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Kyle XY - The Complete Second Season: Re...
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Kyle XY - The Complete Second Season: Revelations (DVD, 2008, Boxed Set)

Matt Dallas, Marguerite MacIntyre | Rating: Not Rated
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Movie synopsis
Teen drama meets sci-fi mystery in the hit ABC Family series KYLE XY, the story of a high schooler with no past, no memories, and no belly button! After he is found wandering in the woods, Kyle (Matt Dallas) is taken in by the Trager family, and quickly begins to assimilate to "normal" life, all the while exhibiting strange and wondrous abilities that hint at his supernatural origins. Season two deepens the mysteries surrounding Kyle's identity with the introduction of Jessi XX (Jaimie Alexander), an enigmatic young woman who just may hold the answers to everyone's questions. Featuring all 23 episodes from the show's second year, this release includes a bonus set of deleted scenes and alternate endings, as well as a special chapter on "The Science of KYLE XY."

Product Details
  • Edition: Boxed Set
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Film Country: USA
  • UPC: 786936754902

Additional Details
Genre:Dramas, Television
Display Format:Boxed Set

eBay Product ID: EPID70969369
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Created: 06/02/09

Kyle XY Complete Second Season boxed set DVD

Great 6 disk boxed set of the complete second season. I love the show. The show was Science fiction about a very attractive boy with extraordinary intellegence and powers. He was taken in by a family after being found wondering in the streets naked and without a memory. I also found it appealing that the show was very true to life regarding family. You need to purchase it to find out the whole incredible story. I also purchased the first season. One of the best things about the DVD's with this show is that I can keep watching as much as I like without the annoying commercials. The cast is perfect in this show but sadly it suddened got canceled early this year. I cannot wait to buy the 3rd season when it is released.

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Created: 04/04/11

Questions Kyle should have asked?

There are two sides to this series and they are both excellent. Kyle and his attributes are one side that is depicted as science fiction and the other side as to how family relationships should work in a normal home. Well the writers put the two together that worked very well. The downside is that the writers did not bestow the word Love for Jesse. She was kind of left out, I believe something should have been done to bring her up to speed. There still are questions that leave us in the dark, like what is the information that is locked up in Kyles head anyway, that Kyle doesn't even know and why didn't Kyle ask Adam, surely he would know, so how dumb is that. Jesse jumped of the dam, why didn't someone ask how she survived? There a so many questions that the family should have asked Adam about Kyle but weren't smart enough too, go figure. A lot of loop holes in this series but well worth the watch.

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Created: 01/29/09

Keeping a good track record

After watching the first season of Kyle XY I felt uplifted in so many ways. It was intrigueing, heartfelt and simply brilliant. The second season is not a letdown in any way. With the introduction of a few new charecters, the retention of previous charecters, season 2 is obviously a home run for this hopefully long running series. While Kyle is torn between his past and present, unseen enemies are closing in. With the information locked deep inside his mind from zyzzx (which by the way gets taken care of in the beginning of this season) Kyle is forced to befriend the one person who could eventually become his mortal enemy. Soon you also learn that zyzzx is only the tip of the iceburg, it goes much deeper. I personally can't wait to catch season 3 on ABC family and anybody who has seen this show I'm sure feels the same way about it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my little review, and I hope you enjoy the show.

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Created: 01/24/09


I have not missed an episode of this series since it began in 2007. It airs on the ABC Family Channel. I bought the complete first season and now the complete second season. This is a science fiction series that I enjoy watching over and over again.
KYLE XY is for all ages. Buy it... you will NOT be disappointed.

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Created: 11/18/09

The Kyle and Jessie show

I came across a bargain on Season 1 and really liked it. So when Season 2 became available, I jumped on it.

It starts out pretty good, but slips downhill a little. It is a bit darker than Season 1. The characters don't always seem to behave consistantly, or at least 'in character'. Often, coincidence is stretched to near the breaking point. In particular, there is one episode where a social worker (or is she?) shows up at the Trager house to evaluate Kyle's environment. While trying to hide all the things which could be misconstrued, events and people all coincide to produce the greatest chaos.

The character of Jessie is becoming somewhat annoying. She is presented as this tragic figure, but she acts so badly, one can't work up any real concern for her. And the characters tend to overlook the damages she has done them; she sets them up, knocks them down, and they come right back for more.

The relationships tend to get tedious over time. The Kyle/Amanda pairing seems to be him letting her down (often due to Jessie) and her forgiving him (despite her experiances with Charlie). They started off so well, then seem reduced to one step forward, one step back. Not an effective way to get anywhere. And the Lori/Declan pairing just goes round and round in a circle. Other relationships don't seem to be living up to their promise.

Still there is plenty to recommend this. The basic concept is good, and the execution is, for the most part, entertaining. The packaging is excellant and there are some good 'extras' on the disks.

If you liked Season one, you will probably like this. If you did not see Season one, this might be a bit confusing. In either case, I recommend watching the episodes 'spread out' a bit and not back to back. For this season, back to back tends to emphasize the flaws and desensitize you to the good stuff.

As you might expect, there is a 'cliffhanger' at the end of the season. Generally I don't mind cliffhangers unless the show is cancelled prior to resolution. In both seasons one and two, the cliffhanger is not as blatent as many shows. Still, I'll be looking for a good deal on Season 3.

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