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Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete  (Play...
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Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (PlayStation, 1999)

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Chrono Trigger Playstation PS1 Japanese Import New Sealed Flawless
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Lunar Silver Star Story DISCS GREAT Sony Playstation PS1
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Lunar Silver Star Story DISCS GREAT Sony Playstation PS1
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Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete making of lunar disc only replacement LOOK PS1
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Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete making of lunar disc only replacement LOOK PS1
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Product description

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Product Information
Lunar: Silver Star Story was originally released on the Sega CD. In its time, it was one of the most cherished role-playing games and reaped in massive critical acclaim from reviewers and players alike. Due to space limitations, Working Designs were forced to restrain some things they wanted in the game. Because it is the company's favorite game, they decided to release Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete on the PlayStation -- an uncut version. It is said that this is the way they had always envisioned it.

The story focuses around Alex and his true love Luna. Alex has always dreamed of becoming a dragonmaster and follow in the footsteps of his hero Dyne. A dragonmaster is one who visits all the dragons of the land and passes their trials. Only the strong of heart and will can pass the tests and to become one spawns tales of folklore and legend throughout the world.

One day, Alex and Luna's friend Ramus decided to visit the White Dragon Cave in an attempt to get a Dragon Crystal, a very expensive and coveted rock. Unbeknownst to them, this is where their adventure begins. Their trip will take them all around the globe and they will interact with things and people they never believed existed. They soon find out that the prophecy tells of a new dragonmaster, one with green eyes -- just like Alex.

That same prophecy also includes very bad things. Someone called the Magic Emperor is predicted to step forth from the Frontier and destroy the Magic Guild. His ultimate goal is to rule the world and have his minions take over. In order to do this, he must search out the one singer whose song is magical. Once he finds her, he will reveal his true identity.

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete is a traditional role-playing game that features hand-drawn backgrounds and sprite based characters. As you progress throughout, you will meet up with adventurers and travelers -- people who want to either join your party or destroy you. Your party constantly changes because of the plot development, and some will leave and come back at a later time.

Your journey will lead you into a wide assortment of towns and towers, forests and caves. In towns, you'll have to interact with its inhabitants to better understand the story as well as learn valuable clues. You can also buy items, weapons and armor for your party members. You'll need plenty of silver though, and you can get that from fighting enemies in dungeons. Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete uses a traditional turn-based fighting engine. The more enemies you kill, the higher your experience becomes which awards you with more spell and magic power.

There is over an hour of anime-based movie sequences that propel the story in key moments, a hardback 120 page manual that documents production and gameplay, four CDs (two of which are the game) featuring the complete soundtrack and a "making of" movie, and a cloth map of the world.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
GameLunar: Silver Star Story Complete

Key Features

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorAnimated Violence, Suggestive Themes
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick
Number of Players1
Release Year1999
Game Special Features
  • Enhanced version of the game originally released on Sega CD

  • Includes nearly 60 minutes worth of animated cut-scenes

  • Features new characters, a different ending, and other surprises

  • Game SeriesLunar Series

    eBay Product ID: EPID3934

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    Created: 11/04/06

    Classic Role Playing

    This game is actually a remake of the best game ever released on sega CD. The now-defunct working designed released this gem in the US years ago and demand for it is still quite high.

    The sega cd version was great but with the re-release there are quite a few improvements, for one the graphics are better, there is a whole host of new animated anime-like cutscenes also the whole game has a much brighter crisper look giving it a great feel of high fantasy adventure.

    Gameplay is very traditional, like many RPGs the battles are turn based. One thing that this game has going for it that makes it much better than the final fantasy games of the same timeframe is that there are not 'random encounters' to me that always was frusterating but in lunar if there is going to be a fight you'll see the monster comming at you and you'll get a chance to avoid battles that way.

    The storyline is a mixture of romance melodrama and adventure. The game is about young Alex's dream of becoming a dragon master and his fight to eventually save his girlfriend, on and he also ends up having to save the world along the way.

    2 of 2 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Created: 12/08/08

    A game you simply must play if you game at all!

    I bought this game because I own it on Sega CD. Sadly, many years ago, my Sega ceased to function. Overall, this was not a big deal, but that meant I was unable to play this game. I recently stumbled upon a copy here on Ebay, and promptly purchased it. This is the complete version, for the playstation 1 and 2. It includes a wonderful art book and manual, with brief strategies for completing the game. Most inclusions like this aren't all that great, but this hardbound book is absolutely wonderful, and worth the price of entry, along with it's cloth map.

