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Motorola XOOM MZ600 32GB, Wi-Fi + 3G (Ve...
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Motorola XOOM MZ600 32GB, Wi-Fi + 3G (Verizon), 10.1in - Black

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Motorola XOOM Android Tablet 32GB + 32GB WiFI 3G/4G LTE Verizon MZ600 + MORE
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Moreno Valley, CA, USA
Motorola XOOM Android Tablet 32GB + 32GB WiFI 3G/4G LTE Verizon MZ600 + MORE
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Product description
Product Information
The Motorola Xoom MZ600 tablet comes loaded with Android v3.0 OS for an ultra-smooth operation. Enjoy HD video in true widescreen 16:9 format on the stunning display of the Motorola tablet PC. The Android portable computer comes equipped with the NVIDIA Tegra dual-core chipset for faster processing of anything - from web browsing to gaming. This Motorola Xoom MZ600 has both a front and rear camera, letting you alternatively video-call or capture detailed images/video. Mobile gaming takes on a whole new meaning with the built-in gyroscope, powerful graphics engine and hardware acceleration of the Motorola tablet PC. The spacious storage of the Android portable computer lets you store ample data on it.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
CarrierVerizon (US)

Key Features
Family LineXOOM
Display Size10.1in (25.65 cm)
Hard Drive Capacity32 GB
Operating SystemAndroid
Internet ConnectivityWi-Fi + 3G
Supported File TypesAAC, AAC Plus, AMR-NB, H.263, H.264, MIDI, MP3, MPEG-4, OGG, eAAC+

Processor ManufacturernVidia
Processor Speed1 GHz

Digital Camera
Rear Camera Resolution5 megapixel
Front Camera Resolution2 megapixel

Connections and Expandability
ExpandabilitySD Card Slot
Data Link ProtocolLTE
Wireless capabilitiesBluetooth, WLAN 802.11a, WLAN 802.11b, WLAN 802.11g, WLAN 802.11n

Weight1.6lb (0.72 kg)

Release Date3/2011

eBay Product ID: EPID109615308

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Feature ratings

  • Size / weight
  • Battery life
  • Value for money

Feature ratings

  • Size / weight
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 01/04/13

Great for average everyday user and people who are on budget. Great tablet.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I was shopping on the market for a tablet and i must say for the money I have paid for it I think it is a great value and here I think ita why.
Fist off course cost wise compare to ipad 16GB. Tablet a basically a big screen iphone on the go.
The weight of the tablet is havier than any ipad. The color saturation might be less crisp and bright as ipad but not bad for half of the cost of other product.
Second battery life is very good. I am able stream a movie online search the web and only use 1/2 or battery and thats full brightness.
Here its where it might be tricky Why I purchased xoom.
It has built in flash so I can stream movies or anything that requires flash.
Second mini usb and mini hdmi and no additional accesories required as ipad ehere you have to pay another 30-50 for a dapter. I am a fan of ios and apple devices but in economy us we are the price is a bit steap for me. At 499 plus tax just cant do it now but motorola xoom was at my budged and suits me for what i need to do.

Basically web search,movies, and stuff like that.
I think it will come down to every person preferrence us for what to purchase but here are cons and prons about each product.

Motorola xoom cons:
10.1 inch screen size.
Good menu lay out and multi availability.
Mini usn and Mini hdmi
Low cost
7 hr battery last very good even on full brightness.

Weight is noticible but not so much
Color saturation is not as good as ipads.
The charger plug is very thin design so thin that afraid of breaking it if bumped by accident or if you drop it.
Only cdma version mostly. Wont matter if you just looking to use it on wifi only.
Not as many app choices as apple store ipad.

Ipad cons:
9.7 inches Retina resolution screen. May differ in older version but still is very great quality.
Long battery life.
Same icons and menu design as iphone.
Great fit and feel of metal design.
Solid durable feel and off course light to hold and handle it.
Many free or paid apps available in Appstore.
Great durable charger plug and cable.
Wifi and 3/4G data available for many carriers.
Well trusted Apple brand.

Cost is much higher even for basic wifi version.
Have to purchase additional adapters if want sd,mini usb or mini hdmi ability to use them.
No flash ability. Cant watch online free movies or ability to use flash player in any way or any website.
Limited ability as customization to ios unless jailbroken.

Buttom line I have found that Motorolla Xoom suit my needs and budget at this time.
Great flr every day user as for emails,web, watching movies etc.
It will all come down to either you are android or ios user and what suit best for you.
If you want looks and same user friendly as iphone than ipad is your choice. If you are an android guy who owns a galaxy or droid than motorola is your choice.
I own some apple products as mac and iphone but motorola suited me because of flash player ability and affordable price at this time.
If apple will come out with flash player ability i think personally apple ipad will be my forst choice and then xoom but as for now and what I do this works grat for me.

Thank you all for reading this and I hope this helps you to clear some basics between two famous tables on the market now.

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Feature ratings

  • Size / weight
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 09/11/12

Xoom is an impressive tablet even by today’s standards. Are the apps there?

