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Kid Icarus: Uprising  (Nintendo 3DS, 201...
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Kid Icarus: Uprising (Nintendo 3DS, 2012)

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Kid Icarus Uprising (Nintendo 3DS, 2011) Brand New w/ Stand
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Kid Icarus Uprising  (Nintendo 3DS, 2011) Brand New w/ Stand
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Kid Icarus: Uprising (Nintendo 3DS, 2012) Tested NTSC US Version
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Kid Icarus: Uprising (Nintendo 3DS, 2012) Tested NTSC US Version
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Kid Icarus: Uprising Nintendo 3DS Game FREE SHIP!
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Kid Icarus: Uprising Nintendo 3DS Game FREE SHIP!
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Kid Icarus Uprising Nintendo 3DS Game
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Kid Icarus Uprising Nintendo 3DS Game
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Product description
Product Information
Designed by Kirby and Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai, Kid Icarus: Uprising has players alternating between flight sequences and ground-based combat as angelic hero Pit confronts the dark forces of Medusa. In the air, the game is played like a rail-based shooter, with each third-person flight sequence lasting approximately five minutes. On land, players will collect treasures, acquire powerful new weapons, and battle an assortment of creatures inspired by Greek mythology. The game also includes support for team-based multiplayer competition, and players can use specially designed augmented reality cards to engage in battles with 3D characters.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
GameKid Icarus: Uprising
UPC045496521837, 045496741686

Key Features
PlatformNintendo 3DS

Tech Details
ESRB DescriptorFantasy Violence
Control ElementsGamepad/Joystick
Number of Players1-6
Release Year2012
Game Special Features
  • Battle the minions of Medusa in the air and on the ground

  • Includes team-based multiplayer matches

  • Use specially designed AR Cards to view 3D characters and engage in battles

  • Game SeriesKid Icarus Series

    eBay Product ID: EPID72415519

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    Created: 04/05/13

    While controls are not perfect, the whole game nearly is!

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    When I was out to but a Nintendo 3DS XL, I saw this game, seeing how I liked the image of this franchise in the Wii's Super Smash Brothers Brawl title, I decided to buy it and give it a whirl.

    It was my first 3DS title and I'm SOOOO glad it was.

    To begin, this game, as visually stunning as it is (even the 3D component works well with them), is extremely hard to categorize; it's an action-packed adventure with loads of arcade-like fighting and third-person shooting (there's a first-person view as well). Nevertheless, as intense as that might sound, its not as violent as it sounds either.

    This game has an awesome Solo mode where you mainly control the angel, Pit, who serves the Goddess of Light, Palutena, who vies to help humanity from its own woes and wars while confronting their own problems amidst the world of the Gods. There are a couple of levels that are exceptions, but are still as interesting as all the others.

    And that's where the magic of the game lies: there's practically NEVER a dull moment in this game - the levels are well-constructed with combinations of aerial combat that maneuvers like rail-shooting games and land assaults with gorgeous visuals to boot; amazing lighting and details across the board.

    But it's not all up to the graphics, ALL the characters in the Solo story mode, have SO much personality and spot-on deliveries of dialogue, that you'll definitely be laughing every now and then. I'm not highly knowledgeable of Greek Mythology but I think its safe to say that even the "Greek nerds" would find a number of qualities in the game's characters and plot.

    The Default Controls are overall, pretty smooth; even though trigger and movement on your left hand and your stylus on the Touch Screen to aim can feel awkward at times, it really depends on how you are positioned and/or seated. The stand that game is naturally bundled with, becomes useful with this notion if you are by a desk or table. The controls are also customizable to my knowledge.

    And the online (Together) mode (HOLY MOLEY the online mode!) is AWESOME; No jokes here;

    There's a team-based Light vs. Dark mode and a Free-for-all mode and they are all very playable, no dirty tricks, no players that cheat (or seem to cheat), just pure wholesome fun, especially after spending some hours in the solo mode. Together mode is not exactly something you can jump right into, but after gaining familiarity with the controls, your stats and enjoyment of the mode can easily reflect it.

    To top it all off, the PHENOMENAL soundtrack (composed by Motoi Sakuraba and others)certainly ties all these things together into a memorable game.

    Truly, a MUCH BETTER experience for a first game than Mario Kart DS, which was my first game for my Blue Original DS system.

    If you enjoy orchestrated music, Greek Gods, Fast-Paced Action, and/or Online Combat this will make an ideal game to accompany that freshly-bought 3DS of yours. The controls, while they may be awkward and might not entirely resolved fo you, everything else in this game is so epic and attention-grabbing, that you'll forgot all about the little inconveniences.

    Even the provided stand can alone be worth buying the game, as I see it would ideal stability for recording "Let's Play" videos. Make sure it comes with the game or buy it brand new.

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    Created: 03/24/12

    Kid Icarus: Uprising: Why It's NOT BAD!

