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Insecticidal (DVD, 2006)
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Insecticidal (DVD, 2006)

Meghan Heffern | Rating: Not Rated
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Insecticidal (DVD, 2006)
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Insecticidal (DVD, 2006)
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Movie synopsis
This award-winning B-movie has all the trappings of a genre classic: low-tech special effects, hot women, and giant creatures. When nerdy coed Cami (Meghan Heffern, THE FOG) undertakes some radical experiments on insects for her science project, things get a little out of control, with giant bugs running rampant on campus. The lovely young students don't let it get them down, however, waging a battle against the bugs that even leaves time for a little lesbian hot tub action.

Product Details
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Film Country: USA
  • UPC: 829567036327

Additional Details

Leading Role:Meghan Heffern
eBay Product ID: EPID53329630

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Created: 01/10/07

Killer Giant Bugs, Sorority Babes, Blood and Gore

Science fiction movies with giant, killer insects – what could be better than that, except maybe throwing in some naked sorority babes? That’s what you get with Insecticidal.

Cami, the brilliant but nerdy sorority girl experiments on insects in her dorm room. After one gets loose, Josi, the house leader kills all the bugs. For some unexplained reason, the bugs come back to life and grow to human size. While this is happening, most of the sorority girls and a couple of the guys find various reasons to get naked. A shower, a little sex, some hot tubbing all ensues as the bugs begin a killing spree. It takes the people a while to figure out what is happening. A few fight back, but most die screaming. Will Cami find a solution? Will the bugs devour them all? Oh, the suspense!

If you want a great movie, this is not it. If, on the other hand, you like big bugs and a lot of nudity and can avoid looking too critically at it, then this will entertain you.

It is obvious that it had a low budget. The plot is full of holes and the characters are the clichés similar to those parodied in Not Another Teen Movie. Megan Heffern plays Cami. She is the good-looking actress that is supposed to be an unattractive nerd. There is the Horny Boyfriend, the Hot Lesbians, the Skinny Bitch, the Jock and a few other stock characters. The acting, though, is better than most low budget movies. Samantha McLeod, in particular, stood out. Not just for her obvious physical attributes, but her acting. The CGI bugs looked okay most of the time, but occasionally their movements didn’t always match with the rest of the scene. They made up for it with gallons of blood and a good bit of gore.

How do you give this a rating? Yeah, it’s bad, but it is still enjoyable in a campy way. If you try to compare this to The Matrix, then this is a 1/5. If you compare this to Sleepaway Camp, a 1/5 and Them, a 5/5, then this is a 3/5.

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Created: 11/05/06


this is a great film to watch on a friday or saturday night. what more could you want- sorority house full of hot babes and girls turning into giant insects.the only thing i didnt like was not enough naked babes, but still a fun little film.

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Created: 10/09/08


good action but fake lookin digital bugs and crazy story, never saw it b/4. it had a giant scorp, beetle, mantis, leech or slug and spida.

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Created: 04/04/08


Although Insecticidal has a good premise for horror/sci-fi, it does not "deliver". The CGI is horrible and the characters are not the least bit interesting. It seemed like they were trying to duplicate "Food of the Gods" but failed miserably. I don't recommend this movie.

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Created: 03/17/09


Its all around, average.......................​..............................​..............................​..............................​..............................​..............................​.................

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