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Need for Speed: Most Wanted  (Sony PlayS...
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Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Sony PlayStation 2, 2005)

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted for PlayStation 2 - Complete
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La Mesa, CA, USA
Need for Speed: Most Wanted for PlayStation 2 - Complete
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[NO GAME] PS2 NEED FOR SPEED Most Wanted Case and Instructions Only
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Dunedin, FL, USA
[NO GAME] PS2 NEED FOR SPEED Most Wanted Case and Instructions Only
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Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Sony PlayStation 2, 2005) Black Label Complete
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Need for Speed: Most Wanted  (Sony PlayStation 2, 2005) Black Label Complete
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Product description
Product Information
The long-running Need for Speed series races into new territory with this cross-platform, cross-generational release. Most Wanted is built upon many of the fan-favorite features and modes from previous games in the series, including a forgiving yet credible physics engine, vehicles of real-life makes and models, and state-of-the-art graphics. As with the previous Need for Speed: Underground, much of the game is styled around the illicit street racing scene, and as in earlier games such as Need for Speed III and Hot Pursuit 2, many of the Most Wanted's challenges involve not only getting from one place to another in the fastest time, but avoiding ambitious law enforcement officers (in souped-up vehicles of their own) all along the way.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
GameNeed for Speed: Most Wanted

Key Features
PlatformSony PlayStation 2

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorMild Violence
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick
Number of Players1-2
Release Year2005
Game Special Features
  • Rise to the top of a "blacklist" by besting rival drivers in high-speed street races

  • Use traffic, destructible objects, and more to outwit the competition

  • Master skill-based evasion techniques to escape patrolling cops

  • Customize each exotic car's appearance and performance

  • Online support lets you compete against players from around the world

  • Game SeriesNeed for Speed Series

    eBay Product ID: EPID47830166

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    Created: 05/26/06

    Best NFS game, yet. EA has out-done themselves

    Wow totally blown away by this game. This has to be the best EA has put out yet in the NFS series. Great police chases, good story line, and beautiful cars. This game is worth every penny. Good job EA for putting so much work into this game. Totally recommend to anyone who likes driving games, or who liked all the previous Need for Speed games.


    Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Playstation®2)
    Wake up to the smell of burnt asphalt as the thrill of illicit street racing permeates the air. From the makers of the hit Need for Speed Underground series that has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide, Need for Speed: Most Wanted challenges players to become the most notorious and elusive street racer.

    Combining illicit street racing and tuner customization with the intensity of strategic police pursuit that surpasses any Hollywood-style chase scene, Need for Speed: Most Wanted will be on every gamer’s ‘must-have’ list this holiday season. Out-race rivals, evade cops and exploit hundreds of miles of open road as gamers make their way up the Blacklist.

    To become the most wanted racer, players must build up their street cred and Rap Sheet with gripping, white knuckle, head-to-head races with the top drivers on the streets, as well as pull daring, evasive moves to out-run and out-fox the cops that patrol the open road. Players can manage their heat or utilize a number of strategic tactics to keep the cops off their tails as they leave their rivals behind to suck their exhaust fumes.

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted also features a variety of the hottest cars that range from tuners and super cars to muscles and sports cars. You can tune your ride to race against any class of vehicles. The streets will be your playground.


    • Open Road, Open World: Rule the streets as the most notorious street racer in various distinct regions that include edgy and upscale industrial and urban environments. In the game, the environment can be a friend for a foe. Players will master short-cuts as well as use the traffic and destructible environments to their advantage.

    • All-New Gameplay: Need for Speed: Most Wanted features new and exciting gameplay that incorporates strategic cop pursuit and skill-based evasion techniques with illicit street racing.

    • Visual Customization: Whether gamers are trying to lose the cops or they just want to pimp their ride, Need for Speed: Most Wanted offers extensive visual customizations.

    • Blacklist: As players enter the world of illicit street racing, they must go up against the best street racers on the scene to earn respect and rise to the top of the Blacklist.

    • Rap Sheet: Players will build up their Rap Sheet with record breaking times, epic races, wildest headline-making stunts and out-foxing an escalation of police vehicles, tactics and technology.

    • Performance Tuning: Can’t compete against a sports car? Head to the safehouse and tune up your ride to race against any class of vehicles.

    • Next-Gen Features: Need for Speed: Most Wanted for the next generation console delivers the next level of graphical excellence in video games. Utilizing techniques including normal mapping, digital scanning and real-time lighting, the graphical experience is incomparable to any racing game on the market.