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    I was skeptical when I saw many average (or bad) reviews of Kid Icarus: Uprising from popular game magazines and websites. Critics complained primarily about the controls. Still, I chose to buy the game hoping I could look past the alleged problems and enjoy a game crafted by the legendary producer of Super Smash Bros. Brawl -- Masahiro Sakurai.

    First of all, the gameplay is a blast. Single player consists of rather short levels that are split between air and ground battles. The air battles are ride-the-rails style, while the ground portions allow you to move Pit through the stage and discover treasures and secret rooms that hold different weapons, items, and powers. The exploration elements of the ground stages are linear but welcomed to contrast with the player's lack of control in the air stages. The air stages are fun to play in 3D, though not so much for the ground stages since the player is too focused on moving, turning around, etc. Regardless of whether a player decides to play in 2D or 3D, though, the game looks really beautiful -- especially the backgrounds! Pit and the goddess Palutena converse throughout the levels, which can be annoying at times. However, the humor of the conversations and the character development they provide outweigh the annoying qualities. And if a player disagrees, she can always turn the volume off.

    That being said, the volume will likely stay on during the approximately 12-hour campaign since the music is absolutely lovely. The story mode may be on the short side, but there is massive replay value to this game. Weapons that you can collect under much harder difficulties can be used in multiplayer mode, which is just as good as the single player story mode. The weapons can be combined and upgraded, along with Pit's powers, and tested in either a Light vs Dark team battle or a Free For All brawl. Like in Super Smash Bros., the multiplayer maps can get congested and chaotic a lot of the time. That simply adds to the fun of it, though. Just like in single player mode, the multiplayer options allow the player to collect new weapons and items to add to her collection.

    All that being said, I need to address the controls, which apparently ruined the game for many game reviewers. In my opinion, the controls are incredible. There is such a variety of control schemes that almost any type of player can find something that suits her. Not only can she adjust the functions of all the 3DS' buttons, but she can also alter the sensitivity of the cursor (which I recommend, since the default settings make it difficult to move the camera under stress). The default settings have Pit's movement controlled by the circle pad, while the cursor is controlled by the stylus. The L-button is used for shooting. I played the game for about 5 hours straight after getting it on the release day without the discomfort in my hand that many reviewers complained of. Even so, if the stylus doesn't suit a player, she can replace it by making the A,B,X,Y buttons control Pit's cursor.

    - Really FUN gameplay
    - Excellent replay value
    - Good, albeit chaotic, multiplayer
    - Beautiful music
    - Good graphics in both 2D and 3D
    - Humorous character development
    - Variety of control schemes

    - Pit and Palutena are slightly annoying
    - Muliplayer can be confusing on the tiny screen

    I highly recommend this game! 5 out of 5!

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    Created: 01/04/14

    If you own a 3DS, this is a must have! Its alot of fun!

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    This is a great game, full of action and a balanced story within each chapter. If you have a 3ds this is one of the top 10 must gets for it. It may be set at a certain level(easy) at first and you can adjust it right after you beat the first chapter. The controls are great! Every button is adjustable. The only part is if you have an XL and/or equipped with accessories-it becomes extremely stressful on your wrist (you carry it primarily with one hand) after prolonged use. This can help develop carpel tunnel. For this reason they provided a stand included with the game. You can also alleviate this by changing the stylus to no stylus and a circle pad can help that as well.

    --Pros: Great:--
    -- story and humor---
    -- action paced---
    --Level and character Design---
    --Replay level - Very high----

    -Cons:If the control scheme is to use with a stylus: An XL or LL may cause stress on the wrist if you cannot
    use it with a stand, circle pad pro or similar accessories after a prolonged use-and its hard to stop playing. Watch out if it starts getting painful on the fingers or wrist.

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    Created: 12/04/12

    One of Nintendo's Best Video games.

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    I wasn't sure of what to think of this game. I thought it was all confusing, and just pointless shooting, included with a dull story line. I was quite amazed at what I experienced during the first couple hours of playing this game. Its worth the money, it has a unique story line, and for those gamers out there who just like beating games rather than trying to beat their high scores, then this game is for you. Its so easy to beat, and fun to play.

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    Created: 05/19/12

    very nice game

    Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

    The plot of Kid Icarus: Uprising follows the angelic protagonist, Pit, as he battles against the forces of a reborn Medusa who seeks to destroy mankind. With Palutena's aid, Pit gains the "Power of Flight" to travel the skies and fight the Underworld Army.[11] Whilst dealing with Medusa's forces and commanders, the Underworld commander Pandora uses an artifact called the Mirror of Truth to create a doppelganger of Pit named Dark Pit. However, as the mirror was cracked before his creation was completed, Dark Pit does not ally with the Underworld Army, and instead operates according to his own free will, which is destroying both the Underworld Army and Pit (believing himself to be the true original) . After reacquiring the Three Sacred Treasures, Pit challenges and defeats Medusa, only to find out that his fight with and defeat of Medusa is a ruse by the true Lord of the Underworld

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