NBA Live 06 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2005)
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NBA Live 06 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2005)


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Product Information
Fans of EA Sports' long-running NBA Live series can express themselves on the hardwood like never before in this cross-platform, "06" edition, thanks to the introduction of the "Freestyle Superstar" feature, which expands upon earlier editions' "Freestyle Control." Gamers who play as the league's biggest talents will have access to an alternate control scheme designed to allow them to perform exceptional moves, such as deceptive passes, unorthodox shots, and powerful dunks. As the series debuts on PSP, NBA Live 06 is designed to deliver the action and accuracy fans of the series have come to expect. As with earlier versions, a full NBA license allows inclusion of all the league's real-life teams, rosters, and arenas.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
PublisherEA Sports
GameNBA Live 06

Key Features
PlatformMicrosoft Xbox 360

Tech Details
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick
Number of Players1-4
Release Year2005
Game Special Features
  • Redesigned engine over previous NBA Live 06 titles to take advantage of the Xbox 360’s strengths

  • Player details include dripping sweat, hair and jersey movement, and signature-style animations

  • Create your own basketball legend with the revamped create-a-player option

  • Embark on a full 82-game season and set foot in remodeled arenas with 3D crowds

  • Xbox Live support for head-to-head play, roster updates, leaderboards, and more

  • Game SeriesNBA Live Series

    eBay Product ID: EPID46926675

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    Created: 05/09/06

    It was alright

    Oh boy, have I been suckered again.

    This isn't the worst basketball game released this year (see Sony's NBA '06: The Life for that dubious distinction), but the stupid thing is so freakin' disappointing it may as well be. If by some crazy chance anyone from EA Sports involved with this franchise bothers to look at most of these reviews, God-willing, maybe we'll get some real improvements for next years' version. Since I'm here, I may as well air my beef(s), along with some thoughts. Maybe even add an 'Attaboy' here and there:

    1. The graphics and overall design of this game stinks. The players are so two dimensional, they look like someone cut them out of a magazine. The fonts used everywhere in the game - from the in-game stats to the start screens - are small and blurry enough to cause migraines.

    2. Crash, crash, crash. Restart, restart, restart. Really annoying - simple, easy to spot (and fix!) bugs like this should never happen, especially in a product from an established franchise.

    3. Our play-by-play guys, Marv and Steve: "Mr. Bland" Steve Kerr ain't no Mike Fratello, the two have no chemistry, and all the glitches in the sound levels make it seem like they recorded their sound-bytes in different studios. Not only that, buy how many times during a game do you want to hear the same recycled junk about the players? At least Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson sound like they're having fun during the throwaway All-Star stuff.

    4. I don't play the game online, so I can't speak to that, but in 'Dynasty' mode, gameplay has the usual variety of problems, most of which have been covered here in prior posts: Players 'skate'; your seven-foot center can't grab a rebound to save his life, but the opposing team's second string point guard gets a bunch of offensive put-backs; you can steamroll a team by a hundred points in 'beginner' mode, or get creamed by a hundred in any of the other harder modes; etc., etc.

    5. The PDA. The damn PDA. Can we come up with a better idea that's not so annoying, or at least be able to tone this thing down? And, if you're going to try to incorporate some type of roleplaying to give the game some diversity, why not take a page from the 'Madden' franchise, or even the aforementioned NBA '06: The Life (which had a nifty idea and destroyed it with horrible execution) and actually develop the roleplaying? I know some hard-core players just want to play hoops, but frankly, if I've got a dynasty to contol, let me control every little bit of it.

    6. The Draft: Why does so much of my scouting information disappear on draft day? And since when are 90% of NBA two guards under 6'2" and slow? Same thing with the 6'4" small forwards and 6'6" power forwards - ? A little more consistency matching the player parameters with the real life counterpoints.

    7. Player development. Thank God we don't need those stupid points to train or scout players anymore. But tell me - why, when I blow my piddly staff budget (which you seem to be stuck with for the entire term you're with any particular team during the Dynasty mode) and hire the best coaches, trainers, etc., then go and draft a player rated 'good' or 'excellent' (taken from anywhere on the draft board, even the upper picks, during weak or strong draft years), does that player not only not develop, even with scads of training, but actually gets worse from year to year? Let us just adjust the player attributes during the course of their career, if we want to.

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    Created: 03/29/11

    NBA Live 06

    Review For: NBA Live 06 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2005)

    This game is playable on the Xbox Live Online System. For a full list of Xbox Live products, click here! Feel the emotion and intensity of the complete basketball experience with NBA LIVE 06. With a totally enhanced transition game, take the point and deliver fast break passes on the fl y as teammates run the lanes awaiting your pass. On defense, get inside and feel what it's like to block a dunk - or to be dunked on - as big bodies collide under the basket. Will you live in the paint or set up camp outside the arc? The choice is yours. With major gameplay advancements and enhanced player graphics, the sport of basketball is elevated to a whole new level.

