great portability and storage.

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Key Features
Guide Number118 ft/ISO 100
Compatible BrandFor Nikon

Weight13.7 oz

eBay Product ID: EPID102474351

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Created: 06/08/10

Best Bang for your Buck

If you follow the strobist blog (and if you're serious about photography, even as a hobby, you should), then this is the perfect flash for you. Lots of power (relatively), great battery life, decent recovery time, but best of all, perfect price.

You can expect to pay between $65 and $80 for one of these flashes, and it has almost all the functionality of the $160 LumoPro 160 flash (which itself has almost all the functionality of the $440 Nikon SB-800).

Don't buy this if you want automatic flash exposures done with an on-camera flash. You're much better off buying the $125 SB-400 for that. These are the perfect candidate for manual, portable, off-camera flashes that will be modified in some way (umbrella, snoot, grid, omni-bounce, etc.).

Good Battery Life
Decent power / recharge

Not as powerful as a strobe, or the SB-800-type flashes (although close)
Only steps down to 1/16 power (LumoPro 160 steps down to 1/64th, like the SB-800s) -- you can use neutral density gels to step the flash down further, but it wastes more battery than if the flash could do it natively
Zooms to 85mm (LP160 zooms to 105mm) - minor, and if you're a strobist, you'll probably snoot it if you need it zoomed further anyways.

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Created: 09/28/10

Excellent for off-camera work

I bought this flash to use off-camera with an umbrella.

Size and build quality are a level up from my Canon 430EX. Flash power on 1/1 is almost a full stop more with the Nikon. It offers manual control from 1/1 to 1/16 at full stop increments, PC-sync ports, and a 24-85mm zoom head. Unlike the 430EX, zoom works even if the head is angled upward.

This flash is also capable of rudimentary auto-fill on a Canon EOS body with no modifications, though you've got to set the expected ISO and aperture on the flash in advance. Recycle time at full power with Eneloop NiMH batteries is 4 seconds. The range of motion of the flash head is the same as the 430EX, but slightly more awkward because there are separate button releases for tilt and swivel. It does not have the 430EX's built-in wide-angle diffuser.

Overall, this is an impressive and quality piece of kit. There's no reason to prefer a Vivitar 285HV except for the ease of manual control. Even there, it only takes about five minutes to figure the SB-24 inside and out.

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Created: 05/21/09

Nikon SB-24 is a beautiful BRIGHT flash

Nikon Sb-24 is great and affordable and bright as hell.
Great choice. Includes PC chords, that make it possible to have off camera flash with chords, or you can get transceivers that connect either by the hot shoe or with the pc link or other ways.

Over all this flash is a great choice for any photographer.

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  • Battery life
  • Size / weight
  • Value for money
Created: 01/26/12

Nikon quality for a fantastic price!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I recently purchased a Nikon N6006 camera. While reading the instructions they mentioned several flash units this being the most recent at that time period. I looked at the SB-22 and SB-23 and decided that this unit would mate well with my camera.

The unit is a quality piece of photo equiptment built solid compared to a modern dslr flash units. I purchased this particular unit because of its ttl features and how it should work with the cameras matrix metering system.

I haven't processed any film taken with the flash, but i know it has to be an improvement over the units built in flash which i have tried. I've been out of the photography loop for a while but i think with this flash unit in my arsenal i'm well on the way to getting back in the saddle.

Because of the wide spread use of digital technology now i find that i am able to purchase quality film equiptment for bargin prices now. This flash has more features than i'll probably ever use. Its manual is comprehensive and can be found on the internet.

I do not have any dislikes about this product, got a good solid product at a good price, now all i have to do is put it to use. Compared to the modern digital flash unit that I purchased it is built more solid, has more features and is simple to use.

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  • Battery life
  • Size / weight
  • Value for money
Created: 04/12/14

@$60ish/? a bit more,'HomerunFlash' you'll KEEP. BEST4 MultiFlashSetups

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

No matter how many aftermarket flashes out there, NOTHING compares to Nikon's Speedlight OEM's- Even Older Ones. The SB24 is a great, **Fully Functional with Nikon's Digital systems, Strobe Flash / Slave Flash, Primary Flash, for those in need of A. just less expensive options(Consider a $20 flash that breaks 1 month after purchase, when you ponder costs). B. It is a fully functional Optical Slave Flash-To ANY other brand Flash that works properly. When combined with any other multi flash setups, its great.(btw the SB24 is 1 of only a few with Optical trigger) It is fully adjustable with an LCD thats viewable, to 1/128th power, it supports Nikons FP strobe feature and fires at higher sync speeds 320+, has bot PC and 3 prone Tether connects, & 3prong aux power source. Full Stroboscopic Function, It DOW not Have Diffuser or Bounce flash pull out card...BUT it rotates, tilts, locks, and for @ the $60 I paid it is much more useful than zany of the, Vivitar(full AF model), Meitz, Hannimax,, and Dedicated fully auto Zeikos.....way back when I was trying to avoid $%00-+ for a top Speedlight. If your reading this than Than I assume you aren't debating "a VS 600,800,900 etc". If you are debating older Speedlights this one, "Per the Strobist himself' is a WINNER, and best value with all features needed. It (on digital) is manual zoom like Yonghou, 560II & under.

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