    • Race Online: Need For Speed: Most Wanted features online play for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system.

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    Created: 05/01/06

    Great game but not perfect

    I purchased NFSMW:Black edition and was instantly thrilled with it. The storyline draws you in from the beginning but after that leaves a lot to be desired. You are constantly getting empty threats from the villian of game and much of what is said is useless. The control of the cars is pretty good but their are some physics flaws in the game that im not a fan of. For example you are driving in a straight line and you hit the side walk which 9/10 times does nothing but lift one side of the car up slightly, this time the game decides to flip your car over and do a barrel roll why??? Another issue I have with the game is when you get arrested, even if your car is moving you can still be arrested, I dont mean dong 200mph im talking about less than 20 mph but still you are moving and possibly getting away and all of the sudden you're busted, why? Another issue I have with the game is sometimes when getting into a collision with a cop car usually one that is part of a roadblock your car will end up on to of the cop car and be stuck, no amount of forward or reverse does anything, this is also the same with some of the semi's in the game you can get caught up with one for what looks like no reason. Yes the game has a reset your car button but if you hit it and the cops are close you are almost instantly busted. Some good things about the game, its actually a challenge especially if you never reset the game when you get busted. There are many choice on cars and upgrades. The map is really big and once you get to know it you can figure out the best way to loose the cops. The missions are fun esp one where you have to hit a certain amount of cop cars or do a certain amount of damage. One negative thing about the upgrades, you can unlock select upgrades when you win a blacklist race, dont bother the upgrade is usually something you can just as easily buy so save those credits for a chance to win your opponents car. In the beginning loosing the cops won't be hard but as you progress in the game chases can take upwards of 20 minutes, my personal best is a touch over 25 mins. The last thing I'll say anything about is the ability to tune the car, once you have your car on the road you can adjust steering, ride height, nitrous and other characteristics of that specific car, its a great feature but its not explained well at all and I found myself searching the internet for a description. The scenarios part of the game(not the storyline) is quite involved and took me longer to complete then the story line portion of the game. But for 100% completion you will also need to have the best rap sheet. This is where you have to be the other players of the blacklist's personal best in different categories, some examples include, most roadblocks dodged, most helicopters deployed, most cost to state, this is not only on a per chase basis but also a lifetime achievement too, this quite possibly is the hardest aspect of the game to beat. All in all its an excellent game with its inevitable quirks but still a game that will have you playing for hours on end.

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    Created: 04/02/09

    Need For Speed Most Wanted (PS2)

    This is a GREAT game, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, but it does take a little time to learn how to drive the cars and escape cop pursuits. I have NFS Most Wanted in both Greatest Hits and Black Edition. There are not that many differences between the two versions. One thing to know: You CANNOT use your Greatest Hits profile in the Black Edition or vice-versa so if you have both versions like I do you have to go through the entire game under each profile. I was okay with that!

    Career Mode: Early on the cars are not the fastest or best handling which can kill you in races or pursuits. Just keep trying. I recommend upgrading the cars with some cash or performance markers before moving on to the next blacklist rival just because a little cash spent now may save you time and frustration later, but that’s up to you. Try to get the rival’s pinkslip to his/her car because most of the time it’s a better performance car than the one you are running. The more HP you have under your hood the more likely your car will fish-tail when accelerating quickly so I tune all my cars to have the handling, acceleration and “feel” that I prefer.
    My son and I have defeated this game five times between us and we have 100% Career Mode completion in both versions. We have both completed each version and it was fun (and sometime frustrating) each time through. Even now it's great to get the cars out and engage in a cop pursuit or run the races again. My favorite car to run is the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. I have won the pinkslips to the VW Golf GTI, Lexus IS 300, Supra, RX-8, Eclipse, Porsche Cayman S, Lancer Evo VIII, Mustang GT, CLK 500, Lambo Gallardo, Corvette C6, Viper SRT 10, Aston Martin DB9, Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and the BMW M3 GTR. It’s fun to take the cars to the shop and upgrade the performance or change the visuals. It can get expensive though - I have spent over $350K upgrading the Porsche to the highest performance level.
    I have over $550 Million in bounty if you combine my profiles. This is by far the best NFS game ever. It's better than Carbon or ProStreet. Underground 2 was a good game but this one is still better. I am just getting ready to start Underground but need to get my fill of Halo 3 first! That will probably take a while though….
    I found an “in-game map” of the layout of all the streets at gamefaqs.com which was like gold during the last cop pursuit before you (finally) win in Career Mode.
    One note: The drag races are pretty fun once you learn that there is a pattern to each one of them.

