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JL Audio JL1000/1 Car Amplifier
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JL Audio JL1000/1 Car Amplifier

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Product description
Product Identifiers
BrandJL Audio
MPNJL1000/1, JL10001
UPC699440980104, 699440980142

Key Features
Amplifier TypeMono Channel
Input Voltage11 volt
BridgeableNot Bridgable
RMS Power at 2 Ohms1000 W x 1
RMS Power at 4 Ohms1000 W x 1

Frequency Response5 Hz - 0.25 Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio95 dB
THD at Rated RMS Power0.05 %

Crossover / Equalizer
Bass BoostWith Bass Boost
Bass Boost Frequency80 Hz
Low - Pass Frequency40 Hz - 200 Hz

Technical Features
3 Way ReadyNo

Width19.7 in.
Height2.36 in.

Manufacturer Sitehttp://www.jlaudio.com/amps/10001.html

eBay Product ID: EPID62443388

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Created: 04/22/08

Jl Audio JL1000/1

Its a JL 1000/1 IT's the best. What I don't like about it. The price is a little high.
Additional Information about Jl Audio JL1000/1 Car Audio Amplifier
Amplifier Type Mono Channel
Bridgable Not Bridgable
RMS Power at 4 Ohms 1000 W x 1
RMS Power at 2 Ohms 1000 W x 1
Frequency Response 5 Hz - 250 Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio 95 dB
THD at Rated RMS Power 0.05 %

Crossover / Equalizer
Bass Boost With Bass Boost
Bass Boost Frequency 80 Hz
Low - Pass Frequency 40 Hz - 200 Hz

Other Features
Input Voltage 11 volt

Width 19.7 in.
Depth 9.25 in.
Height 2.36 in.

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Created: 03/28/08

JL for SQ or SPL Just might be the universal amplifier!

The JL 1000/1 offers almost anything the buyer would be looking for and more. The amplifier is rated at 1000 watts at 1.5 to 4 ohms which makes it great for many applications however if you set it up to do 1000 at 4 ohms and change the the subs with a differnt impedance than you can run into issues. I've seen this happen. A 4 ohm set jl 1000/1 hooked up to a 1 ohm load. You would think it would shut down but it won't. It will make 4000 watts into the 1 ohm load and smoke the subs. So in short I will sum it up to say JL definately under rates this amplifier and if you need more than 1000 watts to get the max for SPL this Amplifier will make more power than you would think possible. It does not shut down at 1ohm as you might think very quickly. I have never seen one shut down period but there is protection built in. Clean sound, Oh yes even when running 1 ohm at 3000 watts to smoke a set of 750 watt RMS ea subs there was no audible distortion. That means at 1 ohm it had to well exceed 1500 watts and it was undetectible. Used like JL recommends I think these amps are built to last you for as long as you own your vehicle. You may change your cars several times before you replace this amp. Be carefull who you buy from. This amplified is often the target of fraud by those trying to rip you off. Everyone wants a cheap JL 1000/1 but not every one gets what they pay for.

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Created: 08/07/11

By far the best BANG for your BUCK EVER. Read my personal experience & see.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

I have been building car audio systems professionally and as a hobbie (that's what I call it when I install for friends for free) for over 15 years and never have I used an amp that has impressed me like this one. To start off this amp is terribly under rated, when JL decided to put that 1000w number on the amp they did it considering the absolute worse conditions. What I mean is that this amp will hold true to it's claim even when it's burning up in your trunk, your alternator can't keep up, your battery has dropped under 12v and you have only put a 4ohm load on it, it will still beat the brains out of your woofers with the same clarity, uncompromised. That is completely opposite of every other company producing amps has done, they take a cold amp in a controlled environment, feed it 14.4-16v(who ever has THAT coming out of their street ride?!!?)load it down to 1 or maybe even 1/2ohm, crank it for a couple seconds and say, "Thats the# we'll put on it, yep 6500w", most of us don't read the fine print we see the price and take home a beast of an amp. I can only tell you a situation from my personal experience in my own car. My last system I used a Soundstream XXX6500 with three 12s rated to handle 3000w each. I hooked it up, did the big alternator, two huge power cells, a 40 farad power cap, O gauge power wire and then ran around and proudly impressed all my friends and myself until one day I ran into somebody who had one of these JL 1000/1s and two JL 12W6s in the back of his H2 and it blew my system away, sure I had more muscle to drive those 22-36hz notes but besides that it was unanimous his system beat better than mine.So, eventually I sold that setup to a friend after he begged me for over a year because he was so impressed with the sound it pumped out and it took me that long to give in since I liked it just as much as he did. After driving around for 6mo with my highs amp running all my highs and a 12 in the trunk I ran into a deal I couldn't pass up. I did a job for a GC that I was going to bill him $600 for and he made me an offer to trade me one of these JL 1000/1 amps, two JL 10W7s and a JL 300/4 to run two sets of 6.5" MB Quart Q series components w crossovers instead of writing me a check... well, of coarse I accepted cause I figured all that's gotta sound better than what I had going. So I put my original highs amp back to the way it was, just running my highs, and then being in a rush I just wired the JL 1000/1 to my car battery with no extra power cells or capacitors and threw in the two 10W7s. I was so BLOW AWAY by the hard hitting low dropping beats that came outta my trunk I had to show all my friends & everyone agreed it beats as hard as my old stuff & the Volts NEVER drop below 13.4v, AMAZING!!! Being SO impressed with so little I decided to buy 3 more 1000/1 amps a 450/4 to add to my highs, then 2 JL13W7s and 2 JL12W7s. I'm still looking for one more 1000/1 so I'll end up with one 1000/1 on each 13, each 12 and the 10s will share one. I'm still waiting for my other capcell and wires so Ill be able to deliver 2000amps of power for 16seconds straight, considering the 1000/1s only draw 100amps max Ill be able to play a fully maxed out bass note for 64seconds before a volt drop even begins. Yes, considering how impressive just one 1000/1 is doing on two 10W7s you can imagine the anticipation is killing me to hear what everything added together is going to sound like,an Earthquake,a 767 jet,I'm goin cazy waitn for sure

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Created: 06/16/10

JL Audio.. Need I say more?!

JL Audio Slash Series 1000/1 Mono Block amp
Whats not to love about this amplifier? Power on demand, low maintance, Be proud to display the best! High quality parts, nothig near any cheap shortcuts in the design or making of this remarkable amp. For recreational use and serious competitors i would rate this amp a 10! Their is no competition when it comes to the name JL AUDIO.

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Created: 06/04/08

Best amp out there

This amplifier is by far the best I've ever used. Other amps, you can have wither SQ or SPL... This amp allows you to have BOTH! JL is very reserved on its claims of this amplifier, from its power rating to how it will clip. They claim to set it up a specific way to minimize clipping, and I run it even stronger and have yet to hear any clipping or distortion of any kind. Definatly worth the money if you are serious about car audio, and JL Audio has the utmost respect in the industry. My previous setup was a 12" kicker L7 with a JL 500/1 and it BLEW IT! I bought another L7 and was able to win comps at 136.3dB! Now, I have a 1000/1 with 2 10" kicker cvx's in a hatchback and recently had it metered at 141.2dB! Excellent product!

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