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Helter Skelter (DVD, 2004)
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Helter S...Helter S...
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Movie synopsis
This made-for-television, graphic docu-drama of the grisly Tate-La Bianca murders in Hollywood, California was based on Vince Bugliosi's novel. Over the course of the film's three hours, it chronicles the events that led a group of impressionable young women to become cold-blooded killers under the authority of notorious maniac Charles Manson.

Product Details
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Rating: Not Rated
  • Film Country: USA
  • UPC: 085393193829

Additional Details
Genre:Dramas, Television

eBay Product ID: EPID6476380
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Created: 09/30/09


I remember on several a Friday night when I was a young kid in Roeland Park, Kansas waiting up to watch Vincent Bugliosi's MASTERPIECE novel come to life. I have to say, after reading the novel more than twice, this is THE VERSION to buy on DVD. Not only is the acting SUPERB but the film itself was shot only 7 years after the actual murders and only 5 after the lengthy trial of Manson and the co-conspiritors.
The story is, of course, about the slaying of actress Sharon Tate (Valley of the Dolls fame and "B" pictures...), Abigail Folger (coffee heiress) Jay Sebring (prominent Hollywood men's Hairstylest) Voytek Frykowski (author and poet and boyfriend of Abigail...soon to be "ex" but due to the murders, that never occured) Steven Parent (high school student who was at the wrong place and the wrong time) and Rosemary LaBianca (Millionaireess) and Italian husband and grocery store chain owner Leno LaBianca. Seven murders. Two nights in a row on August 9 and 10th, 1969. This year (2009) is the 40th Anniversary and it's hard to believe that almost exactly 40 years later (same week) one of Manson's followers "Squeeky" Fromme was released from prison for a possible assination of Ford!!! Also 40 years later and a couple of months, Susan Atkins, whom stabbed Sharon Tate (and later confessed that she'd planned to cut off Sharon's finger tips etc....grisley) died of complications from a brain tumor. The DVD is great quality and though originally was shot for "MADE-FOR-TV" audiences, the precise details and lengthy scenes make you feel like you were unfortunately there! SUPERB DVD AND A GREAT ADDITION TO ANYONE'S DVD COLLECTION IF YOU WANT TO SKIP THE BOOK (wouldn't ever skip THIS BOOK...GREAT READ!) and watch a good suspense film!

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Created: 09/08/09

The Manson Murders EXCELLENT~

PLOT: the MANSON MURDERS ~ are tied to a group of Hippies living at the Spohn Ranch including the leader Charles Manson~ OUTSTANDING~

THIS TV MOVIE IS EXCELLENT~ this is seen from the Law side of the killings~ this movies starts at the finding the LaBianca Family and goes into how Charlie and his "Hippie Family" are arrested several times for Theft. The Family is a group of homeless young people who are promised "love, religion and peace with the cult leader Charlie". They hang out at the Spahn Ranch an old movie lot close to LA ~ Steve Ralisback plays MANSON and is exellent down to the lazy accent to the "crazy" look in the eyes~ we then see how the Prosecuitor ties them in the killing when a female cult member talks in prison~ so now the burden is on Vicent Bugliosi (George DiCenzo ) as the lead prosecutor builds the cast against the "Family." what makes this excellent is the plot moves along nicely as we see clues are there and collected into a case~ motives are based on Charlies hopes a RACE war and his "Family" will take over in the chaos ~ ACTING is first rate, plot is easy to follow~THERE IS NO LOGIC TO SENSELESS MURDERS but THIS explains 'why' these occured~ THIS MOVIE is well done I GIVE IT A FULL 10 OUT OF 10 FOR FACT BASED PLOT, EXCELLENT ACTING, AND CAREFULLY LAID OUT STORY THAT KEEPS US GLUED FROM BEGINING TO END~ OUTSTANDING~


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Created: 05/24/08

The Trial of Charles Manson

I watched "HELTER SKELTER" as it first debuted on national television in 1976 and just can't forget some of the amazing and daring work put into it. My VHS copy is not all that good so I bought the complete unedited DVD version from eBay.
In short the movie is about a family of hippies corrupted by a leader who thinks he's the second coming of Jesus Christ. In an attempt to start global war,Manson orders the murders of about half a dozen people; including actress Sharon Tate. It is the premium work on Charles Manson. ~~~~You won't be disappointed if you get a copy.

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Created: 09/15/08

helter skelter

Made-for-tv movie, released in 1976, Helter Skelter features the best portrayal of Manson by an actor I've seen yet in the performance of Steve Railsback (even if he's slightly over-the-top at times). Funny how this movie contains no nudity and little to no graphic violence, yet remains the most effective Manson docudrama to date. Pretty much the film version of Vincent Bugliosi's Helter Skelter book, and, much like the book, it's long but absorbing. Well worth your time.

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Created: 07/14/12

Helter Skelter (DVD, 2004)

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

This was the made for TV drama surrounding the murders of Sharon Tate and the LaBianca murder. The words Helter Skelter were written in blood on the refrigerator. These people were not just killed, they were butchered. Charles Manson, and his followers, a bunch of drugged up hippies were caught and tried for these murders. This was a frightening story of drugs and mind control. Manson is still in prison today.

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