    The game is old, but not terribly dated, as it has been updated with graphical enhancements and new sounds, as well as better recorded music.

    The story is the main attraction here. You follow a few characters through many trials and watch as they grow in capability and friendship. It is just a wonderful story that everyone can enjoy. You really get to know the characters along the way.

    For RPG fans, this was pretty much the first game that had this kind of draw. When this hit the shelves so many years ago, it was the first game America had seen that provided this kind of engrossing plot and character development. To this day, it is one of the best, and can well hold it's own against any of the modern story driven RPGs.

    For years it has deserved a place alongside some of the best games ever made.

    I will not spoil anything for you. If you are considering this game, buy it. It is worth every penny you have to pay to get it.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Created: 01/01/10

    Great Game, Awesome cinematics

    This Playstation game originally came out during the Sega CD era as Lunar: The Silver Star. The story was different, but the voice acting was there, and the animation sequences were much more simplistic. But, this was an amazing RPG, even then. When Game Arts became Working Designs, they decided to retool the Lunar series, and came out with Lunar: The Silver Star Story. This features all new voice acting, and all new gameplay. Also, they redid the animated sequences to "anime" style. This gave a new dimension to the game. The story was streamlined from the Sega CD game.

    I have to admit that I was skeptical of this version when it first came out. I didn't know much about Lunar. A friend of mine let me in on some of the aspects of the game, and I bought the 4 disc collector's edition. This version features the retooled game on 2 game discs, a music cd, and a "making of" cd with videos, interviews, and even voice bloopers. It is a fun, awesome game. Later on, Working Designs came out with Lunar: Eternal Blue on the PSX, and had a similar 4 disc set. These 2 games, outside of Star Ocean: The Second Story, are the only "talking" RPGS on the PSX. They feature full voice acting on the cinematics, as well as some voices on the game screens. Also, during battle the characters talk as well. Final Fantasy, the best RPG series, didn't have talking characters until 10 on the PS2.

    Overall, if you are a fan of RPGs, and tired of playing the same old Final Fantasy clones, pick up Lunar. It is well worth the money. And get the offical strategy guide from Working Designs. It has full-color maps, story arcs, and even the elusive "bromides". 10/10

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    Created: 11/20/12

    Amazing game! Buy it now!

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    (REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS) This guide is definitely going to be biased! Haha. After reading this review, or before, go out and buy this game. Seriously, if you're a retro game fan, or just a fan of games, do yourself a favor and buy this game. Buy the collector's edition of this game. You will be amazed and pleased by the care and love that was put into this game.

    I'm a huge fan of Working Designs, the late company that made this game. Every game they made was fantastic, and was made by people who genuinely loved their jobs, and loved the games they made. You simply cannot go wrong when you buy one of their games.

    If you buy the complete collector's edition of this game, the first thing you'll notice is the awesome big box it comes in. The box has embossed writing on the cover, and beautiful artwork all over it. Inside the box is a hardcover instruction manual. It's huge! It contains interviews with the creators of the game and a bunch of other neat things. Also included is a cloth map, "making of" disc, and a soundtrack for the game. Companies nowadays just don't do these kinds of things.

    So what makes the actual game so great? In a word, everything. The story, characters, music, battle system, they're all outstanding. The dialogue is witty and the character interactions really keep you interested in this game. The game has a great challenge and you actually have to devise smart strategies to win.

    I don't really think there's much more I can say about this game. It truly is worth every penny, and you will not be disappointed at all. Companies nowadays should take a page out of the Working Designs playbook, because they did it right. If you have a job, buy it right now. If you're a younger gamer, ask for this game for Christmas.

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    Created: 07/28/08

    A Classic.

    I remember first playing this game back in 2000, when my sisters friend decided to bring it over and introduce us.
    And almost instantly, I fell in love with the video sequences. They were beautifully animated, they gave the characters life and personality, and of course, they were anime! What else could a girl ask for?
    My sister and I went out the next day to buy it. And the day we finally got to really sit down and play it, we both fell in love with not just the video sequences, but the soundtrack, story, and characters!
    Sadly, the game is hard to find, considering the fact that Working Designs is sadly out of business now. But if you CAN find it, GET IT. Don't even question the idea, just BUY IT.
    In short, the game is a classic.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

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