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Mathews Z7 Bow
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Product description
Product Information
The ideal blend of style, speed and accuracy, the Mathews Z7 compound bow features the Z7 cam and the Reverse Assist Roller Guard that gives you an ultra-smooth and lightening fast draw cycle. Its ultimate Grid Lock design makes this Mathews Bow lightweight and also provides the vital balance needed during performance. Enabled with a slim fit inline grip, this Mathews Bow ensures a more consistent placement of a relaxed bow hand. Its Harmonic Damping System and String Suppressors allow this Mathews Bow to instantly deaden all the string vibrations, giving you an accurate, quiet, and smooth shot at the game. With its short parallel design and a beautiful ‘Lost’ camouflage, this Mathews Z7 compound bow is a perfect companion for all your hunting adventures.

Product Identifiers

IBO Speed333 fps
Draw Weight40#, 50#, 60#, 65#, 70#
Draw Length25", 30"
Overall Bow Length30"

Technical Features

eBay Product ID: EPID83536277

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Customer Reviews

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Created: 03/04/12

The Mathews Z7 ... is by far.. the best bow I've ever shot..

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

The Mathews Z7 gets a 5 star rating.... ONLY BECAUSE I CANNOT GIVE IT ANYMORE!

This is -- THE BOW!! Bar None, No Questions Asked!!

I Sell/buy/trade bows... Which means I get too shoot many different brands & series of bows... Whenever I test shoot them before selling.

NOW... IF YOU HAVE NEVER SHOT A Z7--- What are ya waiting for... ??? Price?? Well They're worth every penny you'll pay.. ( Come visit me... I just may have 1 for ya )

When you shoot this bow.. you will not believe how smooth, accurate, fast.. it is... A Person definately gets what they pay for with this bow.. You most definatly will not be disapointed....

There is not a bow out there (besides the Mathews - Monster)... that can even come close in comparison to speed, accuracy....

Bottom line is, I absolutely love my Z7... so much so, i bought a tactical to use as my competition bow.. and since my scores has gained an average of around 1.4 points per target (and that is ALOT!! when shooting competitivly!!! I just don't see any other bow on the market no matter how hard they try... Noone is gonna beat a Mathews!! Mathews Logo Say "Catch us if you can"... I dont believe anyone is going to!!

The Mathews Z7 is a unique bow that effectively bridges the gap between speed and smoothness. With a forgiving brace height and efficient single cam eccentric system, this bow is a top performer and has a relatively smooth draw cycle. Equipped with a very effective silencing package, the Z7 is a quiet bow with minimal jump and vibration. While the draw length is not adjustable without changing the cam, the proprietary Mathews QCA system simplifies changing the cams significantly. Although the Z7's unique and fresh riser is very light and efficient, some archers are not sure about its appearance. At 30" axle-to-axle length, this lightweight rig is a great choice for tree stand and blind hunters or those hunters who cover a lot of ground carrying the bow all day long.
Mathews Z7
•Very smooth draw
•Adjustable draw length
•Forgiving 7.25" brace height
•High Quality
•Great value for money
•good blend of smoothness and speed
•stronger, lighter riser with a fresh and unique design
•quiet bow with little vibration
•improved grip is more comfortable

IF YOU ARE A SERIOUS ARCHER... There is a reason so many people, and the world is going Z7 crazy....It is because IT IS THE GREATEST BOW OUT THERE TODAY...


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Created: 07/06/12

This bow will last me a lifetime. It will die with me.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I bought the Z7 because I needed a new bow. My bow is 15 years old. I now the the Mathews Z7 is a great bow from shooting some and all the reviews out there. I love this bow because it's truely an awasome bow. You have to try shooting one to experience it. It fulfills all that is said about it by Mathews and others. It's one of the best bows I have ever shot. Smooth, quite, fast. My accuracey has improved 100%, tighter groups all day long. Dead stop draw makes your anchor point consistant every time. I can shoot out to 40 yards flat shooting no problem. One pin shoots 0-25 yards without effort. I'm going bowhunting to Kansas this year and don't want to miss. If I do, I know it's not the bow but, me. I personally think this bow is one of the best bows on the market. I'm sure there are other bows that are good but, I'll stick by Mathews all day long.

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Created: 04/02/11

Have heard great things

Have never shot this bow, but family members are very impressed with the accuracy and quality. It seems that when the conversation of archery/bows come up in my converations, Mathews always is a part of the comparison!

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Created: 12/09/10

PSE vs Mathews

I have owned a PSE X force for two years a have shot it almost everyday.
I heard about the Mathews Z7 and decided to buy one to compare. The Mathews was smoother,quieter and a bit more forgiving than the PSE but I like the grip on the PSE much better. I have shot the PSE a lot more than the Mathews so I can't say that I really favor one over the other at this time. I feel they are both great bows in their own right and I would not give up either one of them. You can't got wrong with either the PSE or the Mathews.

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Created: 12/10/12

Fantastic! Awesome product that every archer should own!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Iv'e owned Mathews bows for 10yrs. The Z-7 is awesome! It is short , compact , smooth drawing and FAST. At 62lbs. it shoots like others at 70lbs. Although it is not new , this year that is , it is the parent of the bows Mathews is putting out now. ( Heli-M and the new Creed.) I am extremely pleased with the performance of the bow , the quality and the features. Do your self a favor. Get a Mathews!!

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