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Kingdom Hearts [Greatest Hits]  (Sony Pl...
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Kingdom ...
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Kingdom Hearts [Greatest Hits] (Sony PlayStation 2, 2003)

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Kingdom Hearts, Excellent Playstation 2 Video Games
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Kingdom Hearts, Excellent Playstation 2 Video Games
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Kingdom Hearts (replacement box with manual) (no disc) ps2
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Kingdom Hearts  (replacement box with manual)  (no disc)  ps2
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Kingdom Hearts [Greatest Hits] (Sony PlayStation 2, 2003) (2003)
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Kingdom Hearts [Greatest Hits]  (Sony PlayStation 2, 2003) (2003)
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Kingdom Hearts PS2 (Sony PlayStation 2, 2003) DISC ONLY!
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Kingdom Hearts PS2  (Sony PlayStation 2, 2003) DISC ONLY!
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Product description
Product Information
Created with the support of two multimedia entertainment powerhouses, Kingdom Hearts provides a new adventure with some familiar faces. This 3D action-oriented role-playing title from developers at Square features popular Disney characters like Donald Duck and Goofy adventuring alongside more conventional Final Fantasy-styled heroes.

Tetsuya Nomura, who designed several of the characters in earlier Final Fantasy titles, supervised this game's development. In addition to the well-established Donald and Goofy, Kingdom Hearts introduces some new characters to the Disney universe.

The heroes must embark on a long and dangerous quest to rescue lost friends. Players guide their characters through sleepy city streets and mysterious torch-lit tombs, facing clever enemies and large boss characters. Most of the action is played out in real-time. Though it features characters often associated with children's programs, Kingdom Hearts is designed to offer a thoughtful, serious role-playing adventure for gamers of all ages.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
GameKingdom Hearts [Greatest Hits]
UPC0711719394228, 662248902012

Key Features
PlatformSony PlayStation 2

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorViolence
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick
Number of Players1
Release Year2003
Game Special Features
  • Interact with more than 100 Disney and Final Fantasy characters

  • Explore 3D worlds inspired by Disney films

  • Features action-oriented combat against an assortment of enemies

  • Game SeriesKingdom Hearts Series

    eBay Product ID: EPID9390

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    Created: 02/20/09

    Quite Possibly the Perfect Video Game

    Take the essential elements of a video game -- story, gameplay, animation and music -- and consider how important each of them is to a game's success. When "Kingdom Hearts" is broken down this way, it is easy to see why it has become one of the most-heralded games of all time.

    The story itself is the center of the game. It focuses on a trio of kids who lives on a tropical island. One day, they're split up and transported to different worlds. The goal of the main character, Sora, is not to get home but to reconnect with this friends. Along the way, he receives help from a host of Disney characters -- chiefly Donald Duck and Goofy. In doing so, they travel to other worlds, each of which is designed to look like the set of one of Disney's many animated movies. This is where the game's can't-put-it-down excitement comes in. For anybody familiar with the Disney catalogue, "Kingdom Hearts" brings a host of familiar places in a new light. Instead of a projector flickering by pictures that the viewer takes in, the game puts the player in the director's chair and allowers him or her to almost recast the story. Granted, the outcomes of every level is the same no matter how it is played, but controlling the action of the characters millions of people already recognize is the primary draw of the game.

    Perhaps the only real drawback to "Kingdom Hearts" is its button-mashing gameplay. Players charge into run-of-the-mill enemies, called "Heartless," and hack and slash them to pieces. That said, there is a fair amount of customization for the characters -- especially Sora. Sora's primary weapon, the keyblade, comes in various forms, each with a unique feature. Choosing the right Keyblade for certain situations can often turn a daunting battle into a fair fight. With that, the game's rather simple interaction with enemies becomes a litle more complex.

    Aside from enemies, "Kingdom Hearts" has fantastic gameplay interaction with its environments. Players can scale ladders, submerge in the sea and fly with Peter Pan. All of which require new control filters for the player's mind. On top of that, each world seems to have a puzzle that requires specialized travel to advance the story. These are sometimes simple and other times rather complex. Eithe way, new player and veterans alike will find some challenge.

    "Kingdom Hearts" has amazing animation in both its gameplay and automated sequences, which make up a fair portion of the game. Anybody familiar with the SquareSoft studios will recognize the fluid movement and vibrant colors rendered throughout the game. Some sequences are worth watching a second time just to take them all in.

    The music for "Kingdom Hearts" is among the best and most-recognizable of anything available in any video game. Again, the game draws heavily on the Disney library, and even the cheesiest of sing-along songs is remixed in a way so that a level that takes 20-30 minutes to defeat doesn't lead to a mind-numbing sonic experience.

