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Microsoft Xbox 360 S
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Microsoft Xbox 360 S Halo: Reach Limited Edition 250 GB Silver Console (PAL)

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Product description
Product Description
The Xbox 360 Slim- Halo: Reach (Limited Edition) is a Microsoft gaming system that is bundled with the game of the same name to boost entertainment levels. Due to its wireless controllers, game navigation with this Microsoft console is a cinch. The powerful Xbox 360 Slim- Halo: Reach (Limited Edition) has a superior CPU, 512 MB GDDR3 SDRAM, custom graphics processor, and 10 MB integrated video memory. This Microsoft gaming system has built-in 802.11b/g/n Ethernet port, enabling easier and quicker access to Xbox LIVE. You can expand the functionality of this Microsoft console with its five USB 2.0 ports and support for four wireless controllers.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
Product NameMicrosoft Xbox 360 S
UPC885370201932, 885370234244
Product LineMicrosoft Xbox

Device Input SupportGame pad
Video Color OutputColor

Height2.95 in.
Weight6.3 lb
Width10.63 in.
Depth10.39 in.

Technical Details
Ram TechnologyGDDR3
Supported MediaDVD-ROM
Resolutions1920 x 1080
Video OutputsComponent Video, Composite Video
Internet ConnectivityWireless
Region CodePAL

Hard Drive
Hard Drive Capacity250 GB

eBay Product ID: EPID110726887

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    Created: 03/15/11

    Halo Reach 360 Console

    I have always wanted the Halo Reach console ever since they announced it back in September of 2010! Ive had the old system since I can remember and had to replace it bout three or four times (RROD, Constant freezing, and unable to read disc problems). So I figured the new consoles are less prone to this. Ive had my Halo Reach 360 for about a month for full testability. I have to say im not dissapointed. Everything runs much quieter especially in you install the game on the 250gb hard drive, you'll barely hear it. The only thing I have to say that isnt up to par is the wifi adapter. Great if your just gaming online but horrible if you plan on downloading alot or even using netflix. If you can use a wired connection! The sounds are unique so its interesting everytime you manually turn on/off the system or manually open/close the disk tray. The small design fits in almost any spot on an entertainment center so its not at risk to be pushed off or accidentally kicked. All in all its a great 360 that I can tell from so far. Recommended for any Halo fan or fans of silver systems lol!

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    Feature ratings

    • Ease of use
    • Game selection
    • Value for money
    Created: 01/09/13

    Its everything you would expect from a modern game console

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    Well, it's an Xbox, what is there to say?
    I'm a PC gamer, so to me the Xbox is like the PC's awkward cousin that you only invite to parties because your mom makes you.
    But, my friends want to play Halo with me. Ok, fine, I got an Xbox.
    I got this holiday bundle that came with a hard drive and a couple games, turned out to be a pretty good idea. I gave the racing game to a friend that enjoys them, I switch between PC and Xbox for Skyrim, depending on where I happen to be at the time.
    The controller takes a little getting used to if you've never used one before. A lot of people think it's the most comfortable controller out there, to me it was physically painful to use it for any length of time. But, the more you play with it, your hands get used to it. The controller is meaty and solid feeling, and I like the fact that it uses normal batteries and that they're quick to replace when it dies in the middle of battle.
    The unit its self is sleek and stylish, and seems fairly well built. I took apart a broken one, and they're pretty packed full of stuff inside. The touch controls work exactly as you would expect them to, and it makes pretty little dinging sounds when you push a button on the front of the console.
    The controller turns the console on; that's quite a nice feature.
    It has this Windows 8-ish tile interface, which seems fine to me. My friends all hate it, but I thought it was pretty easy to navigate with the controller.
    The on-device store is pretty nice. There's lots of apps and movies and music and such you can stream over the internet at pretty reasonable prices (if not free). The game library is quite large, and it also offers a section of independent games... which can be scary.
    It seems like MS put a lot of AppleTV functionality into the Xbox, which is nice in a lot of ways. Streaming movies and music is very easy and kinda nice. There's also functions to stream things directly from your Windows computer.
    The wireless works... it's not anything special.
    And, a feature that no one seems to mention... I plugged a USB keyboard into it and I was able to type codes and such in without an issue, much faster than dealing with the controller-based on screen keyboard. It did not recognize a USB mouse, however.
    The unit does get warm, be sure to not set anything on top of it.
    So... game play... it's everything you would expect. You put a game in, most seem pretty stable and run equivalent to the PC variants on medium graphics. Pretty good considering the ancient video hardware the Xbox boasts.
    The AV cable it comes with looks nice and fancy. However, it covers the HDMI port if you plug it in. A bummer if you need analog audio and HDMI video (like, if you're using a computer monitor). This was a very simple modification, just dismantle the housing around the Xbox end of the cable, and both connectors fit and work just fine.
    All in all, no real complaints. It doesn't seem like anything special, it has a lot of media functionality, and a large game selection. The price point is low enough that a kid could spend a summer mowing lawns to buy one and a couple games.
    I just wish Xbox Live was free. That's a real ripoff.

