Logitech Z623 Computer Speakers
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Logitech Z623 Computer Speakers

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Product description
Product Information
This THX-Certified 2.1 system delivers powerful sound with 200 watts (RMS) of power - for big, bold audio. Don't miss a thing You'll get bold sound and powerful detail from this 200-watt, THX-Certified 2.1 speaker system. It's alive Slamming bass, clear highs, and rich mids shake some life into your music, movies, and games. You run the show Multiple convenient inputs for music, movie, and gaming devices let you make everything you listen to sound better.

Product Identifiers

Key Features
Number Of Speakers2 + Subwoofer
Max. Power Output200 watt (RMS)
Connection TypeWired
SubwooferWith Subwoofer

Technical Features
Speaker Frequency Response35 - 20000 Hz

Exterior ColorBlack

eBay Product ID: EPID101808150

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Created: 09/15/14

The best computer speakers I've ever owned.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

If you keep in mind that these are 2.1 computer speakers then I don't see how you could be anything but pleased with them. They sound excellent and the power, volume, and bass controls, as well as a headphone jack and line in jack all on the right hand speaker are very convenient. They are well made and have plenty of power for typical computer use.

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Created: 08/29/11

More bang for the buck.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I used the Logitech Z2300 speakers, the Z623′s predecessors, for years and loved them. So I was naturally excited when they came out with this new set. I haven’t been disappointed so far.

The Z623s aren’t a particularly original product; there are a number of speakers at this approximate price and power, and to be perfectly honest, they’re likely to all be pretty decent. After $150-200, I feel you start getting diminishing returns on 2.1 systems, so you get your maximum value at about this price. Hence, much competition. Altec Lansing, Bose, Creative, and Klipsch all have something to offer, so shop around a bit before you decide.

But enough pre-trashing of these things. The Z623s are a great set of speakers for those of us who watch and listen to most of our media on our desktops. Of course, with a 2.1 system, you miss out on surround sound, but with so many excellent surround-sound headsets available, it’s not so easy to justify a full surround system. Obviously these aren’t right for the home-theater set, who will certainly want a 5.1 or above system. No, these are all about the desktop.

The speakers have 200 watts total: 130 in the sub and 35 each in the satellites. It’s definitely enough to wake your next door neighbor if you get that urge. There are three separate inputs: one 3.5mm and one RCA on the subwoofer, and a spare 3.5mm on the satellite speaker. The satellite also has a headphone jack, power button, and of course volume and bass knobs.
Bottom line,Great product!

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Created: 09/29/14

Excellent !

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Under the right conditions , (testing which direction to point the speaker which sounds best) , it really sounds good for the size of the speaker . I have mine hidden in a cabinet , which for some reason , sounds the best in overall frequency response that will blend in the the mid-range speakers . The wire connections are pretty solid , and there is no static , even when near other power wires . I was able to turn it all the way up while playing a bass track . It shook the furniture several feet away , and really gave me an ear full of sound pressure . I highly recommend it .

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Created: 09/09/14

Excellent Sound!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I bought this to serve as a computer audio monitor. Being a lifelong musician and high-end audio enthusiast, I didn't expect to get much for under $100.00---I was dead wrong! The quality of this product is first class; the sound is clear and very well balanced with a smooth response curve. My ears do not become fatigued after long periods of listening. I listen to all types of music, but the bass cube responds best to pipe organ pedal tones---the lowest of frequencies come through clearly and without distortion. This system sounds much better than my Bose computer monitors that cost $400.00! I have had no electrical trouble with the Logitech Z623. You might need some longer cables though, no big deal. I highly recommend this product----you won`t be disappointed.

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Created: 04/20/12

Great Condition, Awesome Product, And Works Great!

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I bought these speakers because I thought my old ones went bad, In the end, it ended up being my sub-woofer that went bad, so I ended buying the sub woofer as well, and when I did, I was once again amazed. The sound quality from these speakers is simply astounding, It will be very hard to find another 2.1 speaker system that can top these at this price I can say that much for certain, especially with a proven brand name like Logitech.

So what is good about these speakers? My favorite part is the bass, it is guaranteed to send the beat vibrating trough your body and the satellites are loud and crisp as well, and when the vibrations are just a tad bit too bone rattling its easy to tone it down from one of the satellites, and the auxiliary input and and headphone jack makes it convenient to connect other audio devices as opposed to constantly reconnecting the plug or listen to music privately, but the bass box also an auxiliary in put as well as an addition av input as well which was convenient for me.

The bad? Well while there are a few input choices for me how limited it was in being able to be set up or rather where u can set it up was a turn off the satellite has to be connected to the system for it to work and each satellite has a specific spot to plug it in, being that they both go the box it severely limits how far and where you can plug in the system, so make you have space near where you plan to use this in addition to a surge protector with multiple outlets or at least an extension cord as this was my limiting factor.

A fair warning to all even though I said these sound good, I say this when compared to other 2.1 speaker systems, you cant compare these with a 5.1 or a 7.1 surround sound speakers system, they are in different categories, For 2.1 Speakers these are definitely top of the line, also note these speakers do not work with out bass box so don't think buying these speakers with out the box will work even on another system as it uses a special connector that is not common to connect the box.

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