The Miracle Worker (DVD, Dove O-Ring)
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The Miracle Worker (DVD, Dove O-Ring)

Arthur Penn, Anne Bancroft, Patty Duke | Rating: Not Rated

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Movie synopsis
The true story of Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan, THE MIRACLE WORKER is a gripping and inspiring story of the battle to overcome impossible obstacles and the struggle to communicate. As a young girl, Helen Keller (a brilliant Patty Duke) is stricken with scarlet fever. The illness leaves her blind, mute, and deaf. Sealed off from the world, Helen cannot communicate with anyone, nor anyone with her. Often frustrated and desperate, Helen flies into uncontrollable rages and tantrums that terrify her hopeless family. The gifted teacher Annie Sullivan (Anne Bancroft) comes to help the little girl understand the world from which she is isolated, freeing Helen Keller from her internal prison forever. Under Arthur Penn's controlled direction, Bancroft and Duke deliver unforgettable, flawless performances. The screenplay for THE MIRACLE WORKER was written by William Gibson, who also wrote the book.

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Edition:Dove O-Ring
Number of Discs:1
Rating:Not Rated
Film Country:USA

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Display Format:Dove O-Ring

Director:Arthur Penn
Leading Role:Anne Bancroft, Patty Duke
eBay Product ID: EPID3337739

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Created: 05/10/09


Review For: The Miracle Worker (DVD, Dove O-Ring)

This movie is a classic -- inspiring TRUE story of Helen Keller's childhood, perfectly cast with Anne Bancroft as Annie Sullivan, the teacher hired to work with the strong-willed and seemingly un-reachable Helen Keller, blind and deaf since infancy, portrayed by then newcomer Patty Duke. Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress Oscars went to Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke, respectively, for their outstanding performances. This movie has one of the most powerful and poignant endings I've ever seen. Truly unforgettable.

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Created: 12/07/06

Miracle Worker, does what a movie should.

Review For: The Miracle Worker (DVD, Dove O-Ring)

I saw the movie on TCM a while back and just had to have it. I saw it once when I was very young (long time ago), and had forgot how powerful it is. This movie does what most movies today fail to. It draws you in where you feel the emotions of the characters and come away with a valuable experience you can apply to life. When you see Helen Keller at the beginning you think like anyone would seeing a person in her condition. Is there a meaningful life possible for this individual? But when the teacher arrives and works with her even through lack of cooperation from Helen and even her parents you realize what determination and the belief in a persons potential can accomplish. The acting is top drawer by everyone. I think it is Patty Duke's and Anne Bancroft's best roles they ever played. This also appealed to me on a spiritual plane in our walk with God. What the world sees as hopeless and useless people God sees and knows their potential if they surrender and accept Christ. The end is so powerful I cry every time I see it. Helen is at a point where her parents are bringing her back into the household like a pet that has had some basic training but she still has not grasped the concept of communication that will liberate her from her world of silence and darkness. She feels liberated from the teacher's authority and starts reverting to her old behavior. The teacher strives one more time and breaks through the bars of her mental prison. It changed the teacher too as you see. Take time and watch this.

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Created: 08/02/08

The MIracle Worker--great movie!

Review For: The Miracle Worker (DVD, Dove O-Ring)

I really loved this movie way back in the 1970s when I first saw it as a child. Our daughter is 9-1/2 and was fascinated when I told her Helen Keller could not see, hear, or speak, so I went and bought this movie for her (and me!) off of eBay as soon as I could. I was a little surprised that it was in black and white, BUT that just lends to the charm of the movie and I don't know if the movie would be any more interesting if it were in color, and color, in my opinion, would take away from the whole feeling of the movie.

I enjoyed this movie immensely and I am now teaching our 4 kids the basic sign language alphabet and some words. It is an odd coincidence that our boys, ages 4 and 6, are both speech-delayed, and the 6-year-old has just been diagnosed with Autism not that long ago. I have suspicions that the 4 year old is also Autistic because he is showing the same signs and problems as his brother is showing. Oddly, the girls, ages 9 and almost 1, show NO signs of any problems at all. I, myself, have Asperger's Syndrome, a type of Autism, so I am not surprised, and I suspect that my husband has some kind of disability also.

In conclusion, this is a great movie, a great true story, and a wonderful example of courage and determination for all ages to enjoy. I highly recommend it and I will enjoy it for a long time to come.

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Created: 03/20/08

The Miracle Worker/The Helen Keller Story

Review For: The Miracle Worker (DVD, Dove O-Ring)

I saw this movie and also did a book report on it when I was in middle school (um-teen years ago, lol) and I have never forgotten it. My son just turned 9 yrs old in February. Something came up in a conversation one day that made me think of this movie and I came to ebay to see if I could find it. My son was all excited when I told him that I had found it and would be getting it soon. The very day we received it, he wanted to watch it but it was getting to late so I promised him as soon as we got home the next day we would. WE DID!!! He absolutely adored the movie and what all Helen Keller (along with her teacher, Annie Sullivan) went thru to learn. He has since then been practicing the alphabet in sign language. I had a good friend whose mother was deaf and also a friend at the beach who was deaf, so I know some (just the basic alphabet and a few signs) sign language and my son is so amazed!!! Thank you for having an auction of just what I was looking for. I've yet to NOT find what I need or am looking for in ebay. It's a wonderful site!!! I am proud to be a buyer/customer!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Created: 05/09/07

Great Acting

Review For: The Miracle Worker (DVD, Dove O-Ring)

I was already reading Helen Keller's Biography. Why? Just to get a better appreciation of life. That's what you get from her book and that's what you get from the movie. This movie is not only touching and gripping it will make you think about so many things. The least of which, your own life and how much we take for granted with our 5 gifts (senses).
The scenes where Ms. Sullivan uses tough methods to get Helen to learn would be considered nothing short of child abuse by today's standards and child-pampering laws. But by Ms. Keller's own admition, NOT being treated as if she had a handicap by her teacher led to learning everything she knew and eventually led to a loving bond between teacher and pupil.
It makes you wonder how the more we give children "their rights in school" these days the less they learn and the more they can't compete in the world. Yet about 100 years ago, a def, dumb and blind woman, graduated head of her college class and was honored by Elenor Roosevelt.
Great Great acting by both Patty Duke and Ann Bancroft.

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