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Nike SQ MachSpeed Black Round Driver Golf Club

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Product description
Add fun and style to your game with the Nike SQ MachSpeed black round driver. Engineered aerodynamically, this Nike driver generates less drag for maximum speed. The STR8-FIT adjustability in this long-distance golf club allows you to create 8 different head positions and correct some of the worst hooks and slices. The round shape of this Nike driver’s clubhead offers workability and helps to maintain a longer ball flight, thus covering more distance. This long-distance golf club features a Mitsubishi Fubuki shaft that offers tour-level stability and control. Get the Nike SQ MachSpeed and escalate your performance towards the winning edge.

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Product Identifiers
ModelSQ MachSpeed Black Round
Club TypeDriver

Shaft MaterialGraphite
Head MaterialTitanium

eBay Product ID: EPID96889065

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Created: 04/04/11

Great Driver

I am a 13 hdcp. I have a natural draw and a tendonsy to over cook it. I opened up the club face and now I have the most beautiful baby draw. I played a Taylormade Tour Burner prior to this purchase and I would say I've gained 10-15 yards. The biggest difference between the two is the sweet-spot on the Nike is HUGE!!! I'm getting 275+ on off-center hits and easy 300 otherwise. It has a "unique" sound at impact unlike any other driver I've used before.

I honestly didn't think that my game would benefit from "tweaking" the club but I'm amazed on what the change has done for me. I've only played two rounds with it but after hitting fairway after fairway, I'm sold and so where the other players in my group. More FIR= more GIR= lower scores. I've never been more excited to tee off in my life. If these first two rounds of the year are indicative of what's to come, its gonna be a great year!!!

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Created: 01/08/11

Nike SQ MachSpeed Black Round Driver Golf Club

I purchased this driver becuase I like the club head and also with anticipation that I would change the shaft. After I purchased this club, I heard about the VR Pro Driver, but at the $400 price point, it was pricey. I figured I'd go with the cheaper club and put a better shaft in it. The 50 gram Fubuki is not a good shaft for this club-it's way too light.

Come to find out you cannot put a non-Nike shaft into this clubhead, unless some work is done to the ferrell and butt end of the shaft.

I am a zero handicap and just happen to know a really good club repair man.
He put an Attas shaft (I was fit to this shaft) on my driver and I am still able to adjust the settings. The only drawback is that when I change the club face settings, the tool does not beep when the shaft is in place. I leave the face at neutral.

I really like this club, but if Nike plans to keep up with Titleist and Callaway they need to offer more options and features to its drivers.

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Created: 10/04/11

The shorter golfer will love adjusting the lie angle to flat!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I bought this driver because I felt my swing speed has increased significantly since my last driver purchase. My old driver being a stock regular flex Nike SQ Dymo 10.5 loft, I had my ups and downs with this driver, but mainly a positive experience. My only negative feedback I have for my old big dawg was how loud it was.

I recently got my Nike Machspeed black with the stock fubuki stiff shaft and took it out for a round or two. I was able to achieve a much hotter/penetrating ball flight off the black clubface. Nike also did a great job with dampening the noise with this one, more of a CRACK! sound and man does it really go.. and release. The shaft is much easier to control than my old regular flex. Switching to a stiff flex and a lower lofted (9.5) driver took some getting used to, but I got the feeling now, and am completely satisfied.

The str8 fit deserves a review of its own. I messed around with the straight fit like a little kid on christmas morning.. I was able to achieve many different shot shapes. I feel like the Nike Victory Red driver has too many str8 fit settings... It would take a perfect swing time and time again to be able to notice the opening or closing of the clubface by a fraction of a degree. The Machspeed Black comes with a very practical 8 settings. I tried 4 different settings including (neutral-upright, upright-open 1 degree, neutral-flat, and flat-open 1 degree). I loved the fact that you could flatten the lie (I am a shorter human being @ about 5'7" tall) this allowed me to have a very natural hand position at address without the toe off the ground like other stock clubs... I ended up leaving the club at lie angle flat and neutral face angle. I am able to hit a baby fade that carries roughly 255-265 ish and boy does it release. I was getting 20-25 yards of roll out on spongey wet fairways.

Hit the longest drive of my life 3 holes in, and it released into the wet rough! WOW

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Created: 05/26/11


Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

For a mid-handicapper (11), this is the longest driver I've hit. I'd been playing a Ping G10 for several years, which I liked pretty well. But the Nike is easier to hit and goes higher, straighter and easily 20 yards longer.

My swing speed is in the mid to upper 90s, and until now I was happy with a 250-yd drive. (Up here in soggy Seattle it's mostly carry, we don't get much roll.) But in my first round with the MachSpeed, I played a 450-yard par 4 with driver, 6-iron! This club is going to change my strategy on a lot of holes.

I'm playing the 10.5 loft with the stock, stiff-flex Fubuki shaft. Like some other reviewers I thought it felt too light when I first picked it up, but after seeing how a smooth swing pummeled the ball, I have to bow to the wisdom of the Nike designers. (Note: if you can find this driver with a factory-installed True Temper Project X shaft, I think that's an even better setup.)

So far I haven't experimented much with the variable face settings. The "neutral" setting sets up looking slightly closed to my eye, and encourages a draw, but so far I haven't had a problem with over-hooking it.

I compared this driver with the Nike MachSpeed Square, the Ping G15, and the TaylorMade Burner SuperFast. Came to really appreciate the lightweight feel of the MachSpeed Round, as well as the results. The MachSpeed has a unique sound at impact, with more "pow!" than the usual titanium "ping!"

My guess is that for very long hitters, or players looking for more ability to shape shots both right & left, this might not be the ideal club. But if, like me, you're looking for reasonable distance and more fairway-finding consistency - you owe it to yourself to give this one a try!

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Created: 04/10/11

good distance

i couldn't get used to the club, but i think thats because i have not played all winter and trying to get back into the swing of things. i will say this driver has excellent distance compared to all the other drivers i have tried in my life. if i hit this thing straight it def has the balls to go 300 yards. the couple i did get ahold of on the course landed in mid air at 280 yards and that not with the roll. i couldn't get consistant with it, but like i said i think thats the lack of playing time from the winter

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