    All in all, "Kingdom Hearts" is an amazing video game that was groundbreaking at the time of its release and still holds an impressive "Wow!" factors after all these years. It truly does bring out the best of Disney with the best of SquareSoft.

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    Created: 05/16/06

    Open your heart to Kingdom Hearts!

    Square-Enix made a first by combining Disney and Final Fantasy together in the same game. The result? Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts was a real-time RPG that fell into the worst category for a game to get into, it was either a love it or hate it game. I loved it mainly for the story and the music. People who love good music and a good story will love it like me. Many people hated the game right off mainly because Disney and Final Fantasy were never expected to be together. Final Fantasy fans claimed that characters like Tinkerbell and Winnie the Pooh destroy any chance for a decent serious story. That is false. Disney fans seemed to think that Final Fantasy characters might destroy the fun mood that Disney could give for little kids. Also wrong. Despite what has been claimed, this game still delivers a powerful dramatic story with a touch of Disney fun. The only real reason I believe people might not like it is because the battle system takes some time to get used to. If you are used to the PS2 controller and practice a little, you will get it in no time.

    The story starts off (in beautiful cinematics) as the hero, Sora, appears in a strange place and you are given a small tutorial about how the game works. As Sora explores deeper, he encounters the enemies of the game and fights a minor boss. As he is being sucked into darkness, he hears a voice say he will "open the door" and that he "holds the most powerful weapon of all". As he awakens, he is back on his island with his friends Riku and Kairi. After exploring the island, Sora finds a strange door. Suddenly, a mysterious figure appears and says several things such as "this world has been connected" and how Sora "understands nothing". He then vanishes and leaves Sora in a bewildered state. As this is happening on Sora's island, the king of Disney Castle, Mickey, has left to stop a rising evil that he has sensed. Donald and Goofy are sent by him to look for a "key" which is the key to destroying this evil.

    The battle system happens in real time, meaning that Sora can get hurt at all times. Luckily, there are many ways to keep Sora healthy. At first all you can do is run and jump but as you level up and explore different worlds, you learn how to guard, roll, cast magic, and use many special moves. Usually when you level up, one stat such as strength, defence, magic, HP, or MP will increase. Sometimes two will go up but it dosen't happen that much, making leveling up different from what most are probably used to. Your stats level up depending on what choices you make during the beginning tutorial. This game is easy to master, a bit too easy. The AI of the enemys is a little slow and easy to beat, even the bosses. It never becomes boring but it can become easy.

    You travel from world to world in a ship known as a Gummi Ship. You have to fight off enemies in the Gummi Ship when you are going between places. Unfortunetly, this becomes a little annoying and repetitive. As you explore many familiar Disney worlds and some new ones, a serious yet fun plot develops, destroying the two rumors that was spread among fans. Both sides will love this game if they just give it a try. The story develops much more in the next two games, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (GBA) and Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS2). Any overall RPG fan should give these games a try.

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    Created: 07/04/06

    The Single Best Video Game I Have Ever Played

    Nothing compares. Kingdom Hearts, developed by Square Enix, is simply phenomenal. I first came across this game when I was in second grade, and (amazingly) still love it today.

    The story follows a young boy named Sora (voiced by acting veteran Haley Joel Osment). He lives on a tranquil island with his friends Riku and Kairi, but dreams of visiting other worlds and embarking on new adventures. One day, he gets his wish, and is whisked away to the homely Traverse Town. There, he meets two new friends (Disney's Donald Duck and Goofy). And so, their journey together begins. But it won't be smooth sailing. Can Sora, with the help of his friends, stop the evil beasts known as Heartless, and find the missing Riku and Kairi? With the strength of Sora's newfound Keyblade, it just might be possible. In the game, there is an interesting combination of Final Fantasy, (Cloud, Leon, Tidus, and others make appearances) and the colorful characters of Disney (Donald, Goofy, KIng Mickey Mouse, and many others).

    The only minor gripe I have about this game is the graphics. They're good, but could be better. A lot of the characters look rather robotic, and not truly lifelike. On the other hand, the music is terrific, especially the original melodies composed solely for the game. They are very excellent, very moving.

    The gameplay, also, is easy to learn, and fun once you do. Rather than using the X button to jump, (such is common in video games) you use the O button, which is a refreshing change. X is used to attack. In addition, you have an array of magic spells that you can make Sora cast, which will definitely kill some Heartless. This continues the Final Fantasy tradition.

    Tournaments are a Kingdom Hearts pro as well. There are four of them, all held at Olympus Coliseum: the Phil Cup, Pegasus Cup, Hercules Cup, and (the most challenging) Hades Cup. Once you start one of those tournaments, you'll find yourself hooked on battling Heartless, round after exciting round.

