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Nikon Nikkor 85 mm F/1.8 D AF Lens
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Nikon Ni...
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Nikon Nikkor 85 mm F/1.8 D AF Lens

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Nikon AF Nikkor 85mm f/1.8D Lens + UV Filter & Cleaning Kit
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Nikon AF Nikkor 85mm f/1.8D Lens + UV Filter & Cleaning Kit
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Nikon Nikkor AF 85mm f1.8 D Lens 85/1.8 #981
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Indianapolis, IN, USA
Nikon Nikkor AF 85mm f1.8 D Lens 85/1.8                                     #981
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Product description
Product Information
The Nikon Nikkor 85 mm camera lens is a lightweight, compact portrait lens that is ideal for general or travel photography use. This Nikon camera lens combines the features of a classic lens with the compact and lightweight nature of a travel lens. This camera lens captures images at the speed of light with an f/1.8 zoom lens. Images are captured with vibrant clarity, and no blurriness or image distortion. The multi-layer coating on this camera lens allows photos to be taken with maximum clarity, and reduces the chance of ghosting or flares occurring on the images. The zoom lens on this Nikon Nikkor 85 mm camera lens gives users total control over the depth-of field setting. The Nikon Nikkor 85 mm camera lens has a back focus feature that allows users to zoom in and out without distorting or changing the length of the lens. This Nikon camera lens fits can be mounted onto most Nikon digital SLR cameras.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
UPC0018208019311, 018208019311, 0182080193114, 5910000002858

Lens System
Focus TypeAuto & Manual
Focal LengthFixed/Prime
Focal Length (mm)85 mm

Compatible BrandNikon

Weight13.4 oz

eBay Product ID: EPID99752557

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Created: 12/01/06

The "Ideal" film focal length?

At some point in any photographer's evoloution we all need to make a decision - am I a zoom or fixed focal length shooter?
For the type of photography I enjoy, and for the purposes I use my photos for, are the tight tolerances and distortion controls designed into most professional level fixed focal length lenses necessary? Do I need the faster apertures - really? Do I mind carrying around several lenses, each weighing half to one and a half pounds, to cover the focal lengths I most frequently use when shooting and do I mind having to reach into my bag to change lenses again and again during a shooting session?
Or do I prefer carrying one, or at most two, overlapping zooms covering the same range?
If the answer to this question is the latter, then you should read no further and consider purchasing one of the many zoom lenses available that include the 85mm focal length. You should especially do so if you are a digital shooter. For you, the fast aperture of f/1.8 is meaningless, since most of your SLR's start with a sensitivity of ISO 320, and corner sharpness is useless since your sensor is only "seeing" the central portion of the circle projected by this lens.
Having said all that, Nikon's 85mm f/1.8 AF lens is one of the finest optics it has been my pleasure to own. Designing short telephoto's is, admittedly, easier to do well than say superwides but this lens is, nevertheless, a jewel among short telephotos. Distortion is virtually nil and the lens is sharp at all apertures, especially at f/1.8. Build quality is excellent, being mostly metal and the lens has metal filter threads (which you will learn to appreciate the first time you cross thread a filter on a lens with plastic threads). The internal focusing mechanism and short movement required to focus to infinity makes autofocus on the lens as fast on my F100 and D100 as my lenses with the AFS motors.
Slides taken with this lens are contrasty and sharp at all apertures with no vignetting - even with the lenshood on over a thick filter mount. The lenshood itself is a welcome departure from some of the plastic horrors Nikon has come out with in recent years, being an all metal screw in type.
So if moody portraiture with soft out of focus backgrounds on ISO 50 films are your thing - this is your optic and it's a bargain even at full price. If you are a contemplative one lens shooter, who spends the time setting up a tripod and then moving it about until your angle and framing are perfect, then you could not do much better than this little gem (But why are you working in 35mm and not large format?). Even a working pro, who occasionally needs a little more reach and speed would be happy with this lens and can be confident that the results will not let him down.
It just that the rest of us, with limited budgets, who take pictures for our own pleasure and not for resale, would probably be better served spending the same money for something a bit more versatile.

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Created: 12/10/10

Super Sharp, Super Fast

I have a number of fast prime nikon lenses and this 85mm f1.8D is on of my favorites. I really llike the size of the lense (Great Balance). Focus is very snappy and colors are very true. Probably one of my favorite reasons for enjoying this lens is it's the perfect focal length for candid portraits. If you can get your hands on one of these don't hesitiate to grab it. You wont be disappointed.

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Feature ratings

  • Picture quality
  • Size / weight
  • Value for money
Created: 03/02/14

Great lens, go for it. You won't be dissatisfied.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

This is an absolutely fantastic lens.

For the price, it's unstoppable. From the length and brightness of the lens optics, one could infer how beautiful the photos are that this hunk of glass produces. Its also really solid, although it has a plastic exterior, the build quality is strong, with metal interiors. Keep in mind, when auto-focusing, the focus ring does rotate. Great for portraiture and mini-telephoto, it's a pretty strong addition to my collection. I look forward to using it for more of my endeavors into photography.

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Created: 05/13/09

Nikon 85mm 1.8 AF

Great lens for portrait work. Calculating the usable focal length for D200 puts the length at about 127mm. The Nikon Defocus 105mm F2 is too long for general use [over 150mm]. Good editing software can "select focus" the shot as needed.

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Created: 08/02/09

85mm nice lens

this is a very fast lens f1.8 85mm, is sharp and have a very good definition, not soft at f1.8. Is a light weight lens. I recommended to any user of nikon mount cameras or 35mm adapters like Letus35.

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