Madden NFL 13 (Sony PlayStation 3, 2012)
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Madden NFL 13 (Sony PlayStation 3, 2012)


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Product description
Product Information
EA Sports' definitive NFL football series returns to PS3 gamers with a new real-time physics engine, redesigned passing, and new announcers in Madden NFL 13. The new passing system gives quarterbacks 20 dropbacks, 20 pass trajectories, eight in-pocket moves, and shovel passes, and now receivers and defenders must see the ball before they make a play on it. Madden NFL 13 has received a complete presentation overhaul designed to more closely resemble a real CBS broadcast. This includes dynamic in-game transitions, a live ticker, and commentary from Phil Simms and Jim Nantz.

The new "Connected Careers" mode melds the traditional "Franchise" and "Superstar" modes, and combines them with a variety of online features. Gamers can still control current, created, or Hall-of-Fame players, or become a coach and manage every aspect of their team's operations, but now they can do it all as part of an online league with up to 31 other people.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
PublisherEA Sports
GameMadden NFL 13

Key Features
PlatformSony PlayStation 3
ESRB RatingE - Everyone

Tech Details
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick
Number of Players1-6
Release Year2012
Game Special Features
  • All-new physics engine, new quarterback options, and more realistic passing and pass defense

  • New presentation including commentary from Phil Simms and Jim Nantz

  • Join up to 31 friends online in the new "Connected Careers" mode

  • Game SeriesMadden NFL Series

    eBay Product ID: EPID112511408

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    Created: 06/14/16

    It's a winderful game

    If I did born american, it would be my favorite sport (but I am spanish man, soccer!!), but I like it very much. Thank you, USA!!

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    Created: 10/09/12

    Wanted to give Madden a shot this year, but it seems all too familiar.

    No, I would not recommend this product.

    Madden gets a much needed physics engine upgrade but many of it's old problems linger. Having one option for NFL football gaming is never good especially when your only option refuses to correct it's mistakes. A lot of reviewers gave this game praise but as someone who has been playing football video games for a long time I have to say M13 falls short of expectations. Poor blocking and all the other cheap Madden tactics used to give the illusion of difficulty are still here. There is fun to be had, that is until you feel robbed by a computer that cheats you in an attempt to prevent every game from being a blowout. Maybe next year EA will work on the AI and less on fancy promos with Ray Lewis?

    I don't want to fall in with line of thought that EA pays off reviewers but I'm not convinced this game even deserves a 6/10. Is every Madden just a roster update? No not exactly but I believe EA refuses to give us a complete football game because they fear the standard they would set for themselves every year. They prove that when you have no competition you can let all your glaring weaknesses hang out and you'll still earn no lower than an 8 out of 10. Well not from this reviewer.

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    Created: 12/09/12

    Good game for playing a friend or online, but a change would be nice...

    No, I would not recommend this product.

    I broke down and decided to try Madden again, I had not tried it in a couple of years, and really, all that has happened is that the in-game play is better, though some of the physics on the player interactions is awful.

    And, no more franchise mode! Hell yea, that is what I want, a game that has less features than the old ones! It has combined the franchise mode and the create a player into one, a Connected Careers mode, that essentially dumbs down the franchise mode. You cannot play any other games, only the game that your team is playing. You can't change player positions, even though there are players that have had their positions changed from Madden 12 to 13, like Shawne Merriman, he was a linebacker a few years ago, and he was switched to defensive end, but you can't change him back to linebacker if you wanted to. I can understand not allowing this for the online content, but if it is in offline mode, I should be able to do whatever I want... I feel that EA is just gearing up to release a new Head Coach game, and make it so you have to own both to be able to play games that your team have to play or something along those lines, because MONEY. And SAVE YOUR GAME OFTEN!!! You are prone to have your xbox hard lock when you go into Depth Chart, the recent patches have helped, but it is still buggy...

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    Created: 10/17/12

    Better than expected, still annoyed by meddlesome changes to game modes.

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
    Review For: Madden NFL 13 (Sony PlayStation 3, 2012)

    I was super hesitant to buy this game because of the early reviews it got from people but it really is pretty great. The Gameplay quality, appearance and flow is better than it ever has been. The total control passing takes getting used to and will piss you off for a while but once you understand how to use it correctly it makes the game feel legit and not repetitive. My only complaint is the same main complaint so many people have had. Franchise mode is now Career mode. It is a cool take on it, I like the model but so much customization and little practical things arent there. You cannot edit anything, you cant simulate entire seasons(week by week is painful when you are scratching a year for the draft) and the worst thing is you can't go back and look at scouting reports on players once you get to the draft. So if I scout 5 SS's and one of them has the "star" development rating I better remember who that was if I save and come back to it later. Once you advance to the stage where the draft takes place you can only view your draft board and the subsequent ratings you unlocked that are numbered ratings. None of the traits, tendencies and the all important development rating are shown. As the updates have come down though they have made good changes to the flow of the operation side of the game which is where I see any and all problems.

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    Created: 10/11/12

    Great game to play, always highly addictive!

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
    Review For: Madden NFL 13 (Sony PlayStation 3, 2012)

    I think the Madden games keep get better every year but they could take a better initiative to improve things faster than wait for the next edition to come around.

    I would love it if other companies could make a football video game to compete with Madden but EA bought the rights to have to use the NFL Players, teams, logos, etc. to create a monopoly and force everyone to buy this game. Capitalism sucks...

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