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Mirror's Edge  (Sony Playstation 3, 2008...
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Mirror's Edge (Sony Playstation 3, 2008)

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Mirror's Edge - Sony Playstation 3 Game!
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Mirror's Edge  - Sony Playstation 3 Game!
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Mirror's Edge, Acceptable PlayStation 3, Playstation 3 Video Games
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Mirror's Edge, Acceptable PlayStation 3, Playstation 3 Video Games
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Product description

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Product Information
The first-ever high-def first-person platform game, Mirror's Edge is an edgy, action-driven adventure starring Faith, a skyscraper daredevil whose specialty is flips, twists, and tumbles through a 3D obstacle course of rooftops, ledges, and wires. To say that Faith takes parkour to new heights would be an understatement. It's her job to be fast and elusive, and acrobatic escapes through the highest of futuristic high-rises are all in a day's work for her.

Then again, sometimes it is better to take an opponent by surprise -- disarm him, or worse, with a quick kick or flurry of punches, before making an easy escape. The game is designed to pose Faith with multiple solutions to her puzzles and predicaments, and multiple paths to a quick demise as well. A key dynamic in this stream-of-motion play style is the "flow," which gives the player visual indications of possible routes, from rooftop to rooftop and beyond. Players devise on-the-spot strategies, to evade or attack enemies and to reach for goals that can change, literally, with every leap of Faith.

Faith works as a Runner -- a sort of secret, rogue courier. The city is controlled by an all-knowing government that truly wants to know all, and so the ability for one person to get a private package through to another person without the authorities taking a peek inside is highly valuable. It is also highly dangerous, involving death-defying routes to run, and the constant threat of being discovered and chased down. When her sister is framed for an assassination, however, the city becomes a lot more dangerous for Faith. No longer is she running for the job -- she is running for her life.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
GameMirror's Edge
UPC014633153866, 014633154740, 5030930064693, 5030931064692

Key Features
PlatformSony Playstation 3

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorBlood, Language, Violence
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick
Number of Players1
Release Year2008
Game Special Features
  • Flip, twist, and tumble through the skyline of a futuristic city

  • Follow the "flow" to find the best routes through the rooftops

  • Race through nine distinct levels and dozens of time trials

  • eBay Product ID: EPID61493507

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    Created: 08/26/09

    does all the little things wrong

    There are flashes of brilliance and when the game clicks it is amazing. Sadly, EA DICE seemed like they did all the little things wrong in this game. That said, I got it for under $20 dollars so I can't complain at that price. I don't want to get into "what I would do to make it better" but there is a long list of simple things that could have been done. Dying/Re-spawning takes way too long. It takes all the flow out of the game. Running while getting shot at is dumb. The chase scene was the best sequence as you feel pulled rather than pushed into running. Combat is at best easy and a non-factor and at worst a source of huge irritation. Balance bars are dumb, or at least I didn't much like them. I didn't like the controls either. Wall runs feel a bit odd and wall turn jumps even moreso. Doable, but every time I had to do one I felt like I had to relearn the system. It's odd because when you jump onto a wall you automatically go into a wall stand mode. B/c you are in the 1st person, it's difficult to get a sense of landing on that wall.

    If you can get it for $10, it's a easy buy.
    At under $20, it's a reasonable one.
    Anything above that is a waste.

    BTW, I bought the DLC ($10) and it's a reasonable buy as well. Might be something you consider as the content is fairly short as far as Single Player goes. Re-doing levels for racing overall is much better. Especially once you kow what to do.

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    Created: 01/05/09

    Didn’t Mother Say Not to Play Near the Edge?

    My review in four words: GROUNDBREAKING CONCEPT; FRUSTRATING GAMEPLAY. The magazine reviewers lied! They raved about this game being revolutionary and fun to play. Well, that’s only half true; Mirror’s Edge is revolutionary, but it is not fun to play.

    The #1 item I hate about Mirror’s Edge is that your character, Faith, has absolutely no self-preservation instincts. Faith will walk off buildings without hesitation; she’s falling to her death before you even know what you did wrong. The game is merciless that way. I mean, if DICE and EA programmed the character to attempt to grab something (a basic human reflex when facing certain death), I could get behind this life-at-100-feet-above-the-gro​und concept. However, they did not. They just gave us the village idiot in cool running shoes on a highrise. Faith’s inability to survive in her environment is truly “groundbreaking.”

    #2 Annoyance: Controller movements require too much precision. For example, unless the HUD dot is directly on the red bar you are jumping to, Faith will not grab it. Never mind that the red item is only 6 inches from her face; if the HUD dot is not exactly on the bar, pipe, or zip line, Faith chooses plummeting to her death over survival. After 20 times attempting to navigate the same tricky section, this aspect of gameplay becomes ridiculously tedious. EA and DICE killed the replay value of this game by requiring such precise placement.