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

First, a short summary since this is a long review: The Xoom is an older tablet at a bargain price with still impressive features even better than any iPad in some ways, but somewhat limited in Android application availability and maturity.
I purchased this unit in early September 2012 at a transition point in Tablet development. Sort of like the point in the VHS vs. Betamax war if you remember that. Or perhaps HD DVD vs. Blu-Ray. I was lured by the incredible $189 price with free shipping. The unit I received was refurbished, but it appeared new. It came in a plain box with a charger but no manuals. The manuals are available from Motorola online.
When I powered the unit on it quickly found my wi-fi network and wanted to upgrade to ICS (Android Ice Cream Sandwich). Sure, why not? Well that brings us to the main problem with this unit, and many other tablets. Adobe no longer supports flash player in Android devices past 4.0.x. Sorry, no watching Amazon prime movies and TV, no videos in CNN and countless other internet sites. I easily did the Flash player side load process and eventually got Flash Player to work, but this is somewhat buggy and not officially supported. So now consumers must endure an Apple vs. Google vs. Adobe vs. Microsoft war.
Next up was to duplicate all the apps I have on my iPhone. Perhaps this is not a totally fair comparison because I am comparing iOS Phone Apps vs Android phone apps running on a tablet. It is somewhat ironic that there is a CNN Android "tablet optimized" application, but it can not play video without the Adobe Flash Player sideload (at least for now). Ebay has a very nice iOS app, but the Ebay android app is clunky and primitive. I use a USPS postal app daily, but the app is not available for Android. I love the Amazon app on iOS, but only Amazon mp3 is available for Android. Alas no Korg synth for Android! The Pilot/ Flying J service station app is a good example of iOS vs. Android apps. It is available for both platforms, but the iOS version looks better and is more refined. Open the app on iOS and a map comes up showing your position and the closest stations. On the Android tablet the app is stretched out and hard to read and it just brings up the address of the closest station. You then have to click another screen to see the station on a map. On iOS you can scroll down to see other stations, on Android it’s another screen click away and then does not really work unless you go in and set the radius correctly and do a refresh. On iOS I can phone a station and add it to my contact list from the single page. Again on Android you are more clicks and more screens away. I found this more refined and mature user interface on most IOS apps. I could continue with more examples but the point is made. Apple’s long experience with the user interface is obvious. Will Google catch up? The real bottom line here is if you find the apps you need and they work for you, then the Xoom is an excellent tablet. Just keep in mind that 600,000 Android apps does not equal 600,000 Android TABLET apps that you are willing to use.
The hardware side is a different story and the Xoom beats the iPad in several ways. The most obvious feature (technically I suppose this is SW) is voice recognition. I use iOS Siri daily and love it. But it is not yet available on the iPad tablets. Google Voice works extremely well on the Xoom, sometimes better than Siri and certainly more responsive. Well I am out of space part 2?

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Feature ratings

  • Size / weight
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 10/14/12

Heavy, but good value for price paid: accelerometer works well.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I bought this tablet to have internet access on the go: I travel a lot. I took it to Verizon and had sim card installed: I have access everywhere I have been, including Canada. I seldom use wi-fi: by choice. Tablet is heavy: more so with protective case. I don't mind the weight and the protection is worth it. The screen is good, not great. A little to sensitive to the touch. The best feature in my opinion is full internet access. 3g is adequate: no 4g with this 64 gig, although advertised as such. The storage can become cluttered with useless stuff quickly, so be prepared to go to settings and eliminate some stuff. A major advantage of this tablet is micro SD port, which was a MAJOR factor in my purchase decision. I also would consider Kindle HD 8.9 over ipad or Samsung or anything else from Verizon. The reason is price vs. what you get for the money.

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Feature ratings

  • Size / weight
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 04/04/12

the xoom is a great investment for entertainment value and surfing the web

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The xoom has great resolution for watching movies and for my family,that means netflix. Using WiFi is super fast which makes the web an enjoyable experience. Bottom line is this, I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of capabilities this machine possesses but I'm going to enjoy learning as I go.

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Feature ratings

  • Size / weight
  • Battery life
  • Value for money
Created: 10/06/12

Hands Down this is the BEST Tablet * By Far * for the Money! Sorry Apple!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I personally own(and love) an Apple Ipad 2 and when my 11 year old son asked for one for his 12th birthday I wasn’t willing to pay another $500/$600 for a child but needed something that was compatible to my Apple Tablet and that also wouldn’t be obsolete in a year! I STRUCK Gold! The Xoom is loaded with features and the price I got if for (used) on Ebay ($222) was less than 1/2 that of the Ipad and I didnt 'step down' in features! Seriously? This Tablet makes me think twice about my Apple Ipad investment!
1) Large, 10.1 Screen
2) VERY Clear Screen and Very Colorful!
3) The storage is excellent (32GB +++ A Micro SD Slot)
4) Fast Response
I'm VERY happy with the Xoom and so is my VERY Picky and hard to please 12 year old son!

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