Magellan Maestro 5310
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Magellan Maestro 5310 Automotive Mountable

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Product description
  • 5.0-inch ultra wide touchscreen
  • Displays 2D-3D route maps
  • Pre-loaded highway POI that searches gas stations, hotels etc
  • Auto-complete feature to enter destinations and correct spellings
  • Voice-prompted directions
  • Pre-programmed 6 million POIs
Now easily and quickly locate your destination with the featured ultra-large 5-inch touchscreen of the Magellan Maestro 5310 receiver. Stop worrying about detouring as the Automatic re-route function of this Magellan 5-inch navigator gets you on the right path. Plan your trip by selecting shorter router, avoiding toll roads, etc., with the customizable route method of this Magellan GPS receiver. The integrated traffic receiver of this Magellan 5-inch navigator alerts you with the real-time traffic updates, accidents, construction, etc. and instantly serves you with faster alternative. Enter first few strokes of your destination and the QuickSpell function of this Magellan GPS receiver quickly generates the matching list. Keep your eyes on the road ahead as the SayWhere text-to-speech feature of the Magellan Maestro 5310 receiver guides you with voice directions.

Product Identifiers
ModelMaestro 5310

Key Features
UsageAutomotive Mountable
System TypeFixed, Portable
Map CapabilitiesInternal
Screen Size5"
User InterfaceTouch Screen
WAAS FeaturesEGNOS enabled, WAAS enabled

Resolutions480 x 272

Technical Features
FeaturesBluetooth Ready, Calculator
Audible FeaturesSpoken Street Names, Voice Navigation Instructions
Trip calculatorDetour Feature, Points-of-Interest (POI), Real-time Traffic Reports
Included Software/MapsCanada Maps, Puerto Rico, USA Maps

GPS System
WAAS Position Accuracy< 10 feet

PDA Features
Plug-in InterfaceSecure Digital (SD)

Battery Type and QuantityRechargeable Li-Ion Battery
Battery Life3 Hours

Height3.61 in.
Width5.64 in.
Depth0.79 in.
Weight6.9 lb.

Other Features
PC InterfaceUSB 2.0
Environmental ProtectionHigh Impact Plastic Alloy Body
Expansion Slot TypeSD (Secure Digital) Card Slot
Antenna TypeBuilt-in

eBay Product ID: EPID66942179

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Created: 05/23/10

Magellan Maestro 5310 GPS

The 5310 is very chatty, IT identifies the road you are on as well as the upcomming turns and roadways. The 3D screen is not very different from the 4200 series but there is certainly a difference between 4.3" and 5". Makes it a bit easier on older eyes. I find the GPS very adequate, as I have put it side by side with my Toyota Factory GPS and various other brands and there is not a second or two in the announcment times. The Maestro does not make coffee but it certainly will tell you where to get a fresh cup. There is plenty of screen zoom options to let you see as much or as little as you wish. The best part about any GPS is just enjoy driving and taking in scenary, the GPS will get you pointed in the Home direction when you are tired of having fun. Oh the 5310 sees several more satillites than the 4200 series. That may make it just a bit faster to announce turns and roads. Paying more for a GPS, may give you a few more options but for the money to get you there and back, this is one sweet GPS Unit. If you are worried about the map on the unit being out of date. Gee it takes years for most places to build new roads. I have been with friends and seen their older GPS taking us through the country side ditches and pastures, but we always seem to be able to find the correct crossroads. LOL. Happy Motoring Folks. Mike

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Created: 07/12/09

Magellan Maestro 5310 GPS

I did alot of research on this and other units before buying. I decided to sacrifice some features(i.e. bluetooth, FM, etc.) for the larger screen size. As recommended, I fully charged unit before installing the firmware update before using. I've now used the unit for a month in both city/rural situations and familiar/unknown areas and I couldn't be happier! It even saved me 5-10 minutes between 2 of my clients by taking me on a route totally different from what I would have taken based on memory. I don't expect any unit to be foolproof (I did manage to confuse it once in downtown Providence), but overall it has performed extremely well. I would and have endorsed this unit to anyone interested in a GPS. Text to voice works well, but in a location with alot of streets, having the large screen to glance at to verify location proves helpful - no need to wait for a beep to signify the correct turn.
Maneuvering between screens, although not as easy or fast as with the 'one touch' offered on some Magellan units, is still straight forward and easily done. I had never used a GPS before, and after initial setup, I spent 5-10 minutes familiarizing myself with the 5310s' layout and haven't looked back since.
I still have my map books and I'm good at using them. When time is an issue, however, trying to find a place to pull over and plot a route between 3, 4 or more towns, is not generally an available or practical option. It's situations like that which make this unit an invaluable tool!
Satellite signal strength has been very good and calculating/recalculating times have been quite acceptable - I believe the longest time was within 10 seconds.
I hope you find this helpful and that I've covered most of what you may wish to know!

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Created: 04/07/11

Large GPS, total coverage of North America

This Magellan GPS has all the options I like in a mobile unit, covering all of North America (including Alaska and Canada), in a compact unit. I was able to get a complete unit for a reasonable price, having all the original options that came with the unit, for a very reasonable price. I was also able to investigate and secure an update to make the unit curent with existing roads and AAA lodgings and travel data. This particular unit also has the ability to add traic / construction data, current to the day, by utilizing an included antenna. The Magellan company provides this as an additional subscription service that I can consider in the future if I want. The unit was used but clean, not abused, and just as the seller described the unit. It worked right out of the box, after charging it. And the large 5 inch screen is great, every bit as usable as the standard in-car installed units costing hundreds of dollars more. Ebay provided the venue wherein I could find a unit like this, at a reasonable, affordable price point.

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Created: 12/07/08

Why didn't we have something like this twenty yrs ago?

The good: Excellent display, changes scale and resolution when approaching intersections or turns. It changes color of display at night automatically to avoid too much luminescense in cabin. Extremely precise and quick on locations. Shows a lot of information in vicinity of route. Very pleasant and easy to understand voice. Provides several warnings on approaching turns or maneuvers. Although I have not tried the Tripple A options, it is a nice feature to have for road and travel assistance. It comes complete with everything you need to operate it. The touch screen is very sensitive; it works great!

The bad: Charge does not last very long, so keep the 12-volt cable handy. It takes a bit to learn the location/address programming routine. If you get out of sequence on the programming, it won't tell you, it just won't do anything. After a couple of times of this, and you'll learn the tricks (just be gentle on the touch-screen if you don't get a response. If it doesn't respond is because you did something wrong, so start over again).

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Created: 01/28/10

1 Handy Tool

The Magellan Maestro 5310 Car GPS is a very easy gps to use you would have to be a idiot to not know how to use lol it gets the job done the screen at 5in is easy to see and easy to nav.For my first gps a very good investment.The only down side is the battery life is very limited but for the size of it's no wonder it a battery sucker.I give this gps a 4/5 but still a badass gps.

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