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Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro
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Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro 20 GB Matte White Console (NTSC)

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Xbox 360 Replacement Console ONLY .non hdmi.. TESTED & WORKS
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Wendell Depot, MA, USA
Xbox 360 Replacement Console ONLY .non hdmi.. TESTED & WORKS
Top pick 
Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro Matte White Console (NTSC) non HDMI Opus
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Hermosa Beach, CA, USA
Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro Matte White Console (NTSC) non HDMI Opus
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Product description
Product Description
Enjoy a full dose of gaming and entertainment with the Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro video game system. Powered by a 3.2 GHz, custom IBM PowerPC CPU, this Microsoft Xbox 360 console delivers a splendid gaming performance with speed and efficiency. Moreover, supporting high-definition game features, the Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro lets you enjoy a detailed and lifelike view of your favorite games. Aided by Xbox Live ready, this video game system also lets you quickly connect to Xbox Live and listen to various songs, watch movies, and do lots more. Furthermore, storing games in this white Microsoft Xbox 360 console is a breeze, thanks to its 20 GB hard drive.

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Product Identifiers
Product NameMicrosoft Xbox 360 Pro
UPC303867160406, 316778363705, 509231181705, 511926482905, 5210164976614, 625945484205, 784090090737, 882224380751, 882224409308, 882224573870
Product LineMicrosoft Xbox

ColorMatte White
Release DateDecember/2005

Height3 in.
Weight8.8 lb
Width12 in.
Depth10 in.

Technical Details
Ram TechnologyGDDR3
Ram Capacity512 KB
Region CodeNTSC

Fill-Rate1 Megapixels / Sec
Memory Capacity10 MB

Hard Drive
Hard Drive Capacity20 GB
Hard Drive Cache1 MB

eBay Product ID: EPID110735048

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Created: 07/07/09

Xbox 360 60 GB (HDMI)

The good:
Superior selection of games, including several console-exclusive titles; all games in high-definition; easy-to-use Dashboard interface; excellent online gaming and communications via Xbox Live; plays hundreds of (but not all) original Xbox titles; doubles as a superior digital media hub and Windows Media Center extender; online Marketplace allows for easy purchases of downloadable full-scale games, minigames, movies, and TV shows; latest version offers HDMI output with 1080p support; reduced power supply footprint; new processor runs cooler and quieter.

The bad:
No support for next-generation HD discs, like Blu-ray; early versions of the console prone to "red ring of death" system crash; online gaming require a paid subscription to Xbox Live.

The bottom line:
Now that Blu-ray has become the pre-eminent high-definition standard for discs, the Xbox 360 has yet to support it, but it still remains an excellent game console with a superior game library and online experience.

22 of 23 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

Created: 10/31/09

It is time to make step up to the next level of gaming!

Have you been holding onto your original Xbox or PS2 because you weren't sure if it was worth the money to move up to the Xbox 360? Well, you will never find a better time then now. First, let's talk about price. You can pick up a new system with a 60GB internal hard drive with all you need to start playing for around $250. I you are willing to go used - and there are great opportunities to do this through ebay, especially with Paypal protection, you can get a good system for around $150. Not bad when you consider that many xbox games will play on the later 360 models. Personally, if money is an issue I would stick with the 60GB version. Downsizing to the 20GB won't save that much money up front and you will end up buying an external drive in the long run. The 120GB 360 elite is still a little more pricey and if you are just starting out you won't need all the extra space and by the time you do the prices on an external drive will provide a less expensive option.

Second, let's talk game-play. The graphics enhancements on the 360 really are stunning even if you are using a standard definition set. But if you have an HD TV, you definitely want to pick up an HDMI cable and let this machine blow you mind. Cut-scenes and game play in many games take on a DVD level of quality. Games like Halo 3, The Force Unleashed, and NCCA Football (even as far back as 08) present absolutely stunning graphics and options. In addition, fewer and fewer games will be coming out in the original xbox format so bit by bit your gaming world is shrinking. Also, the ability to easily connect four wireless controllers with inexpensive rechargeable batteries that can be charged via any usb port is an added dividend. The controllers provide additional buttons and setups which means additional gameplay options than what you have come to expect on the original xbox.

Finally, the enormous market of used games in excellent condition has driven down the price substantially. Even many brand new games can be found at exceptional bargains for the savvy shopper willing to do a little research. Unless you are a "walk-into-the-store and buy it right now" shopper, the days of paying $50 for a game are over. You can find many fantastic games for a fraction of prices typical when the system first came out.

So all in all the Xbox 360 is position to be an excellent next step in gaming. One con is that the system does tend to heat up, so investing in a cooling fan that the game sits on is well worth a $15-$20 investment to prolong the life of your system.