    But the game's true high point is the story. Some of the voice acting is not entirely realistic, but that actually enhances the engaging power of Kingdom Hearts's overall plot. It just gives the game this light, but powerful, feeling, like it's unsurpassed. It's really hard to explain. But, no matter how you look at it, you'll no doubt find that Kingdom Hearts is a truly great game. You won't find quality quite like this anywhere else.


    Graphics: 4/5

    Music: 5/5

    Story: 5/5

    Fun: 5/5

    Overall: 5/5

    CONCLUSION: A phenomenal game, well worth even the shy gamer's time. And since Kingdom Hearts II is already out, and a third game could possibly be released, the brilliant saga can continue.

    NOTES: To unlock a special scene after the game's end credits, just do three things:

    -Seal the Keyhole to every world (including Olympus Coliseum and 100 Acre Wood)
    -Win the Hades Cup
    -Recover all 99 dalmatian puppies (you can find them in various treasure chests scattered across worlds)

    Trust me, the special scene is really cool (and it's not the one that shows Sora, Donald, and Goofy chasing Pluto down that pathway).

    5 of 6 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Created: 07/11/06

    WARNING: May love Disney again after playing!

    If you played Legend Of Zelda before, then you basically know how the battle system should work. Its more of an action RPG then a turn based one. In other words, its completely different from almost all the FFs. The environment is interactive. Meaning you can hit a switch with fire, or light a room with Thunder. You have a command window at bottom left hand corner. Using the right analog stick allows you to control which command you want to use. You have the choices of ''Attack'', ''Magic'' and ''Item'' each doing exactly what they sound like. There's also a fourth bar in the command menu which functions like an ''Action'' command. For example, if you want to open a door, approach it and select the ''Open'' Command which would have taken the fourth slot. Otherwise, the fourth command is always blank. When you don't have to fight, the command window stays blue.

    However, when you run into an area where baddies might appear, you'll enter battle mode. The command window will turn Red and you can utilize your actions from the menu. Attack, Magic and Item are available here too, but the fourth command will change to a ''Special'' command, where you can utilize special moves you've equipped (more on this later). There is also a targetting system that allows to lock on to an enemy. By doing so, the camera will constantly focus at that enemy only. However, unlike Zelda, Sora doesn't automatically turn to face the enemy. So, it will take some time to adjust. Note that you can also adjust the AI of Donald and Goofy, customizing the way YOU want them to fight in battle. Extra Bonus.

    Outside of battle, you can also pop open a menu, allowing you to customize characters with abilities (think FF9) and equipment. You can also make characters hold certain Items so when battle occurs, these items become available for use. Please take note that you can also use the D-pad to move the command menu, but doing so will make the game incredibly difficult as it would just feel awkward and the command switching will be a lot slower.

    So where does the reduction come from? Well, after a while, battle get old. Its not like there's a point to shielding. Mash away with X and you can pretty much win most of the battles. Especially if you make your allies act defensively. It gets tiring to fight enemies over and over again while slamming on X.

    4 of 6 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes | No

    Created: 10/23/10

    Welcome to Kingdom hearts :)

    It's difficult to imagine how the idea for Kingdom Hearts might have dawned on someone. For a game to combine the brooding, self-important characters of the Final Fantasy series with the lighthearted, often silly characters from many of Disney's most famous animated feature films seems ridiculous, if not impossible. But here it is, as plain as day: Kingdom Hearts, an action adventure game that's sure to appeal to fans of either Square's previous games or Disney's cartoons, at least on some weird level. Though the actual gameplay of Kingdom Hearts isn't as noteworthy as the concept, and the plot wavers between being predictable and incoherent, you'll still enjoy making your way through the game's various settings, stumbling onto more Square and Disney cameos than you ever thought you'd see in one place.

    Along the way, you'll run into some of Disney's most famous characters, and you'll also meet some of Square's finest. But make no mistake--there's much more Disney here. So while you shouldn't expect to run into every one of your favorite Final Fantasy bit players, if you're a big Disney fan, you'll be in for a real treat. Square fans can take heart from the fact that Kingdom Hearts by all means bears the characteristics of a Square game, complete with all the sorts of character building, secret items, minigames, and impressive boss battles they've come to expect.

    Kingdom Hearts isn't a role-playing game like last year's Final Fantasy X, but it does have plenty of role-playing elements. Your characters gain levels, spells, and special abilities as they proceed in their quest, and you can go out of your way to find special items or go back to town and shop for better equipment. Yet the action all takes place in real time, and there's plenty of it. You'll be fighting the Heartless in virtually every scene of the game, and when you defeat a pack of them, another pack will often materialize right then and there. Kingdom Hearts also has a good number of platform-jumping sequences and a few puzzles to solve. It's a linear game, though sometimes you get a choice of where to go first. It's also a pretty long game--not as lengthy as Final Fantasy X, but certainly a lot bigger than your average 10-hour action adventure.

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