    * Freestyle Superstars - NBA superstars jump to life with an enhanced Freestyle Control. Players now perform based on distinct character types: Power, Highflyer, Playmaker, Scorer, Sharpshooter, and Stopper.

    * Modify Your Superstars - Convert a Playmaker into a Scorer, a High-Flyer into a Stopper, and more. With a unique set of play settings, each Superstar is now armed with distinct passes, dunks, or signature moves.

    * Up-Tempo Basketball - Fast break basketball is back with an all-new game engine that lets the Freestyle Superstars exhibit their talents in the open court.

    * Stunning Visuals - Players not only play and act like their real-life counterparts, but with a new graphics engine, they truly look the part.

    * A Deeper Dynasty Mode - On the court, players' physical attributes and abilities evolve throughout their careers. Off the court, create a staff with assistants, scouts, and trainers who assist in player development and progression throughout the year.

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    Created: 06/17/10

    Just as I Remember

    I love playing retro Games.Superstar abilities are fun to watch Still a fun arcade-style basketball game The biggest new feature added to NBA Live 06 in this go-around is freestyle superstar control. In a nutshell, star players who have the requisite physical talent will be able to unleash a variety of supermoves on the court as a way to distinguish them from your average NBA player. So while your typical journeyman point guard won't have access to superstar passing abilities, you will be able to whip wraparound passes and fancy dishes with all-star point men like Jason Kidd or Steve Nash. There are six different types of superstars in all, including scorers, high flyers, playmakers, power players, sharpshooters, and stoppers. A single player can simultaneously be a stopper and one of the first five, but he or she can't be two different types of superstars at once. If your chosen star has the requisite ability, you can change his default superstar designation, though. So a player like Kobe can be switched from scorer to high flyer if you like.

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    Created: 07/05/07

    Fun With A Friend, But Solo Will Get Old FAST!

    Review For: NBA Live 06 (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2005)


    To best the competition and win the NBA Championship! Duh :)

    Single Player - Pros and Cons:


    Good graphics and an amazing soundtrack get you excited from the get go
    The commentators do a fairly good job during the game play (caution - if you hit the wrong button and do a layup from half court, they will make fun of you)
    The ability to customize your roster with your favorite players from all the teams
    You can create your own character and customize just about everything about their appearance


    As with most sports games on a console, pulling off an advanced move can be a bit complicated
    When you complete a season, it just starts over (no dynasty feature on this version - get the PC version if it is a must have feature for you)
    The achievements are WAY to easy (Just simulate a season and you'll get most of them)
    Sometimes hard to see which guy you are controlling (after a basket it will usually start you off out of camera view)
    Free throws are difficult at best when playing at anything other than the easiest setting (and the computer knows this, so if you're winning in the 4th expect to get fouled over and over)

    Co-Op - Pros and Cons:


    Doing an instant reply after you dunk on your friend is such a rewarding experience (and you can do it over and over and over and over :)


    No co-op season feature
    The camera movements can sometimes cause you to lose sight of your player (especially when a steal is made)

    Multiplayer - Pros and Cons:


    Very little lag over Xbox Live


    Only two people can play at anyone time (so, you control one player and the computer gets the rest - where is the fun in that?)
    No voice communication during the game (when I'm getting my rear handed to me I want to be able to talk some trash - don't you?)

    Bottom Line:

    I'm not a huge fan of sports games, however, my kids and I enjoy playing this game together. The graphics are good, the soundtrack is very good, and the commentary is fun (even when they are making fun of your skills). This is a fun game to have in your library - especially when a friend is there with you. The lack of a dynasty feature (come on - why put it in the PC version and remove it from console version?), the irritation of free throw probability, and the disappointing ease of most of the achievements keeps my rating to a solid 3.00 stars.

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    Created: 07/06/06

    NBA Live 06

    I brought NBA Live '06 from last two months ago and even till now, i still play the game.What i like about the game is simply the good graphics, the game that contains great hip-hop music good and control of the basketball players with the new Freestyle Superstar System. Not only you can use the Basketball attriubes, you can use their power(for example scorer which makes the player make those hard and diffuclt shots look easy to score)that makes it a acception for the hard core video gamers who enjoys playing sports games. The games has All-Star Mode which contains three-point shooting contest, Rookie Contest and whop can not forget the infamou Slam Dunk Contest and the NBA retro that alows you to play NBA Live 93. Create your own superstar is one of the down falls on the because there wasn't any improvements. Players can still change jerseys to old school and create your own team, buy shoes, play online against your rivals. Why do I decide to buy this game? It because I love the way Ea Sports make sports games and simply basketball is my sport.
    NBA Live is one of the top games to get in 2006.

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