    #3 Annoyance: Faith lacks a sense of direction when people hit or shoot at her. “Duh, where are the bullets coming from? All I see is red. “ The HUD is not helpful here. Again, when being shot or punched in the head, attempting to recognize where the blow is coming from is a basic human instinct. The direction of the attack should be displayed on the screen, but it is not. Strike three for EA and DICE.

    #4 Reason to Throw Mirror’s Edge Out the Window: The Useless “Hint” Helper. Ah, yes, the supposed “hint” helper button… When I have been stuck on a particularly puzzling section, the hint button shows me something I already know. For example, on Level 8, the crazy scaffolding room, I was stuck between the third and fourth floors. I pressed the hint key to see the link between floors three and four. What does Faith do? She looks at the exit on the fifth floor! Wow, thanks for nothing. This function served no purpose when I most needed it.
    Overall, the concept behind Mirror’s Edge is genuinely impressive, but the gameplay is aggravating to the point of frustration. After completing the game and collecting 30 bags, I am selling my copy of Mirror’s Edge here on eBay. This game isn’t worth breaking controllers over. If you are sure you want to play this game, the two sites below can help. Please do not report this as inappropriate content. Neither you nor I receive credits for their use; this is strictly gamer-to-gamer information. Thanks.



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    Created: 11/17/08

    A must play and a unique perspective on the FPS genre

    Graphics: Primary yet Contemporary 8/10
    Sound: Great – 8/10
    Gameplay: Great – 8/10
    Replay Value – Good (for a single player only game) 8/10
    Overall – 8/10

    Graphics: Primary yet Contemporary 8/10
    The graphics go right along with the story – a future utopia that is perfect on the surface, and vibrant in life, is cracking from within. The use of whites and primary colors, along with the blur effects, really puts you in the shoes as a runner. The environments are basic, however, create the feel of what Mirror’s Edge is.

    Sound: Great – 8/10
    The footsteps and the use of surfaces is minor, but without this detail to sound, it would be impossible to jump. It tells you subconsciously that you are the one running and sets off a timer in your head to better play this game.

    The music, techno in nature, is hypnotic and really sets the stage for what you are dealing with. Though it can be annoying (especially when trying a part MULTIPLE times), it heightens anxiety and gameplay.

    Gameplay: Great – 8/10
    Smooth animations, huge world design, and a fresh and unique perspective on the first person shooter (FPS) genre. The story melds with this futuristic run, and was a game that I felt that I couldn’t put down (Portal style).

    Replay Value – Good (for a single player only game) 8/10
    For a single player adventure, this games time runs, and speed runs, you get hooked on how can you shave seconds off your time.

    Overall – Fun new experience 8/10
    This game is short, so be prepared, and the main story, set on normal, only took about 6-7 hours to complete without weapon use (heightened difficulty). That being said, the time trial modes and the set challenges will keep you playing this single player game.

    A heightened sensory game, and that can revolve on not using a gun, this game is a breath of fresh air, and makes excellent strides in its’ uniqueness, however, fails to reach the pinnacle it could be.

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    Created: 11/01/10

    Good but short.

    The game was one of the earlier releases, but, it was a solid game. Though I say it was short... well... it mostly was short because the gameplay is so frenetic. You literally get chased or expected to run and jump and scale and bound from moment one and there really are no puzzles or breaks of real signicance in the game. The game is all about free-running/parkour and a cat & mouse "what is going on?" sort of storyline. The lighting/over-exposure was brilliant as it definitely gave a 'concrete-jungle' feel to the environment as well as setting a sort of... urban authenticity. The game was challenging even on Normal difficulty and the story was average at best. The biggest drawback was the limited number of parkour/free-run moves you have to perform and the opponent AI was not exactly... intelligent. It was probably for the best though. The character you play is not weapons heavy and you never carry any items full-time, so, if the AI had been smarter.... normal mode might have been damn near impossible.

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    Created: 08/10/10

    Mirror's Edge (Playstation 3, 2008)

    This game was purchased for my older son (10 years old)He wanted something different, and had enjoyed playing the demo. It offers a different style of gamming, although prolonged play time sometimes gives him a headache because of the style of the game play.

    It is a "first person" type game at all times. You are running a lot across tops of buildings, down cables and more. The game is hard to get down at first, but after some practice and getting the controls down the play is fun, and interesting to watch. The "puzzles" you encounter remind me of tomb raider in a sense that you have to do things in particular way to make it and getting the controls down to do multiple things one after the other to make it from point “A” to point “B” with out falling or taking a bullet. It is very fast paced and action packed when the controls are learned.

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