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    Created: 10/14/10

    The new Xbox Slim with 250 Gig HDD

    Comes with matching wireless controller and wired headset. The system itself is much quieter than the old Xbox, both running and loading disks, has built-in wireless, and a Kinect port for the sensor (not included). The wireless worked for me without any problem, with good signal strength and fairly fast download, even on videos. The finish is shiny black, and the buttons are touch sensitive, with a tone when pressed, which is kind of neat. I find the finish easily smudged and scratched, and mine has a fair amount of scratches already, and I am a careful adult owner. Also, many of the old Xbox memory peripherals do not work with this unit. The memory cards and hard drives do not carry over, and you will need a special cable to transfer the data from an old 360 HDD to the new unit (not included). There is no way to transfer from the memory card to the new unit, so get the new dashboard update and move your data to a formatted zip drive if you have the old memory cards as your save device. Overall a good system, I hope they someday release one with a 'real world' finish that can handle normal handling, I don't consider the memory card/HDD issue to be a big deal, I just pointed it out so you are not surprised and having to wait on another cable to get your stuff into the new system, like I am.

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    Created: 03/25/11

    360 Slim: Nice but some set backs

    Been using 360 since it first came out. I was skeptical with the new slim. The only reason I decided to step up with slim is because my third xbox had red ringed. This one supposedly does not red ring and I want to invest in an xbox I know will not red ring!

    This version is nice but has some set backs. There are two versions: a matte 4 GB hard drive and a shiny 250 GB hard drive, both black in color.

    Both versions come with internal memory of 4GB, so if you buy the shiny you are just getting a shiny xbox with the extra 250 GB of space in the version of a removable hard drive. I personally don't like the shiny; it gets greasy and dirty very easily.

    If you want to save money or want the matte version but with a bigger hard drive space, buy a used matte slim and a new 250 GB hard drive. This will save you lots of $$$ bc honestly Microsoft overprices many things concerning xbox. I spent roughly $170 doing this and it works perfectly! :) Ebay has some sellers that sell brand new 250 GB hard drives for a reasonable price.

    -if color is a factor, it's dark in color
    -if feel is a factor, there are two versions: a matte and a shiny
    -sleek looking
    -still the same interface and xbox LIVE
    -extra USB ports
    -internal wifi with ethernet option

    -internal hard drive compartment: you have to use force to pull out the hard drive if you ever decide to, and they made the hard drive depend on a small pull out tab that is easily destructible. The hard drive's tab is very cheaply made and Microsoft needs to work on a better way to remove the hard drive.

    -disk eject button and power button are VERY sensitive. Be careful when hovering around these buttons, the slightest brush of your shirt will trigger these buttons

    -does not come with HDMI cable/hookups, but if you have it on your old 360 it IS compatible with the new slim. This is what I use. Unless the color bothers you (black xbox with grey HDMI) then it's perfect

    Other than that, pretty good step up form the original 360, but needs some work. I would recommend, but I think it's overpriced, so do some research depending if you want new or used. There are great deals out there. Also depends if you want Kinect, but I wasn't interested so did not consider Kinect in this review or during my new xbox slim search.

    I hope his helps those considering trying slim.

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    Feature ratings

    • Ease of use
    • Game selection
    • Value for money
    Created: 06/10/12

    Quiet, sleek, easier HDD access, and Wifi. Worth upgrading? Up to you.

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    After hearing about the features of the "Slim" revision of the Xbox 360, I figured I'd go ahead and buy the 4GB Matte Xbox 360. The revision touts a quieter fan, a smaller size, integrated Wifi, and touch activated controls.

    The fan, first of all, is indeed an improvement. They reduced the fan noise from the jet turbine-like sound of the original model to a gentle hum in the updated model. Compared to the original Xbox 360, it's about 10-15% smaller in height.

    The integrated Wi-Fi is a plus and a much needed feature, so thankfully there's no more proprietary accessories to buy or jimmy-rigging a shared internet connection with a laptop.

    Touch activated controls are neat but slightly annoying. If you are reaching around the console, you'll find that your forearm can accidentally turn on the console or eject the tray.

    It probably depends on the game, but you'll find that the DVD drive is rather loud when it is spinning the disc at the fastest speeds. It can be made worse if the console exterior vibrates with the DVD drive, which creates extra noise, thus making it as loud as the old model. This can be averted if you install games to a hard drive, which brings me to another point.

    To save money, I hooked up a WD2500BEVS hard drive inside (after modifying the HDD firmware with "hddhackr") so I can have plenty of space to install games and not have to deal with the DVD noise. Luckily, you don't need a proprietary enclosure for the hard drive, as the bare drive directly hooks into a standard SATA connector in the bottom of the system. If you are worried about the HDD wobbling, you can buy a replacement enclosure caddy (for really cheap) to hold it still, if it eases your mind.

    One thing to note is that the internal hardware is exactly the same as the old Xbox 360. There is NO technical speed difference in the components. I compared this head-to-head with my old Xbox. My guess is to keep the price low for manufacture by continuing to use the same components from 2005, keep game development/compatibility constant, and keep multiplayer on Xbox Live fair.

    My controller didn't have the special DPAD thing where you can lower the diagonal parts, so it's pretty much the exact same controller. Word of advice, buy a rechargeable battery pack immediately so you don't need to constantly replace batteries. Also, if you like less cable clutter, buy a cheap HDMI cable, it supplies both great sound and the better HD video output than Component or VGA.

    Overall, if you want a quieter and slimmer system, then by all means sell your old Xbox 360 and go for this model. If you don't care much about the fan noise and just want to play your Xbox vidya, don't bother upgrading.

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