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Mr. Frost (VHS, 1991)
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Mr. Fros...
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Mr. Frost (VHS, 1991) RARE, HORROR, Jeff Goldblum
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Mr. Frost (VHS, 1991) RARE, HORROR, Jeff Goldblum
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Movie synopsis
Witness the menacing power beneath the surface of a seemingly charming and civilized individual. Meet Mr. Frost, a man with no past and no known identity. Technically he doesn't exist...but 24 corpses do.

Product Details
  • Number of Tapes: 1
  • Rating: R (MPAA)
  • Film Country: USA
  • Sound: HiFi Sound, Stereo Sound
  • UPC: 011575074839

Additional Details

Director:Philip Setbon
Leading Role:Jeff Goldblum
eBay Product ID: EPID3157289

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Created: 02/13/09

Mr. Frost (1991) Jeff Goldblum

Review For: Mr. Frost (VHS, 1991)

I must first say that I am not a fan of Jeff Goldblum. I have never enjoyed any of his movies including The Fly. Everyone loves Jurassic Park, but I had a hard time dealing with his face and dark sunglasses, Lost World made me sick. The way he talks, and doesn't seem to care about whatever is being said to him is also most aggravating. I despise his hair, his eyes, his wardrobe, his voice and the entire majestic Hollywood fame that constantly surrounds him for no reason. BUT, I must say that his performance in Mr. Frost is quite an exception to all that I have said above. Everything that I hate about him is what makes him so perfect for this role.
He's a demon, or perhaps even Satan himself in this picture. He has killed 20 or so people and buried them in his backyard. When the police finally come to investigate missing persons, ever so very nonchalantly does he say, " Yes sir, there were 24 actually and I'll be happy to show you where I buried each one of them." He's strangely helpful to the police in tying up their investigation, and sent to some type of mental facility. He reads people's minds and knows all too well their innermost secrets, as well as secrets kept even in death by their loved ones. What I love more than anything in a film is seeing stupid people get put in their place, either physically or verbally, and good ol' Goldblum does this all too well in this rare hard to find film.
He connects with a female psychiatrist at the hospital and slowly works on getting her to see his true face (Satan)? He tells her that her destiny is to murder him. This is what he wants, I guess he has to get back to Hell eventually. Her continuous visits with Mr. Frost lead her into a state of madness, and any of the other patients who come into contact with Frost, well let's just say that their recovery will be taking much longer than previously expected.
Definitely a great film and worth every penny, I'm still waiting to see if the DVD release will ever happen, but I don't have my hopes up too high. The internet is just about the only place where you can find this film, it took me several years of searching in my city to finally throw in the flag and just order it, and could not be more pleased.

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Created: 02/16/08

Subtly bloodfreezing

I've loved Jeff Goldblum for years - both his comedic roles and dramatic - but the title role of Mr. Frost is incredible. He's deliberate, practiced, and, yes, smug. He's also probably Satan. After his committal following a series of murders, Mr. Frost communicates with no one - until the female psychatrist played by Kathy Bates is introduced. From then on, it's a seduction, Frost's of the psychiatrist, evil's of the concept of not guilty and insane. If he's sane, he's the Devil... And what do you do with the Devil himself? It's a very subtle movie, not particularly "horrifying," it just (as does Frost) slowly leads you where it wants you to go. Love the fly trick, by the way.

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Created: 02/16/10

Mr. Frost leaves you cold in a good way!!

Review For: Mr. Frost (VHS, 1991)

Seldom does a movie come along with a constant edge of your seat energy...this is one. From the opening moments we are escorted or dragged into an all too familiar world of cops and robbers only to be thrust into a nightmare from which there is no rescue. Jeff Goldblum has given a performance worthy of remembering and to have Mr. Bates as his would-be foil and Kathy Baker his "test case" can only deepen the experience. The Old World setting was not accidental, as the lead character would be happy to tell you and the mostly European cast lends itself well. This is a morality tale but instead of having a fight between good and evil this one merely asks "Why do you find it so easy to believe in God and so hard to believe in......?" After all you can't have one without the other now can you?

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Created: 03/13/07

Satan's best trik - to make u think he doesn't exist!

Review For: Mr. Frost (VHS, 1991)

Goldblum is brilliant and to scary! He IS Satan - a man possessed by the king of the underworld who is in search of making the world aware that he is on earth and that he rules. Scientists have "proven" that logic and reason are the path for sane and educated folk, so Satan inhabits a man whose job it is to reveal the "truth" to the scientific world.... could have had a bigger budget & better sound track. Don't think anyone but Goldblum could have done justice to this role....WISH WE COULD FIND IT ON DVD (not home-made type). Impossible to find in Region 1. J and B

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Created: 04/15/08

Mr. Frost

Sexy appeal of character, I think this is one of Goldblum's best performances. Truly a beautiful portrayal of a personality type that is often misunderstood. (Character quality similar to that of Red Dragon and the Silence of the Lamb's series.) Unfortunately, hard to find item, only available VHS. Plot just a touch dry at the end (ending could have used a bit more work by the producer) but absolutely gorgeous acting! If you are in to Silence of the Lambs, Goldblum, or any psychological interest movies, definitely a movie worth watching.

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