    Challenge Series: Gets pretty tough and really frustrating at times as you progress. I am at number 56 but the best ones are #46 (garbage truck) and #50 (cement mixer). I prefer the pursuits over the Toll’s any time.

    There are a few things I would like to change if I could: 1) There is no way to have a two player cop pursuit (which just plain stinks), 2) In the Challenge Series you cannot tune your car the way you like so you are stuck with the way the car handles and performs (which adds to the frustration), 3) You should be able to turn catch-up off (during Blacklist races) but you can't and 4) You WILL have bad things happen to you during races and cop pursuits, so you just have to live with it!

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    Created: 03/29/06

    Creative ideas, but terrible gameplay graphics.

    I jumped into the Need For Speed series with Underground. The game simply blew me away, as it did for the other 7 million people who purchased the game. The graphics were simply amazing, and what couldn't you like about pimping out a car that you'll probably never be able to dump that much money into! Underground 2 was a valient attempt to match and/or beat the original, but everybody who's played that knows it was good, but not even close. The cutscenes were TERRIBLE!

    In Need For Speed: Most Wanted, the people from EA have a great idea going for them. From what I've heard, it's a mix of the two older games before Underground, which is a great idea. The idea of cop chases (and earning points based on how destructive/evasive you are) is very fun, as are the conversations you hear on your "police scanner". Police don't necessarily need to spot you breaking the law, as sometimes just running into other cars will cause a "call" to be put into the P.D. and they'll send a unit or two out.

    The cutscenes and storyline are good as well. Since there's no swearing or abusive language allowed, it's hard to replicate a "true" bad boy image and confrontations between "blacklist" characters. It's hard to imagine someone on a "blacklist" calling you a "jerk" :) Unlike the last titles comic-strip-like cutscenes that made me want to chuck the game out the window, this one has real movie-like scenes that seem to be caught in between real full motion video and animation, but are a perfect way of portraying it! The mouths move perfectly to the words, and not to mention the ladies of the game! The storyline will suck you in, as the opening few acts lay out the story and get you kind of mad! Mad enough to keep playing and get your ride back!

    Loading times are FAST, and restarts are instant. The controller can be configured for you to use either the control stick or pad for your preference...and if I remember correctly the previous N.F.S. game forced you to use the control stick which I despised (I believe....don't hold it against me if I'm wrong!).

    There are a lot of other little things that I will let you discover on your own as you play the game, but I do have to leave with one con of the game. The graphics during driving are TERRIBLE. I play the game on a 42" plasma HDTV and I must say I thought I was playing this game on Playstation 1. The edges of the cars, surroundings, roads are EXTREMEMLY choppy. So far, I cannot figure out a way to change camera angles, as you are stuck with ONE VIEW and ONE VIEW ONLY. No inside the car angle, or far-away shot, just ONE behind the car angle. The car also seems to be too close to you, and there is no way to change it. You can put it on widescreen to give you more viewing area, and it helps with the distance but in my opinion it makes the graphics even worse. I started with a Lexus IS300, but it looks more like a Mini-Cooper in widescreen mode. N.F.S Underground 1/2 was VERY smooth while driving and made you really feel like you were driving fast down the street in the nighttime, with the street lights just a blur as you zip past. Not this time...as the surroundings are VERY choppy and aren't smooth at all. Maybe other areas of the game are better, as I'm only on the first area? I hope...

    The driving graphics are my only gripe, but it's a big one. It takes away from a LOT of the game in my opinion as EA might have spent too much disc space on the cutscenes and profiles (which are awesome). Rent it first!

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    Created: 03/03/06

    Great Racing Game

    Game play and storyline will keep you interested from the start to the end, but do not plan to finish the game in one breath. There is some race you need to keep trying to just find the way to win. The police AI is alot complex and smarted, they will box you in and use rolling road block (2 -3 police car driving in front of you)just like real world. You can also heard the poilce radio talk! if you can pay attention to what they are talking and know the street name pretty well? you actually know they are planing road block before hand!

    Build you own car looks really great! all kind of paint job you can put on you car!

    5 of 6 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

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