16 of 17 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

Created: 04/18/09

Candid review of Xbox 360

Overall worth it, but only if you have any of the following:

1) Free Time
2) Disposable Cash
3) A High-Speed Internet connection
4) Disposable Cash
5) A desperate desire to escape from the real world

The Xbox 360 is a great piece of equipment! Screw the tech jargon: It plays DVD's with an array of playback features to be found in any high-end DVD player. But I did only say DVD... not HD-DVD or BluRay. There is an HD-DVD accessory, but it reminds me way too much of SEGA CD. Regular DVD is fine for me... Beyond that, It operates in every spectrum of HD anywhere. Yes, the PS3 is more advanced, but Microsoft is like the Flu. Its everywhere, and gets into everything! This leads me to XBOX Live... Rent movies, buy TV episodes, play a game with literally millions of people all across the world... I'm 26, HAVE A REAL, NON-OVERWEIGHT GIRLFRIEND, and a job... I still love it! Graphics on any game are limited only by the developers. Don't believe me? Buy a 50" HDTV, buy Oblivion, and climb a mountain on a clear day... Wait for sunset! Buy COD for gameplay... hope this helps.

There is one VERY important piece of information. These things break and it sux to replace them!!! BUY AN EXTENDED WARRANTY!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! Squaretrade is good, and cheaper generally, but a retail outlet with a storefront is best in my opinion. Why? No waiting for the return shipping like I am currently. Three hardware models so far. The Original chipset, the upgraded 'Falcon' chipset, and the fully updated (OR SO THEY SAY!) 'Jasper'. I didn't create the names, they are the project names from Microsoft. There ARE significant differences in each hardware version. Hell if I knew 'em all, but the 'Falcon' is a new CPU i believe, where 'Jasper' is the 'Falcon' 65nm processor, and an updated GPU. I may be off on the tech specs, but only typographically. The gist is, A NEW XBOX 360, with an extended warranty, is a GREAT WAY TO WASTE MONEY!

4 of 4 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

Created: 09/03/09

Xbox 360 60Gig HD - w/Falcon MB

I bought this system after much reviewing. I shopped around and found a refurbished one on eBay that was perfect. After hearing about the RROD (red ring of death) so much, I decided I wouldn't get one unless it was refurbished and I really want the falcon motherboard that has great reviews. The system has an HDMI port also. Although, with my sound/video receiver I used the component cables that came with it. What was great is that you can plug an optical sound cable right into the cable. It's very nice and is as good of quality as the HDMI (just more cables). The picture on the Xbox 360 is fantastic! The controls blow away the PS2 that I had hooked up. I'll never go back now! The wireless controllers work very well. I love not having cable to deal with. I signed up for a "Live" account for $50 for the year and it's totally worth every penny. I've downloaded whole demo games, trailer, etc. There are a lot of extra options besides the discs. One big motivator was the ability to connect to Instant Netflix movies via the 360. It works very well. It's an excellent picture for streaming video. It's not high def, but quite good. With Netflix adding more and more movies to their "Instant" viewing catagory (for free with a Netflix account), it's a huge advantage. The system also plays DVD movies very well in high def. The only thing I don't like is that the fan runs really loud. Like a hair dryer almost. I've heard there are ways to fix this, but I just haven't felt the need at this point. I can close my entertainment center door to stop the noise and the wireless controllers work fine. I only worry about the system overheating. Anyway, it's a fabulous system. I highly recommend it! :)

3 of 3 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

Created: 06/16/10

Very Good Gaming System

The console is much bigger than our compact PS2 (PlayStation 2), but has a sleek design and everything on it is easy to find, read, and understand. I love the 60Gb hard drive (no more worries about who's memory card is inserted when trying to load or save a game). Even the operating menu is easy to understand.

The best thing I like about it is that its Audio/Video cable is just that, 1 cable. But it includes the standard 'RCA-type' Left/Right audio plugs and the standard yellow video plug, PLUS it also include the Red-Blue-Green Composite video plugs as well. When we switched from the standard component video to the composite, it was a night/day difference in visibility and clarity.

The only things that we can find which we don't like are the cost of the games ($40-$60) and the 'brick' of a power-supply. Thankfully, it has 6-feet of cord on both sides of it so that you can hide it.

Of course, I think the PS3 is superior in its graphics and in its ability to play BluRay discs. But dollar-for-dollar, this is by far a better deal. And then, when you consider the option that Microsoft will offer for it this Christmas (code-named Natal), I think the XBOX-360 will trump not only the PS3, but the Wii as well (start buying MS stock now!)

1 of 1 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

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